Surrender – Pamela Clare

If Lord William Wentworth needed proof that he had come to the outermost edge of civilization, he need only look out his window. In the dusty street below, a man who looked as if he’d never bathed rutted with an even filthier whore, pounding into her from behind with the mindfulness of an animal. A […]

Summer Warrior – Regan Walker

FROM THE DECK OF HIS GALLEY, rocking gently in the waters off the coast of Man, Somerled let his gaze stretch out across the azure sea to the green hills that sloped to the shore. He had paused in his voyage from Dublin back to Morvern in Argyll to give the crew a respite from […]

Stolen Heart – Joyce Alec

It had been a very wet day indeed and Colin was not particularly impressed by the spring showers. He had intended to go out into the fields and assist with the planting but it seemed that the weather had not been in his favor. Shaking his head to himself, he made his way back to […]

Stolen By the Rogue – Sasha Cottman

George Hawkins silently dropped from the top of the high brick wall and into the rear yard of the art gallery. His leather boots barely made a sound as they hit the ground. Crouching low, he glanced at the night sky and slyly grinned. The dark cover of a new moon was always welcome in […]

Stolen Brides – Claire Delacroix

Alexander congratulated himself upon a matter well concluded. Although the marriage of his eldest sister Madeline had not begun auspiciously, his solution had ultimately proven to be a good one. Just as he had predicted, Madeline was wedded and happily so, all the more content for the babe already rounding her belly. Though Alexander had […]

Steamy Winter Wishes – Grace Callaway

“Of all the delightful Scottish traditions at your house party, Emma dear,” Marianne Kent said as she sorted through a pile of newspapers, “I must say ‘redding the house’ counts as my least favorite.” Wearing one of her oldest dresses with an apron tied over it, Emma Kent McLeod, the Duchess of Strathaven, was busy […]

Stealing the Earl’s Heart – Aria Norton

Charlotte reached down to remove a wet leaf from her shoe, keeping an eye on the group of women weaving their way through the morning crowd. Brommich’s town square was bustling with shoppers of various professions and social status, each keeping a respectable distance between each other lest anyone forget themselves. Servants argued with stubborn […]

Stealing her Highland Throne – Ava McArthur

It was never meant to be this way. Ainsly McLallen looked devastated as she gazed out at the world before her. The beautiful fields of her home had been trampled. The keep that stood nestled in the comforting grip of the valley was being invaded. Her long red hair was tied back into a tight […]

Stains of Desire – Maggie Cole

THERE’S A CLOCK TİCKİNG. No one can hear it but me. It’s in my head. All day long, the farther I am from Penelope, it gets louder and faster. I promised her I would find her daughter. I pledged to her I would only come back to rescue her when her only child was delivered […]

Spinster Ever After – Rebecca Connolly

“Capital idea! I wish I’d thought of it, but I am never the genesis of good ideas. Still, I will die on the battlefield for your idea, see if I don’t.” “I don’t imagine we will be facing any battlefields in this…” Charlotte Wright looked at her friend Georgiana Allen as though the girl were […]

Spicy Fantasies of a Lady – Emily Honeyfield

Cecily Bastable enjoyed nothing more than a good walk through town, particularly since she remained something of a hermit the rest of her days. This was not of her own choosing but the proclivities of her mother, who hoped to marry Cecily off with haste and bypass any impediments along the way. London was stunning […]

Song of the Heart – Alexa Aston

GARRETT STANBRİDGE, EARL of Montayne, left the training yard and made his way toward the keep. The summer day had been sweltering and he was drenched in sweat from sparring with his men throughout the long afternoon. He wanted a cold bath and colder tankard of ale, not necessarily in that order. Racing up the […]

Song of the Caged Duchess – Hanna Hamilton

Tears streamed down Lady Esther’s face as the carriage pulled away from Harcourt Manor and out onto the main road. Her lady’s maid, Amelia, reached out and rested a hand on top of hers. “Take heart, My Lady,” she said. “After all, this was only your first courtship, and you’re still very young. It won’t […]

Someone to Romance – Mary Balogh

Lady Jessica Archer was traveling alone across England toward London. Alone was, of course, a relative term. If she had been born male, she could have left Rose Cottage in Gloucestershire that morning astride a horse or perched upon the high seat of a sporting curricle, ribbons in hand, and no one would have batted […]

Someday My Duke Will Come – Christina Britton

Quincy had not cried since they’d told him his father was dead. His older brothers hadn’t shed a tear. Already adults, they had stood silently by as their father’s ornate casket had been interred in the family vault, their harsh faces impassive in the shadows of their umbrellas. Their mother, too, had not broken down. […]

Solving Sophronia – Jennifer Moore

LADY SOPHRONİA BREMERTON GLANCED TOWARD the ballroom doors, calculating her chances of a discreet exit. Her Ladyship the Marchioness of Molyneaux’s invitation to her annual ball held the Saturday after Easter was the most coveted of the Season; therefore, Sophie could hardly claim boredom as her reason for wishing to leave. The Viscount of Kensington […]

Snowbound with the Viscount – Shana Galen

Everyone agreed the house party was an unmitigated disaster. The weather had been rainy but not cold enough to snow. All of the outdoor events—the ice skating, the sledding, and the gathering of greenery for the coming Christmas holiday—had been cancelled due to inclement weather. No one wanted to traipse about in puddles of slushy […]

Smitten with a Scarred Duke – Sally Forbes

Roger St. John’s eyes flew open, only to be greeted with a thick haze of what appeared to be fog. For a moment, nothing made any sense. He could feel his bed beneath him, and he could see the corner of his bedside table when he turned his head. He started to close his eyes […]

Sleeping with her Highland Foe – Shona Thompson

f he lived to be a hundred years old, Ualan McCallum would always remember that night. But right then, in the fug of the tavern, with the Highland rain pelting down, he had no idea. Beside him, his cousin looked into his lovelorn face and laughed. “Och! An’ this is what happens when ye trust […]

Skye O’Malley – Bertrice Small

“WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN SHE CAN HAVE NO MORE CHILDREN?” demanded Dubhdara O’Malley of his brother. The O’Malley, chief of Clan O’Malley, was a big man: six-foot-four, arms and legs like thick tree limbs, ruddy, sunburnt skin, snapping blue eyes, and a mop of dark hair that was just getting a sprinkling of […] © 2018 | Descargar Libros Gratis | Kitap İndir |