Sweet as Sin – Sadie King

Candy’s Cafe is famous in Maple Springs. Candy’s my mom. Candice is her full name, but in her younger, wilder days she was Candy, bubbly and sweet and spreading love and happiness to anyone who came to the cafe. But when Mom has an accident, it’s up to me to do all the baking. I’m […]

Sweet As Pie – Rory Reynolds

“GIRL, going to a baking contest is not a vacation,” Margo says for the umpteenth time this month. “I’m staying in a cabin on the lake…” “Where you will obsessively bake your pie until it’s perfect even though you can do it with your eyes shut.” She’s not completely wrong, but I love baking, and […]

Sweet as Pie – Alicia Hunter Pace

Hell on Earth. Pro hockey defenseman Jake Champagne understood the meaning of the phrase, but had never lived it until that March day at the end of his second season with the Nashville Sound. He woke to the sound of pounding and the smell of hockey stench. At first, he thought the pounding was in […]

Sweet as Honey – Lynn Hagen

Taylor sat on the motel bed with his hand over his mouth as he watched the news report. There was a swarm of cop cars surrounding the apartment building where he’d lived with Jason for nearly a year, until Jason, in a drunken rage, had kicked Taylor out. The reporter was talking about a grisly […]

Sweet Afternoons – Jessie Gussman

Drake Jensen stood on the ladder in the foyer of the Indigo Inn in Blueberry Beach, Michigan, stretching out as far as he could and dabbing white paint on the water spot on the ceiling. Some kind of major catastrophe had happened upstairs in the bedroom just above where he now worked, with water leaking […]

Swan Lake – L. B. Alexander

THERE’S THIS SECRET PLACE I like to go where time has no meaning. I don’t mourn memory. I don’t anticipate possibility. When I’m in this secret place, my purpose is only to exist, for there is no past and no future. When I’m in this secret place, I can never remember what comes before or […]

Swagger – Marci Belle

Seven-Years-Old Nan lays our picnic blanket under the shade of a wide oak tree, hoping for relief from the midday sun. I plop down next to her and guzzle the cold juice she pours me from her thermos. I’m so thirsty I could swallow the sea. “Victoria, don’t drink so fast. It isn’t good for […]

Sutton & Boone – Paige Tyler

“Hey, all you gorgeous Glammers out there! Surprise! It’s your girl, Sutton, here for an impromptu chat with you,” I announce giddily from my place on the plush peony pink couch in our home studio once my live recording starts on Instagram. In an attempt not to look like I’m obsessing over the insane amount […]

Surviving the Wall – L. K. Magill

“LENA, GET İN THE CELLAR,” Hannah hissed. Her eyes darted to the corner of the storage room where an old hunting rifle was leaning against the wall. The gunshots from outside were growing closer now. With each fresh burst, Hannah’s heart pinched tighter inside her body. It was going to explode, she was sure of […]

Survive the Night – Riley Sager

Staying isn’t an option. That’s why Charlie has agreed to get into a car with a perfect stranger. She’s promised Robbie—promised herself as well—that she’ll bolt if anything about the situation strikes her as shady. One can’t be too careful. Not these days. Not after what happened to Maddy. Charlie has already steeled herself for […]

Surrendered – Leona Crowley

I am a twenty-six-year-old woman. And I’m in the middle of a cemetery where my husband’s funeral is happening around me. People my age aren’t supposed to attend funerals for others in the same age group. Especially their spouse. But here I am. Hungry and uncomfortable. I thought it would be different. I guess I […]

Surrender to the Sheikh – Diana Fraser

S PROLOGUE hakira, Queen of Jazira, adjusted the cushions at the small of her back and eased back onto the chair, her hands cupping her pregnant stomach. She gave an exasperated sigh and looked at each of the three original kings of Havilah—Amir, Zavian and Roshan, her husband. It had been a long meeting now […]

Surrender the Dawn – Amanda Ashley

A Chapter One nd so he bestowed on her the vampire’s kiss, sweeping her into a world of love and a life that would never end. With a heartfelt sigh, Angelina Rossi closed the book. If only she could find a love as lasting and fulfilling as the one portrayed in the novel. A love […]

Surrender – Rilzy Adams

YOU OWE ME TWO NİGHTS. Yara stared at her computer even though five seconds wouldn’t change the words flashing on the screen. The confusion only lasted a few seconds before things clicked into place in her mind, and then Yara couldn’t stop laughing. The boisterous laughter started deep in her belly and shook her entire […]

Surrender – Mx. Alex

The marching band struck up, and Ethan turned down his hearing aids through the app on his phone. Erin saw out of the corner of her eye and nudged him with her elbow. You ok? She signed rather than trying to scream over the music. Ethan nodded. She hugged his arm. Do you miss high […]

Surrender – Eden Bradley

Lights pulsed, music pounded, and Devin’s heart hammered faster than it ever had in her life. How had she let Kimmie talk her into coming here, to the Ring, on fetish night? She’d never seen anything like it. She’d never imagined she would love it. Hundreds of club-goers pressed against the sturdy metal railing that […]

Surin Lost Alien – T. J. Quinn

I strolled down the hallway, pretending nothing had changed, as if my life hadn’t been shattered into a million little pieces. My face showed nothing but the usual emptiness, the same stony expression we all carried around. But now, there was so much hatred inside me, so much rage, I was having a lot of […]

Surfaces – Ann Denton

I THİNK I’ve had a heart palpitation, I decided as I rubbed dolefully at my chest, trying to soothe the uncomfortable ache inside. I’d heard of such things, seen older men at my court in Cheryn struck down by a sudden illness of the heart, sometimes even dropping dead. Unease slithered through my ears and […]

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