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Zane Grey – The Young Lion Hunter

“Dick, I shore will be glad to see Ken,” said Jim Williams, in his lazy drawl. “I reckon you’ll be, too?” Jim’s cool and careless way of saying things sometimes irritated me. Glad to see Ken Ward! I was crazy to see the lad. “Jim, what you know about being glad to see any one […]

William Murray Graydon – Mr. Menzies Baby Elephant

A traveler who goes around the world necessarily sees a great deal. This ruby ring which I wear on my finger was purchased at Colombo, the capital of Ceylon, and it always reminds me of a very amusing thing that occurred during my brief stay on that island. As I was strolling alone one day, […]

William Murray Graydon – Among The Pathans

When Jack Chetwynd dropped into the Bundar Cafe at Delhi one scorching afternoon in September of last year and informed me that we were ordered off to the Punjaub, I could have shouted for joy. I did not do it, though, for I well knew how scornfully Jack would regard any such demonstration. I merely […]

Van Tassel Sutphen – The Gates of Chance

The card that had been thrust into my hand had pencilled upon it, “Call at 4020 Madison Avenue at a quarter before eight this evening.” Below, in copper-plate, was engraved the name, Mr. Esper Indiman. It was one of those abnormally springlike days that New York sometimes experiences at the latter end of March, days […]

Sax Rohmer – Brood of the Witch-Queen

Robert Cairn looked out across the quadrangle. The moon had just arisen, and it softened the beauty of the old college buildings, mellowed the harshness of time, casting shadow pools beneath the cloisteresque arches to the west and setting out the ivy in stronger relief upon the ancient walls. The barred shadow on the lichened […]

Rudyard Kipling – The Phantom Rickshaw and Other Ghost Stories

May no ill dreams disturb my rest, Nor Powers of Darkness me molest. —Evening Hymn. One of the few advantages that India has over England is a great Knowability. After five years’ service a man is directly or indirectly acquainted with the two or three hundred Civilians in his Province, all the Messes of ten […]

Rudyard Kipling – The Man Who Would be King

“Brother to a Prince and fellow to a beggar if he be found worthy.” The Law, as quoted, lays down a fair conduct of life, and one not easy to follow. I have been fellow to a beggar again and again under circumstances which prevented either of us finding out whether the other was worthy. […]

Rudyard Kipling – Kim

O ye who tread the Narrow Way By Tophet-flare to judgment Day, Be gentle when ‘the heathen’ pray To Buddha at Kamakura! Buddha at Kamakura. He sat, in defiance of municipal orders, astride the gun Zam Zammah on her brick platform opposite the old Ajaib-Gher—the Wonder House, as the natives call the Lahore Museum. Who […]

Rudyard Kipling – Captains Courageous

The weather door of the smoking-room had been left open to the North Atlantic fog, as the big liner rolled and lifted, whistling to warn the fishing-fleet. “That Cheyne boy’s the biggest nuisance aboard,” said a man in a frieze overcoat, shutting the door with a bang. “He isn’t wanted here. He’s too fresh.” A […]

Roy Rockwood – Under the Ocean to the South Pole

“Hand me that wrench, Mark,” called Professor Amos Henderson to a boy who stood near some complicated machinery over which the old man was working. The lad passed the tool over. “Do you think the ship will work, Professor?” he asked. “I hope so, Mark, I hope so,” muttered the scientist as he tightened some […]

Roy Rockwood – Through the Air to the North Pole

“Come now, you boys git out of here! No tramps allowed in Freeport while Ezra Jenkins is constable! Move along, now, or I’ll arrest ye! Here’s my badge of authority!” And a crabbed old man, wearing a faded blue suit, with a big shining star of metal on his coat, tapped the emblem with his […]

Roy Rockwood – Through Space to Mars

“Mark, hand me that test tube, will you, please?” The lad who had made the request looked over at his companion, a boy of about his own age, who was on the other side of the laboratory table. “The big one, or the small one?” questioned Mark Sampson. “The large one,” answered Jack Darrow. “I […]

Roy Rockwood – On a Torn-Away World

“Hurrah!” shouted Jack Darrow, flicking the final drops of lacquer from the paintbrush he had been using. “That’s the last stroke. She’s finished!” “I guess we’ve done all we can to her before her trial trip,” admitted his chum, Mark Sampson, but in a less confident tone. “You don’t see anything wrong with her, old […]

Roy Rockwood – Lost on the Moon

“Well, what do you think of it, Mark?” asked Jack Darrow, as he laid aside a portion of a newspaper, covered with strange printed characters. “Great; isn’t it?” “You don’t mean to tell me that you believe that preposterous story, do you, Jack?” And Mark Sampson looked across the table at his companion in some […]

Roy Rockwood – Five Thousand Miles Underground

“WASHINGTON! I say Washington!” Throughout a big shed, filled for the most part with huge pieces of machinery, echoed the voice of Professor Amos Henderson. He did not look up from a small engine over which he was bending. “Washington! Where are you? Why don’t you answer me?” From somewhere underneath an immense pile of […]

Robert William Chambers – The Hidden Children

In the middle of the Bedford Road we three drew bridle. Boyd lounged in his reeking saddle, gazing at the tavern and at what remained of the tavern sign, which seemed to have been a new one, yet now dangled mournfully by one hinge, shot to splinters. The freshly painted house itself, marred with buckshot, […]

Robert William Chambers – The Dark Star

Not the dark companion of Sirius, brightest of all stars—not our own chill and spectral planet rushing toward Vega in the constellation of Lyra—presided at the birth of millions born to corroborate a bloody horoscope. But a Dark Star, speeding unseen through space, known to the ancients, by them called Erlik, after the Prince of […]

Robert Michael Ballantyne – The Young Fur Traders

Plunges the reader into the middle of an Arctic winter; conveys him into the heart of the wildernesses of North America; and introduces him to some of the principal personages of our tale. Snowflakes and sunbeams, heat and cold, winter and summer, alternated with their wonted regularity for fifteen years in the wild regions of […]

Robert Michael Ballantyne – The Norsemen in the West

One fine autumn evening, between eight and nine hundred years ago, two large hairy creatures, bearing some resemblance to polar bears, might have been seen creeping slowly, and with much caution, toward the summit of a ridge that formed a spur to one of the ice-clad mountains of Greenland. The creatures went on all-fours. They […]

Robert Michael Ballantyne – The Dog Crusoe and His Master

The dog Crusoe was once a pup. Now do not, courteous reader, toss your head contemptuously, and exclaim, “Of course he was; I could have told you that.” You know very well that you have often seen a man above six feet high, broad and powerful as a lion, with a bronzed shaggy visage and […] © 2018 | Descargar Libros Gratis | Kitap İndir |