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The Lying Game – Ruth Ware

THE SOUND IS just an ordinary text alert, a quiet ‘beep beep’ in the night that does not wake Owen, and would not have woken me except that I was already awake, lying there, staring into the darkness, the baby at my breast snuffling, not quite feeding, not quite unlatching. I lie there for a […]

That Ain’t Witchcraft – Seanan McGuire

The woods near Portland, Oregon, about to do something really stupid Three years ago HE STACCATO RHYTHM OF a woodpecker slamming its beak against a pine tree echoed through the woods, filtered and distorted by densely-packed branches. There were no other sounds, not from the birds and animals that lived there, and not from the […]

Eternal Kiss of Darkness – Jeaniene Frost

Mencheres smelled blood even before he caught the earthy scent of ghouls clustered on the ground floor of the decrepit warehouse. They showed no concern when he walked inside. Another inhalation revealed it was vampire blood two of them stank of. The other four didn’t have that coppery aroma clinging to them, but from the […]

Eclipse (Twilight Saga) – Stephenie Meyer

Bella, I don’t know why you’re making Charlie carry notes to Billy like we’re in second grade—if I wanted to talk to you I would answer the You made the choice here, okay? You can’t have it both ways when What part of ‘mortal enemies’ is too complicated for you to Look, I know I’m […]

The Art of Theft – Sherry Thomas

Miss Olivia Holmes often found other women intimidating: the beautiful ones, the fashionable ones, the well-connected ones. And if they were all three at once, then she was certain to feel like a lowly grouse that had somehow wandered into an ostentation of peacocks. The woman in front of her was handsome, rather than beautiful. […]

Sleep – C.L. Taylor

If you’re reading this then I am no longer alive. Someone has been stalking me for the last three months and, if I am dead, it wasn’t an accident. Tell the police to speak to my ex-boyfriend Alex Carter about what happened in London. That’s where all this started. The following people came to Rum […]

Seven-Layer Slayer – Addison Moore

I see dead people. Okay, so it’s very, very rare, but I do seem to see creatures of the furry dearly departed variety on the regular. And, believe you me, it is never a good sign to their previous owner. It is always a harbinger of terrible things to come. Up until a few months […]

Capture Me – Anna Zaires

The two men in front of me embody danger. They exude it. One blond, one dark—they should’ve been polar opposites, but they’re similar somehow. They give off the same vibe. The vibe that makes me go cold inside. “I have a delicate matter I’d like to discuss with you,” says Arkady Buschekov, the Russian official […]

Red Velvet Vengeance – Addison Moore

I see dead people. Mostly I see those of the furry dearly departed variety, but on occasion I see a bona fide once upon a human. But unfortunately for me, I’m not looking into the eyes of some adorable little long-dead creature. I’m looking into the eyes of a very much alive human—Carlotta Sawyer, my […]

Only Daughter – Sarah A. Denzil

If you were here with me now, I’d say sorry for everything. I know I’ve let you down, disappointed you, and it hurts. This is how it ends for me, isn’t it? Alone with my thoughts, with my pain, all the regrets about who I am and how I acted coming back to haunt me. […]

One Minute Out – Mark Greaney

GORNJI CRNAČ, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA The grandfather of six stood on his front porch, a cup of tea in hand as he looked out across the valley at the green hills, thinking of the old days. They didn’t seem so long ago, but still he often wondered where they had gone. The warm afternoon tired […]

Never Far – A.A. Dark

Angel. I had seen one—or someone I thought was one. She had been right before me. Somewhere. Blonde hair. Green eyes. Flawless. A real angel? No…a girl. There was a girl, and now she was gone, transitioning from female to male. A man. A man yelling at a woman with dark hair. They were young. […]

Mind Game – Iris Johansen

The woman’s face might be beautiful, but it was also the stuff of nightmares. And Jane MacGuire just wanted it to go away! She jerked upright in bed, her heart pounding. She closed her eyes, her hands clenched into fists. She wouldn’t do it again. Not again. There wouldn’t be any change from the last […]

Macaron Massacre – Addison Moore

I see dead people. Mostly I see dead pets, and on the rare occasion I do see a dearly departed of the human variety, but right now, I’m seeing a man that I wish I could kill with my bare hands. Rich Dallas has his own leathery mitts around my mother’s waist as they observe […]

Lost – James Patterson

MIAMI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT isn’t exactly a tranquil space on a normal day—if there’s such a thing as a normal day at MIA. Now, as I watched a human trafficker strolling toward the immigration portal with six kids in tow, it felt like a hurricane was about to hit indoors. An illtempered Customs supervisor from the […]

Look For Me – Lisa Gardner

A YEAR LATER, WHAT SARAH remembered most was waking up to the sound of giggling. “Shhh. Not so loud! My roommates hate it when I bring boys home. Killjoys need their beauty sleep.” “So, no making noises? Like this?” A wolf howl from outside Sarah’s bedroom door. Fresh giggling. Then loud thumps as someone, probably […]

Look Behind You – Iris Johansen

“ANOTHER SODA AND LIME. Easy on the lime this time.” The bartender pursed her lips and gave him a pitying look. She obviously thought he was a recovering alcoholic, desperately clinging to sobriety by his fingernails. He was nothing of the sort. He just needed to keep his wits about him. Zachary looked up at […]

Long Road to Mercy – David Baldacci

EENY, MEENY, MINY, MOE. FBI Special Agent Atlee Pine stared up at the grim facade of the prison complex that housed some of the most dangerous human predators on earth. She had come to see one of them tonight. ADX Florence, about a hundred miles south of Denver, was the only supermax prison in the […]

Lethal Agent – Kyle Mills, Vince Flynn

THE cave was more than ten meters square, illuminated with a handful of battery-powered work lights. The glare and heat from them was centered on two rows of men kneeling on colorful cushions. Armed guards lurked near the jagged walls, barely visible in the shadows. Mullah Sayid Halabi sat cross-legged, gazing down from a natural […]

Let Me Lie – Clare Mackintosh

Death does not suit me. I wear it like a borrowed coat; it slips of my shoulders and trails in the dirt. It is ill-fitting. Uncomfortable. I want to shrug it of ; to throw it in the cupboard and take back my well-tailored clothes. I didn’t want to leave my old life, but I’m […]

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