The Goldfish Boy – Lisa Thompson

Mr. Charles had sunburn right on the top of his head. I saw it while he was inspecting his roses. He studied each flower, giving the larger ones a little shake to see if any petals fell off as he edged along the pathway. The big, bald patch on his head was now a bright […]

The Girls in the Water – Victoria Jenkins

The slap came from nowhere, sudden and sharp. Her nail caught the boy’s skin, slicing his cheek. He put a hand up, tracing the wet trail of dotted blood that bubbled to the surface of the wound. The boy looked at the magazine held outstretched in her other hand. Its opened pages, vivid in their […]

The Girls in the Lake – Helen Phifer

Ethan tried to open his eyes and immediately shut them again, groaning as the boat lurched violently to one side. His stomach contracted; he shouldn’t have drunk so many lagers last night, not to mention the vodka chasers. He didn’t even remember how he’d got down below deck and into the cabin. He patted his […]

The Girl With No Name – Lisa Regan

The television blared from her living room. Josie could hear it from her bedroom on the second floor of the house, even with the door closed. As the first notes of the theme song of WYEP—the local news station—drifted up she sighed, gathered up the wedding magazines on her nightstand and headed downstairs. Her fiancé […]

A Duke, the Lady, and a Baby – Vanessa Riley

It was a universal truth that no matter her background, face, or charms, a widow in possession of a fortune would be targeted for theft. In my circumstance, I’d been cheated of everything, even my greatest gift. Now was the time to defy authority, to strike and win. I’d almost been caught. My breath came […]

A Duke Will Never Do – Darcy Burke

J ane Pemberton hummed to herself as she tied the ribbons of her bonnet beneath her chin. “I’m just going for a quick walk around the square before the meeting, Culpepper.” The butler, a thoroughly capable and unflappable man in his late thirties with thick sandy-brown hair and sherry-brown eyes, inclined his head. “Enjoy your […]

A Duke Under Her Spell – Emma Linfield

Truly, there is magic in fairytales. And in her eyes, he found his own… For as long as Marybeth Wright could remember, the imposing ruins of the ancient castle had always been a place of comfort. With knowledge of herbs and a small cottage passed down to her from her late grandmother, she spends her […]

A Duke Too Far – Jane Ashford

He should never have eaten that eel pie, thought Peter Rathbone, Duke of Compton, as he strode along the London street toward St. James’s Square. It had tasted all right, but three hours later, his innards were uneasy. He put a hand to his midriff as he walked. Unfortunate that this should happen just now, […]

A Duke To Steal Her Heart – Rebecca Dash

Furniture in the drawing room had been pushed against the walls to clear enough space in the center for a ceremony to take place. Diana’s younger sisters decorated the door frames with ornately spun garlands made of vines and red roses. They also placed rose filled vases on every side of the room. She couldn’t […]

A Duke to Remember – Kelly Bowen

Miriam Ellery, Dowager Duchess of Ashland, had her ankles chained to her bed. It was for her own protection, the steward at Bedlam said. The chains prevented her from wandering too far, and possibly killing herself or another patient. Aye, she might not look dangerous, he warned, but you could never really tell when a […]

A Duke She Can’t Refuse – Gemma Blackwood

Daisy Morton was standing in the one of the most magnificent rooms she had ever seen, but she refused to let her admiration show. She was a Morton of Shipwood Hall, after all, the sister of a baron and the stepdaughter of the Earl of Peyton, and if she was not used to grand houses […]

A Duke of Her Own – Lorraine Heath

London 1888 Gentlewoman of noble birth offers to chaperone genteel American lady in need of social guidance. References provided. Send inquiry to the attention of Lady Louisa Wentworth, in care of this publication. The Lady’s Quarterly Review “W hat in the devil is this?” Lady Louisa Wentworth jerked her head back slightly to avoid having […]

A Duke Like No Other – Eva Devon

Cleo Duke was going to do murder. The fact that the victim was an Englishman only made the prospect more appealing. “My God!” she exclaimed. “What have you done?” She stared at the devilishly handsome man in the shadows of the dim coaching inn room, wanting to throttle him. How had he done such a […]

A Duke is Never Enough – Darcy Burke

A n unsettled irritation ran through Marcus Raleigh, Marquess of Ripley, as he rode onto Rotten Row. The breeze cooled his face and a bit of his ire. Until he neared the end of the track, where a group of gentlemen were gathered to the side of the footpath. On the periphery of that group, […]

A Duke in the Night – Kelly Bowen

He had danced with her on a dare. Childish, certainly. Boorish, most definitely. But it was easier to critique such behaviors when one was no longer in the throes of obnoxious youth, surrounded by arrogant acquaintances who snickered and leered and sought entertainment at the expense of others. And to this day, August Faulkner, the […]

A Duke in Need of a Wife – Annie Burrows

A search for a duchess …despite his scandalous secret! Oliver, Duke of Theakstone, needs a duchess, but who will accept his secret illegitimate child? He invites several eligible ladies to his estate to assess their suitability, including infuriating beauty Miss Sofia Underwood. Oliver is a master of cool practicality, so he’s hopeful when he sees […]

A Duke in Disguise – Cat Sebastian

Ash knew all too well that there were two varieties of pleasure in life. The first included art, fine weather, good company, and all the rest of the world’s benign delights. A man could hold these pleasures at arm’s length, appreciate them with the proper detachment, and not mourn their absence overmuch. But a fellow […]

A Duke for the Road – Eva Devon

Robert Andrew Edward Deverall, future fourth Duke of Blackstone and First Lieutenant of His Majesty’s Army, took in the ridiculously handsome young man clutching a letter in his broad hands on his hospital bed. A still, silent, pained figure in a sea of wounded men. Rob’s stomach twisted with surprising anguish at the man’s rigid […]

A Duke for Miss Daisy – Maggie Dallen, Katherine Ann Madison

DAİSY FLEW through the doors leading to the Eggertons’ garden and slammed them shut behind her. Her heart pounded furiously but she breathed out a sigh of relief as a crisp breeze cooled her burning cheeks. A drop of rain landed on one of her closed eyelids but she ignored it. Out here, at least, […]

A Duke for Lady Eve – Kasey Stockton

From her vantage point behind her aunt’s large, imposing feather, Evelyn Trainor could perfectly see the beautiful lace-trimmed and expertly trussed ladies lining up across from their dancing partners in the center of the room. The gentlemen were largely blocked by the ostrich’s contribution to Aunt Edith’s head piece. But the gentlemen were not imperative […]

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