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Sleeping with her Highland Foe – Shona Thompson

f he lived to be a hundred years old, Ualan McCallum would always remember that night. But right then, in the fug of the tavern, with the Highland rain pelting down, he had no idea. Beside him, his cousin looked into his lovelorn face and laughed. “Och! An’ this is what happens when ye trust […]

Skye O’Malley – Bertrice Small

“WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN SHE CAN HAVE NO MORE CHILDREN?” demanded Dubhdara O’Malley of his brother. The O’Malley, chief of Clan O’Malley, was a big man: six-foot-four, arms and legs like thick tree limbs, ruddy, sunburnt skin, snapping blue eyes, and a mop of dark hair that was just getting a sprinkling of […]

Siren of the Highlands – Kenna Kendrick

“How’s she doin’?” Fin asked. Fin watched Col, his cousin, best friend, and the current Baron of Westmarch Hall, pace the chamber, running his hands through his hair, both fear and rage etched upon his features at the same time. He finally stopped before the large hearth and stared silently into the flames for a […]

Sinful Persuasion of a Lady in the Making – Ava MacAdams

Miss Jenny Jones, seven-and-twenty years old and full of nervous energy, was getting ready to attend her first-ever society ball. “I’m shaking,” she said, watching her reflection in the looking glass as the lady’s maid fiddled with her long, straight, raven-black hair. “I’ll be with you every step of the way—every second, if you need,” […]

Silver Dollar Duke – Sally Britton

One never expected to find the son of a marquess at a pub of questionable reputation, which explained the exact reason Evan A. Rounsevell occupied a stool at the Llandoger Trow. Evan had no wish to be found. Especially with his knowledge that the marquess—his father— had arrived in London with the express purpose of […]

Shining Knight – Elizabeth Johns

ONCE UPON A time, there was a girl. Not only was she the youngest of five, she was the only girl at that. Eugenia Knight was already different from most ladies of her station. However, being raised by four brothers, without a mother, put her into an entirely different realm. If you counted their neighbor, […]

Silent Melody – Mary Balogh

IT was hard to leave. But it was impossible to stay. He was leaving from choice because he was young and energetic and adventurous and had long wanted to carve a life of his own. He was going to new possibilities, new dreams. But he was leaving behind places and people. And though, being young, […]

Shared By the Pirates – Emily Tilton

Lady Evangeline Stratford, eldest daughter of the second Earl of Hobberly, decided in the spring of the Year of Our Lord 1745 to sail to America in order that she not be forced to marry against her wishes. Aged nineteen and possessed only of the clothes upon her back and the loyalty of her ladies’ […]

Seven Deadly Deals with the Earl – Emma Linfield

Adeline Brooks wasn’t sure she had heard the gentlemen right. It sounded like they were telling her she was meant to be getting engaged. Her heart pounded so loudly against her chest, she could hardly hear anything more than what her father, Wilbert Brooks, and his business partner, Terrell Harvey, were saying. She glanced over […]

Serving the Viscount – Roselyn Francis

What did you think of the Earl of Sussex, miss? I didn’t get a good look at him, but from what I could tell from the staircase, he had a nice voice.” Hanna Seton asked as she helped her mistress with her stays. “Eh, he talks too much, and he’s a bit fat.” Miss Isabella […]

Seductive Silence – Larissa Lyons

“‘Than in the b-breath that from my mistress reeks.’” Daniel Holbrook, the fourth Marquis of Tremayne, repeated the last few words with a grim smile. “Reeks is right,” he muttered beneath his breath (breath that most assuredly did not reek of onions as that of his former mistress often had). He crumpled the topmost page […]

Seduction in the Highlands – Kenna Kendrick

Lady Elizabeth Darling couldn’t keep her focus on her book. She took a deep breath, gripped the sides of it, and tried to concentrate as hard as she could, but after a few moments, her focus was lost again, and she was off again, drifting in a daydream. She had nestled herself in her Aunt […]

Seducing the Siren of Seven Dials – Jillian Eaton

ARTEMİS’S LİFE ENDED on the day she discovered she was engaged to a duke. She didn’t die. That in itself might have been a small mercy, but she was far too stubborn to go willingly into the good night. No, death wasn’t in the cards for a woman like Lady Amelia. But running away from […]

Seducing the Sinful Duke – Lisa Campell

Miss Helena Bellingham was in her bedchamber when she heard the wheel of the cart outside. She looked up from the book she had been reading and ran to window to see who had arrived, because as far as she knew, neither of her parents had gone out. When she pulled the drapes apart a […]

Seducing His Sassenach – Ashe Barker

Two weary riders lounged in the saddles of their even wearier mounts on the crest of a small mound, gazing down at the scene below. The gracious manor house sat amid manicured gardens. Lush lawns sprawled on three sides, intersected by neat paths. There was even a small maze, though it looked to be somewhat […]

Seducing a Stranger – Kerrigan Byrne

The devil’s breath was a persistent cold prickle on Cutter Morley’s neck. He’d awoken with a start in the wee hours of the morning, propped up against the doorway to St. Dismas where he’d taken refuge. Vicar Applewhite had fallen ill, and so the rectory was locked against vagrants today. More’s the pity. He’d not […]

Seduced by the Highlander – Julianne MacLean

Desire. Lust. Sex. In the dream, he was drowning in it, sinking deeper and deeper into a sea of desperate, tempestuous need. Soft, searching hands teased and stroked his chest and shoulders while warm, wet mouths licked at his stomach. He was Lachlan MacDonald, Kinloch Castle’s Laird of War, battle-seasoned warrior, and Scotland’s most infamous […]

Seduced by the Brazen Baron – Ella Edon

With the music swirling overhead, and the large ballroom brimming with fashionable guests and desirable young ladies as far as the eyes could see, Michael’s boredom almost felt like a betrayal. He raised a glass of wine to his lips, watching as lords and ladies waltzed around in the center of the room to the […]

Seduced By Her Highland Prisoner – Alisa Adams

Acold wind drove squalls of spring rain in gray sheets across the mountainous country, which divided the lands of Clan Strachan from those of Clan Montrose. It was mid-March, but in these inhospitable borderlands in the far Northern Scottish highlands, winter would only grudgingly give up its grip. Heavy clouds the color of granite lowered […]

Seduced By a Highland Thief – Maddie MacKenna

Thomeas was running. His feet stomped on the ground with every step that he took, and he could already tell that he would be sore the following day. He’s big…he’s verra big. Unlike the man that towered over him, Thomeas was nothing more than a young boy of five, and his legs could only take […] © 2018 | Descargar Libros Gratis | Kitap İndir |