Killer Instinct – James Patterson, Howard Roughan

PROFESSOR JAHAN Darvish nudged his thick black glasses along the bridge of his nose and stared into the minibar fridge of his swanky Manhattan hotel suite while doing his best to ignore the outrageous price list posted off to the side. Twenty-eight dollars for one of these tiny little bottles of vodka? Seriously? But Darvish […]

Murder Beyond the Grave – James Patterson

THE MAN GASPS for air and claws at the plywood siding of his prison. He’s inside a coffin that is six feet long and three feet wide. Rivulets of sweat pour from his brow. His shirt is soaked. His heart is thumping like he’s just run up a flight of stairs. His skull is throbbing […]

Murder at the Ice Ball – Leighann Dobbs

“YOU COULD HAVE worn something a touch more appealing,” whispered Prudence Burwick, Lady Katherine Irvine’s dear friend and confidante. Katherine most certainly could not have worn something more appealing. After her stay in the holiday town of Bath a couple months ago, the Marquess of Bath’s elderly grandmother had for some unfathomable reason fixated upon […]

Mr. Nobody – Catherine Steadman

If the car crashed at this speed the impact wouldn’t be enough to kill us instantly. Which you might think is a good thing. But it’s not. The one thing worse than dying on impact is not quite dying on impact. Trust me, I know, I’m a doctor. And now that I’m thinking about it—I’d […]

Mr. Mercedes – Stephen King

Augie Odenkirk had a 1997 Datsun that still ran well in spite of high mileage, but gas was expensive, especially for a man with no job, and City Center was on the far side of town, so he decided to take the last bus of the night. He got off at twenty past eleven with […]

Mountain of Lies – Jayne Evans

The only reason she wouldn’t win this year’s Darwin Award was because they’d never find her body. Mia stopped struggling and rested her cheek against the wet rock as she focused on moving air in and out of her constricted lungs. She was an idiot. She knew better than to linger on an unstable shale […]

Mother’s Day Mayhem – Lynn Cahoon

Coffee, Books, and More, my coffee shop and bookstore combo in the tourist town of South Cove, California, was doing its regular business on a Wednesday morning. Which meant I hadn’t had a customer since the last of the commuters had left around seven thirty. You might think I would be upset at the lack […]

Monsters – Melissa Jane

I hit the floor hard, bones and skin angrily protesting. The raging storm was drowned out by the sound of my pounding heart, the pressure throbbing in my ears. Wide-eyed, I stared ahead into the darkness, barely noticing the shadows of oak leaves dancing hauntingly on the far wall of my bedroom. What did I […]

Missing Pieces – Laura Pearson

The coffin was too small. Too small to contain what it did, which was not only Phoebe’s body, but a large part of Linda, too. At the funeral parlour, a man touched Linda’s arm and asked, gently, whether she wanted to see Phoebe, and even as she was nodding her head, she knew that it […]

Missing Piece – Emma Snow

The only sound in the room, other than her muffled screams, was that of the clock Ɵcking on the mantelpiece. The clock was warning him. Time was running out. He sat at the table, not looking at her, not looking at the clock. He was looking at the guidebooks spread out like a fan before […]

Mine – Susi Fox

A thin band of light falls in a strip of yellow on the floor beside the bed. My brain is full of static, my tongue a pad of steel wool in my mouth. Beneath the tucked sheet my legs are a tangle of pins and needles. I press my feet against the cotton and try […]

Mine – J.L. Butler

I don’t remember much about the night I was meant to die. It’s funny how the mind can block out the memories it no longer wants to store, you must know that. But if I close my eyes, I can still hear the sounds of that night in May. The howl of an unseasonably cold […]

Mind Game – Iris Johansen

The woman’s face might be beautiful, but it was also the stuff of nightmares. And Jane MacGuire just wanted it to go away! She jerked upright in bed, her heart pounding. She closed her eyes, her hands clenched into fists. She wouldn’t do it again. Not again. There wouldn’t be any change from the last […]

Masks – Robert J. Crane

How many stories were there in New York City? Nadine Griffin didn’t know and didn’t really care, but until recently, she was pretty confident hers was one of the best. Born to privilege, Nadine had gone to the most elite prep schools, summered in the Hamptons, wintered wherever the skiing was good and her fellow […]

Marriage, Merlot & Murder – Gemma Halliday

“Everything has to be perfect,” I muttered to myself for what was probably the hundredth time that day. It was a Friday afternoon, and I was prepping Oak Valley Vineyards, my family’s small winery in Sonoma, to host our first wedding since I’d taken over its management. While I’d been lucky enough in the last […]

Marked for Life – Emelie Schepp

Sunday, April 15 “EMERGENCY SERVICES 112, what has happened?” “My husband’s dead…” Alarm operator Anna Bergström heard the woman’s shaking voice and quickly glanced at the corner of the computer screen in front of her. The clock showed 19:42. “Could you give me your name, please.” “Kerstin Juhlén. My husband is Hans. Hans Juhlén.” “How […]

Many a Twist – Sheila Connolly

“What do you think?” Gillian Callanan asked nervously. “It’s not been easy for me to do much lately, what with the baby coming. And Harry’s been so busy trying to sort out clients that he hasn’t been around as often as I’d like. He’d like to be, I think.” Maura Donovan looked at her obviously […]

Macaron Massacre – Addison Moore

I see dead people. Mostly I see dead pets, and on the rare occasion I do see a dearly departed of the human variety, but right now, I’m seeing a man that I wish I could kill with my bare hands. Rich Dallas has his own leathery mitts around my mother’s waist as they observe […]

M for Murder – Keri Beevis

He had known from the beginning that they would come for him eventually and, in a way, he guessed he was lucky that it had taken them so long to find him. Almost eight years. Seven years, ten months and twenty-seven days, if you wanted to be exact. He knew of course, because he had […]

Luring – Blake Pierce

Hope Nelson took a last look around the store as she got ready to close up for the night. She was tired, and it had been a long, slow business day. It was after midnight, and she’d been here since early that morning. She was alone now, because she’d sent the last of her grumbling […]

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