Dwight Vreeland Swain – Henry Horns X-Ray Eye Glasses

“It’s not enough to have a nudist colony move in next door!” fumed Professor Paulsen. “No, indeed! That wouldn’t disrupt things enough. Now, in addition, every ne’er-do-well in the county comes prowling over our farm in order to spy on the naked numbskulls!” Scowling ferociously, the gaunt scientist stamped violently back across the meadow’s lush […]

Requiem – Lauren E. Rico

The car is silent, save for the gentle swish of the wipers on the windshield. It’s raining just enough that I have to use them, and not quite enough so that they don’t make that dragging rubber noise as they squeegee across. Next to me, my mother is staring out the passenger window, watching the […]

Reputation – Sara Shepard

Maybe you got it at birth. Maybe you gained it through hard work. Perhaps you have yours because you’re charitable, or ambitious, or an asshole. It’s your reputation. Everyone’s got one. And if you think reputations don’t matter, you’re wrong. Good reputations lift velvet ropes. They get you approved for loans; they’re your ticket to […]

Dorothy Leigh Sayers – Whose Body

“Oh, damn!” said Lord Peter Wimsey at Piccadilly Circus. “Hi, driver!” The taxi man, irritated at receiving this appeal while negotiating the intricacies of turning into Lower Regent Street across the route of a 19 ‘bus, a 38-B and a bicycle, bent an unwilling ear. “I’ve left the catalogue behind,” said Lord Peter deprecatingly, “uncommonly […]

Donald Edwin Westlake – They Also Serve

The launch carrying the mail, supplies and replacements eased slowly in toward the base, keeping the bulk of the Moon between itself and Earth. Captain Ebor, seated at the controls, guided the ship to the rocky uneven ground with the easy carelessness of long practice, then cut the drive, got to his walking tentacles, and […]

Donald Edwin Westlake – The Risk Profession

Mister Henderson called me into his office my third day back in Tangiers. That was a day and a half later than I’d expected. Roving claims investigators for Tangiers Mutual Insurance Corporation don’t usually get to spend more than thirty-six consecutive hours at home base. Henderson was jovial but stern. That meant he was happy […]

Don Thompson – The Telenizer

When I saw the blood dripping from the tap in the bathtub, I knew that someone had a telenosis beam on me, and I breathed a very audible sigh of relief. During the past few days, I had begun to wonder if I was really cracking up. When you start seeing visions of a bearded […]

Don Thompson – High Dragon Bump

YYOUNG and very beautiful girl with golden blond hair and smooth skin the color of creamed sweet potatoes floated in the middle of the windowless metal room into which Wayne Brighton drifted. The girl was not exactly naked, but her few filmy clothes concealed nothing. Wayne cleared his throat, his apprehension changing rapidly to confusion. […]

Don Berry – Sound of Terror

THE DAY was still no more than a ragged streak of red in the east; the pre-dawn air was sharply cold, making Johnny Youngbear’s face feel slightly brittle as he dressed quietly in the gray bedroom. He sat down on the bed, pulling on his boots, and felt his wife stir sleepily beneath the covers. […]

Dick Purcell – Mr. Chipfellows Jackpot

“I ‘M getting old,” Sam Chipfellow said, “and old men die.” His words were an indirect answer to a question from Carter Hagen, his attorney. The two men were standing in an open glade, some distance from Sam Chipfellow’s mansion at Chipfellow’s Folly, this being the name Sam himself had attached to his huge estate. […]

Desmond Winter Hall – Raiders Invisible

The muffled, helmeted figure of a pilot climbed down the spider ladder, nestled into the foremost scout’s cockpit and pressed the starting button. The motor spat out a wisp of smoke, then burst into its full-throated roar: the automatic clamp above loosened: the scout dropped plummet-like, bobbed to the flagship below, straightened out and zoomed […]

Desmond Winter Hall – A Scientist Rises

ON that summer day the sky over New York was unflecked by clouds, and the air hung motionless, the waves of heat undisturbed. The city was a vast oven where even the sounds of the coiling traffic in its streets seemed heavy and weary under the press of heat that poured down from above. In […]

Dean Ing – Tight Squeeze

He knew the theory of repairing the gizmo all right. He had that nicely taped. But there was the little matter of threading a wire through a too-small hole while under zero-g, and working in a spacesuit! MacNamara ambled across the loading ramp, savoring the dry, dusty air that smelled unmistakable of spaceship. He half-consciously […]

David Walton – The Towers Of St. Michael’s

Paul watched Bartalan Varga slash egg-yellow paint across his canvas, adding a sparkle of reflected sunlight to a traffic scene from his native Budapest. On Paul’s fMRI screen, Bartalan’s visual cortex lit up, just as if he were seeing the colorful buildings and buses and pedestrians in his painting. But even a cursory glance at […]

David Reagan – Solitude Ripples From The Past

Qui Nuoshui finished her breakfast with grim determination, though she suspected her stomach would soon rebel. Her husband read the paper and paid her no heed, so he asked no uncomfortable questions about diminished appetite. As he did every morning, Qui Changbo looked from the newspaper to his watch and grunted in mock surprise. “Oh, […]

David Reagan – Only The Neck Down

Adrianna loved cool fall evenings without a hair-disturbing breeze — perfect weather for donning a warm and fuzzy sweater. She picked the pink one, a recent thrift store find, because it was a size too small. Fashion’s winter weaponry could be just as devastating as short shorts and a halter top. She examined herself in […]

David R. Sparks – The Winged Men of Orcon

When I came to, it was dark; so dark that the night seemed all but fluid with black pigment. Breathing was difficult, but in spite of that, however, I felt exhilarated mentally. Also I felt strong, stronger than I ever had in my life before. I tried to raise my hands, and found that I […]

David McGillveray – The Plastic Elf of Extrusion Valley

A cold October breeze came down from the North Sea, but no leaves rustled in the plastic forest. Instead, an eerie, fluting music played in the valley as the wind moved over the tall cylinders like a kid blowing over bottle tops. My midnight walks were one of the few pleasures I took from working […]

David McGillveray – Forgotten Dragons

Chongqing Municipality, People’s Republic of China, Spring 2026 The night air was wet with mist, the ground cold beneath their bellies. “What the hell are we doing out here, man?” grumbled Cope. He spoke Mandarin out of custom, even though they were alone. “I thought the plan was to hit the fuel convoy and get […]

David Marshall Brooks – The Necessity of Atheism

To early man, the gods were real in the same sense that the mountains, forests, or waterfalls which were thought to be their homes were real. For a long time the spirits that lived in drugs or wines and made them potent were believed to be of the same order of fact as the potency […]

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