A Contemporary Mythos Halloween – Carly Spade

Slouched on my throne, I held my head up with one hand, resting my elbow on the armrest. Another mortal soul stood in front of me, awaiting my judgment. They seemed to have arrived in more frequent spurts as of late and the enthusiasm to intimidate them, or make their future seem less dismal than what it would be in Tartarus, dwindled with each passing day. How much longer was it again until we could return to the surface? Far. Too Long. With a droll voice Erebus would’ve been proud of, I said, “I am King of the Underworld. I will show you no mercy if your eternal damnation should bring you to Tartarus. How do you plea?” No older than late forties, the mortal man ran a hand over his thinning hair after taking the New York Dodgers baseball cap off, wringing it in his grasp. “I’m uh—not entirely sure what I’ve done to deserve…hell.” “Tartarus,” I corrected, holding back an eye roll. The mortal’s eyes widened. “I’m sorry?” The black claws curled from my fingers, the embers of my black burning wings floating around my head as I made them peek out. “You. Are. In.

Tartarus, mortal. Why—do you think you are here?” I dropped my voice an octave, spiraling my words with a snarl. The mortal stammered, clutching the cap so tightly he curled the brim into an oval. “I don’t know. I mean—I was late on a couple of bills at times? Didn’t always mow the grass because I was tired. Left the toilet seat up on occasion? I did—well, I stomped on my neighbor’s plants one time in petty revenge for their cat pooping in my garden.” For the love of Zeus. Letting out a roiling sigh, I pinched the bridge of my nose and flicked my wrist, making the wings disappear. “Go speak to the Queen. It seems there has been a grave mistake.” The mortal started to thank me, but I’d already sent him to see my wife, Stephanie, regarding entry into the Elysian Fields. She had the gift of reading auras. If the man’s true nature were beyond minuscule acts of typical human behavior, she’d be able to read him and give him entry. “You look especially grim this evening,” Thanatos said from the shadows. Waving my hand through the fire crown surrounding my head to make it disappear, I leaned my elbows on my knees, steepling my fingers.

“If you’re going to insult me, at least say it to my face, Than.” A deep chuckle floated from his chest, and he drifted from the darkness, standing in front of me. His long black hair, a stark contrast to my white, floated in the air the same as mine did. “I heard of the…festivities the Queen is planning. Would that be the reason you’re moping?” A wicked grin tugged at his lips. Thanatos had been in an uncharacteristically good mood lately, and I could guess in three attempts as to why. “I don’t suppose you’d be willing to make an appearance at the party, so I’m not the only brood in attendance?” I raised a brow, smirking as I leaned back, tapping one of my black claws against the skull design on the armrest. “Will Ares be there?” I narrowed my eyes. “Yes?” “Well, there you are, brother. You won’t be alone.” His lips curled back, revealing the smaller canines compared to my wolf-like ones. “And what exactly is your excuse for not stopping by?” Using my power, I made a small puff of smoke appear in my palm, making it rise and fall. Thanatos pressed a hand to his chest. “Why, sire, my duties on the surface, of course.” I cut my gaze to his.

“That’s bullshit, and you know it. Unlike your king, you can be away from the job for the fifteen minutes it takes to drink a glass of ambrosia wine.” His black wings appeared, fanning out to their full span before folding behind him. “Yes, well. Please give the Queen my regards.” “This wouldn’t have to do with a certain fiery detective with ‘obsidian’ eyes, would it?” I made the smoke swirl on my palm like a tornado, fixing my eyes on Thanatos. “I haven’t the foggiest idea what you speak of.” A hint of a smile flashed across his lips before he bowed. “My liege.” “I will rope you into the next one of these. Mark my words.” “I shall update my calendar.” Before I had a chance to spat another word, he disappeared in a flash of fog. Moaning, I slumped into my throne, knowing my preternatural time clock had yet to expire. But I couldn’t wait any longer.

I needed to see her—to smell her. Stephanie. In the time it took for me to exhale a single breath, she appeared in front of me in a swirl of white feathers. “You grow more impatient with each passing month. Do you realize that?” Her cranberry eyes sparkled as she smiled at me. I shifted in my seat, letting my eyes roam every square inch of her body. The pomegranate-colored gown I’d designed for her when she became my Queen, hugging her every curve and floating to the cave floor like the very smoke I conjured. The chocolate locks of hair fell in waves over her shoulders…those breasts. Curling my finger, beckoning her, I gave her a wicked squint. “If you could see what I see in front of me, I think you’d understand why I’m so greedy.” Obliging, she moved in front of me, nestling between my knees and leaning on the throne’s armrests. I cupped her cheek and kissed her, devoured her—so ravenous as if I hadn’t seen her in weeks versus hours. With a fluttery chuckle, she pressed a hand to my chest, halting me. “This isn’t you trying to back out on the Halloween party down here, is it?” “Why would I do that? I promised you.” I frowned, truly surprised she thought I’d lie to her.

She sat in my lap, curling some of my hair around one of her small, pale fingers. “I know how much you despise gatherings like this. I mean, when’s the last time you had as many members of your family in your domain at the same time?” It took me a millisecond to answer. “Never,” I clipped. She ran a finger down the slanted bridge of my nose. “Exactly. If it’s going to be too much for you—” I loved the woman sitting in my lap with every fiber of my immortal being, but sometimes…she talked entirely too much. Stealing her words away with my mouth, I forced my tongue past her lips, kissing her, deepening it, seducing her to my will. Bunching her hair in one palm, I cupped the other hand on her ass and pulled her tight against me. I pulled away, torturously slow, leaving her whimpering and panting. Her racing heartbeat thundered in my ears. “Is that answer enough for you?” She bit her lip and nodded, her hands dipping into my robes, groping my chest. “I love you, Stephanie. You say you want a Halloween party in the Underworld to remind you of your time on Earth as a mortal? You’ll have it.” I didn’t move a muscle as she dragged her fingers down my biceps.

A mischievous smile pulled at her ruby lips. By now, I knew precisely how her mind worked. She crawled onto my lap, straddling me, grinding against me. I trailed my claws up her milky white thighs, giving them goosebumps. “Naughty, naughty, seducing your King during office hours.” “I aim to misbehave,” she purred, licking my lips with the tip of her tongue in one quick devious swipe. Growling, I pushed her dress up to her waist, curling my fingers over her hips and— A voice cleared their throat, making us both freeze. Leaning Stephanie to the side, I peered at a mortal standing on the shoreline of the river Styx, waiting on my judgment. “Is now a—bad time?” The mortal man asked. How absurd. Stephanie bit her thumbnail and scooted from my lap, shimmying her dress down. “This was certainly a first.” I tugged her back to me. The mortal was dead with an eternity of paradise or torment to look forward to. They could wait five more minutes.

And it wasn’t as if they were going anywhere. Cerberus would make sure of it. “I certainly hope not the last, my Queen. The idea of it—of getting caught…” I trailed off, brushing my nose against her nape, taking in her scent. She let out a girlish fluttering of laughter, lightly pressing her hand to my chest. “Finish with your final judgment for the evening and then come find me. I need to show you what you’re wearing tonight.”


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