Hiddensee – Gregory Maguire

Once there was a boy who lived in a cabin in the deep woods with no one for company but an old woman and an old man. In the goat shed one day, the old woman said, “Watch and you’ll see where life comes from.” The boy looked where she was pointing. With an expression […]

Her Majesty’s Necromancer – C.J. Archer

“Put your arm around me,” I told Lincoln Fitzroy. He did, and as with every other time he touched me, my blood responded with a throb and my skin tightened. Imagine how I would react if he touched me with desire and not violence. I hooked my fingers onto his forearm, dropped so that he […]

Heart of the Fae – Emma Hamm

Blood covered her hands. The metallic smell burned her nostrils and overwhelmed her senses. Although she’d finished the surgery an hour ago, she still saw the gaping wound, the splayed open flesh, and the iridescent shimmer of the blood beetle feasting upon sinuous muscle. Sorcha sat on the back stoop with her hands dangling off […]

Haunting the Deep – Adriana Mather

I sip my hot cocoa, not the powdered kind that comes out of a packet, but the shaved-chocolate kind made from scratch. Mrs. Meriwether places a plate of steaming croissants in the middle of my dining room table. They smell like warm butter. Jaxon grins, poised to take a bite of French toast. “You’ve got […]

Halls of Power – Benjamin Medrano

In the midst of a quiet war between the two elven kingdoms of Sifaren and Yisara and the slaver kingdom of Kelvanis, a dungeon was discovered. The heart and mind of the dungeon was Sistina, a tree with a dryad-like body. She rescued crown princess Phynis Constella of Sifaren from magically enforced slavery as well […]

Grave Witch – Kalayna Price

The first time I encountered Death, I hurled my mother’s medical chart at him.As far as impressions went, I blew it, but I was five at the time, so he eventually forgave me. Some days I wished he hadn’t —particularly when we crossed paths on the job. “Ms. Craft, this is beyond unacceptable.” Henry Bak […]

Going Down in Flames – Chris Cannon

Bryn yanked down the school bus window. Not that it helped much. The bus still smelled like sweat and nacho cheese. The sweat could be explained by the freshman boys who had gym last hour and considered showering optional. The nacho cheese was a mystery. When the bus came to her stop, Bryn stood, cringing […]

Godsgrave – Jay Kristoff

Nothing stinks quite like a corpse. It takes a while for them to really start reeking. O, chances are good if you don’t soil your britches before you die, you’ll soil them soon afterward—your human bodies simply work that way, I’m afraid. But I don’t mean the pedestrian stink of shit, gentlefriends. I speak of […]

Zero – Kendra Mei Chailyn

It had been decided I’d be the one to go on an exchange to Jamaica. That news hadn’t come as a great shock to me. Every year, the GSG 9 and the Jamaica Defence Force did an exchange. It had been a hassle to find someone—most were married, families, children. Since Beast and Fleur were […]

Zephyr – Miranda Bridges, Kyra Snow

Speak now, or forever shut the fuck up.” Khloe laughs at her twin’s remark, her shoulders shaking from the force of her mirth. I’m sure she’s used to Kayla’s sense of humor. Meanwhile, I cringe inwardly. It’s not the first time Kayla has said something like that and I know it won’t be the last. […]

Zecri – Ella Maven

I carefully swiped at the dried blood behind Graven’s collar. While my skin had long since turned into a mass of scar tissue, Graven’s wouldn’t toughen up. He bled every time the chains on his collar were yanked, which was often. “I’m fine,” he grumbled, but his face pinched with pain and he wouldn’t meet […]

Zane – Tasha Black

Sarah Flynn prided herself on not being easily rattled. But after a couple of hours aboard a flimsy excuse for a ship, with constant turbulence thrashing her around the cabin and making her bad leg ache, she was starting to question every decision that had brought her here. Justice, Sarah, she reminded herself firmly. Justice […]

Zane – Susie McIver

Damn, that woman’s going to be the death of me. Why can’t she be the elderly Aunt Polly I pictured in my mind? Zane couldn’t find Missy’s aunt Polly anywhere. When he arrived in Tennessee, he went straight to the concert where Missy told him her aunt would be. Zane walked around checking every elderly […]

Zane – Emilia Hartley

Chelsea Montrose’s hands shook. There had been a time when she wistfully gazed at the gleaming lake and marveled at its sapphire beauty. Even when storms swept in and made it a calamitous mess, her wonder never faded. Her favorite was in the depths of winter when great waves would freeze, leaving walls of ice […]

You Spin Me – Karen Grey

ONCE UPON A time, there was a beautiful princess. She was a tad vain and spoiled, but aren’t all princesses? To be honest, she wasn’t a princess per se, she was just an upper-middle-class Jewish girl from a little town outside of Boston. But she was beautiful. And it wasn’t exactly her fault that she […]

You Ruined Me – Isabel Jordan

Nothing screamed “pathetic” like buying a gallon of cheap vodka at an IGA on a weekday afternoon in the hopes of getting so trashed you forgot your exfiancée was marrying your douchebag cousin. In two days. But knowing it was pathetic didn’t stop Michael Montgomery from putting the vodka in his cart. Or the four […]

You Love Me – Caroline Kepnes

I think you’re the one I spoke to on the phone, the librarian with a voice so so̮ that I went out and bought myself a cashmere sweater. Warm. Safe. You called me three days ago to con̯rm my new job at the Bainbridge Public Library. ̞e call was meant to be short. Perfunctory. You: […]

You Are Mine – Jenika Snow

I’d lost my mind, was more animal than man. More crazed than sane. And all because I hadn’t found my mate, that one female born to be mine and mine alone. As an over four-hundred-year-old Lycan, a supernatural being who was able to shift from human to my inner wolf, my kind was known as […]

Yes, Captain – Ann Grech

Eddie cried quietly in the room he shared with his two brothers. He was the middle child of five, an older brother and sister and a younger set of each too. But none of them suffered like he did. His brothers were stocky while he was slim and almost delicate. Even his sisters were made […]

Yearn – A. D. Ellis

“GET İN AND DON’T SPEAK,” Khi ordered as he unlocked his car. He was parked outside of The Salty Lizard in Indianapolis where we’d spent the weekend with our friends and roommates celebrating Logan’s twenty-first birthday. I rolled my eyes. “The entire drive back to Remington? I’m not allowed to speak?” Khi started the engine […]

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