Curse Breaker – Heather Walker

Alexis Morgan stood at the window in Duart Castle on the Isle of Mull. The sea broke against a rocky shore outside and showered the castle in spray. Alexis turned around and gazed down at the sleeping form in the bed. Ivy Tennant tossed in her sleep, but she didn’t wake up. Alexis took a […]

The Couple Next Door – Shari Lapena

ONE anne can feel the acid churning in her stomach and creeping up her throat; her head is swimming. She’s had too much to drink. Cynthia has been topping her up all night. Anne had meant to keep herself to a limit, but she’d let things slide—she didn’t know how else she was supposed to […]

Cupid’s Heart – Sylvia McDaniel

Drew Lawrence knew his day of reckoning had come. No longer could he avoid doing the Cupid Stupid dance all because he joined in with his brothers and agreed to the bet. But he never dreamed they would lose and the idea of dancing naked around the statue to meet love was ridiculous. Who believed […]

Crusaders and Knights Collection – Kathryn Le Veque

IT İS A NİGHT made of diamonds, he thought. On a moonlit night like this, one could see the agelessness of the land, a primordial verve that implied a sense of passing through space and time and history. There was no present, no past, and no future – simply the moment at hand, a weightless […]

Cross Her Heart – Jo Noelle

ROBERT CONLEY KİCKED his way across the dusty Main Street of Windward, Texas to the mercantile. A little dust never hurt anyone, but he’d been choking on it for weeks. It was like visiting heaven to have a steamy bath and a shave after traveling. Made him almost feel respectable. He couldn’t help but notice […]

Craving – Carole Mortimer

Weston House, London, Summer, 1817 “Miss Sophia Marchment is here to see you, Your Grace.” Magnus Spencer, the Duke of Weston, placed his pen carefully in its holder before answering. “Show her in, Simms.” He had been expecting this visit from his sixteen-shortly-to-be-seventeenyear-old daughter’s potential headmistress for the following year at Miss Marchment’s School for […]

Crashing Time Trunks – Amber Savage

Glasgow Castle lay in ruins. Clive Anstruthers, lord of the castle and head of the Anstruthers clan remained still on his throne. Bronia Magnahul’s blade had relieved him of his head. With parts of the castle still burning and the treasury vacated of its contents, the Anstruthers stronghold lay decimated. Neither wealth nor power resided […]

Cowboy Preacher – Linda Ford

Shouting, followed by a gunshot, shattered the calmness of Saturday morning shopping. “Come on out.” The loud, rough voice seemed to be addressed to someone in the store. Nineteen-year-old Clara Redd, fearing the person or persons responsible might mean her, caught her brother, Louie, by the shoulder and drew him into the far corner of […]

Cowboy Father – Linda Ford

The sound of horse hooves brought twenty-three-year-old Adele Kinsley Roberts to her feet. As usual, her heart raced, and she glanced about to check on the whereabouts of her eighteen-month-old son, Jacob, before she hurried to the window. She did her best to calm herself with the reminder that her son was having an afternoon […]

Cowboy Charm School – Margaret Brownley

Haywire, Texas 1885 Brett Tucker hunkered low in the saddle and urged his galloping horse to go even faster. With the wind in his face and the sun at his back, he pressed his boots hard in the stirrups. He didn’t know her name or anything about her; all he knew was that he had […]

Coven at Callington – Shereen Vedam

London, England, September 1815 Ernest, a lamp-post on St. James’s Street, flickered his flame to signal George, on Ryder Street. “Have you heard the latest, George? There’s talk of a mad plan to light all of London with air.” “Gas, Ernest, not air. It’s said to produce white jets of flames. Pall Mall’s lit so […]

Courting the Vicar’s Daughter – Sally Britton

The snowfall in the darkening skies, and the surrounding blanket of white, made the ride from the Earl of Annesbury’s house to Whitewood Manor eerily silent. The only sound beyond Harry and his brother-in-law’s breath was the jingle of the carriage harnesses. Neither man spoke, though Harry knew he ought to say something. Normally he […]

Courting the Country Miss – Donna Hatch

England, 1817 Leticia Wentworth was twenty times a fool. Richard Barrett never cared for her beyond a childhood friendship, and Leticia had been naive to believe he would love her as she loved him. With savage ferocity, Leticia squelched the cry of pain her heart made every time Richard turned a gaze of adoration upon […]

Courting the Countess of Cambridge – Jillian Eaton

“YOU DO NOT LİKE dancing either, I take it?” Miss Helena Holton blinked in surprise when a handsomely dressed gentleman materialized out of the darkness. With his hands tucked into the pockets of his black jacket, he joined her behind the large stone fountain where she’d been hiding for the better part of an hour, […]

Courting Poppy Tidemore – Christi Caldwell

Two and a half years earlier London, England Oh, hell. Tristan Poplar, the Earl of Maxwell, had stumbled into it now. He’d come upon a lady. Not just any lady, however…but rather, one who was crying. He’d always been useless with weeping women. It was, in short, the only type of women he was rubbish […]

Courting Julia – Mary Balogh

They’ll come rushing from all corners of the globe as soon as I’m dead,” the Earl of Beaconswood said to his granddaughter—to his step-granddaughter, to be more accurate. The earl’s daughter had married Julia Maynard’s father when Julia, the child of his previous marriage, was five years old. “Oh, Grandpapa,” Julia said, closing the book […]

Courting Claudia – Robyn DeHart

London, 1848 Claudia inhaled three deep breaths, hoping to calm her addled insides, but her stomach still churned. If this was the right decision, why did she not feel relaxed and assured? Whether her body believed this to be the right decision was of no consequence. No lady of good breeding and any shred of […]

Courting Carrie in Wonderland – Carla Kelly

Full dress uniform? Check. Xerxes brushed to a fare-thee-well, including a new saddle blanket? Check. That medal on his chest centered properly by the wife of B Company’s first sergeant? Check. Sergeant Major Ramsay Stiles edged Xerxes into line next to Captain Hiram Chittenden, Army Corps of Engineers, with the comment, “No one really knows […]

Courteously Seduced By an Enigmatic Duke – Scarlett Osborne

T he paper between his fingers crumpled slightly, Rowland’s mind drifting to places it hadn’t been in a long while. The words blurred on the pages, the very same words he had read over and over again for the past few minutes. He didn’t know how long it had been since he had sat down […]

Count the Shells – Charlie Cochrane

“Count the shells, please, Uncle Michael.” “As you’ve asked so nicely, Richard, I will. Un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq.” Michael Gray smiled indulgently at his nephew as he laid down each limpet shell in turn. He picked them up to lay them down again, one by one. “Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco.” Richard Cavendish scooped […] © 2018 | Descargar Libros Gratis | Kitap İndir |