Category: Fantasy

The Bridge Kingdom – Danielle L. Jensen

LARA RESTED her elbows on the low sandstone wall, her eyes fixed on the glowing sun descending over the distant mountain peaks, nothing between here and there but scorching sand dunes, scorpions, and the occasional lizard. Impassable for anyone without a good camel, the correct provisions, and a healthy dose of luck. Not that she […]

The Black Veins – Ashia Monet

THE MAGİC WAKES AT MİDNİGHT. It arrives in the form of a song. It isn’t a remarkable tune. It carries only a piano’s chirps, a violin’s easy hum, and the subtle plucking of harp strings. It breezes through Greenland, Rome, London, Quebec, and everywhere in-between. It tangles through city streets, tumbles over bridges, and plunges […]

The Bitter Twins – Jen Williams

‘What to do with all the flesh, and all the bone? That was the question no one had considered, of course. ‘Human beings are not, after all, simple bags of blood. At the end of all the fighting, the battlefields of the Carrion Wars were heaped with bodies – actual hills of bodies, corpses so […]

The Beyond – Chloe Neill

Magic was thick as humidity in the southern Louisiana air. And it felt glorious. Today, there was no hiding. No pretending. We were humans, but not just humans. We were Sensitives, and we were doing magic in public. My students stood in a line on a plot of green, facing downriver and staring intently at […]

The Bewitching Queen – Jovee Winters

My music pierced through the veil of time. I’d found him. He was here. I stepped through the portal, staring at a world I did not know, wondering if maybe I’d found myself in a time loop just as Ewan and Red had. But it felt… different. The air, the scenery, hell, even the animals. […]

The Beloved Wild – Melissa Ostrom

A March wind roared and dipped down the chimney to tease the flames. I welcomed its frigid breath. The fire, combined with the activities of nine people, made an oven of the house. I regretted wearing the winter longies under my skirt. This was no night for woolen flannel. In preparation for the sugaring, my […]

The Belles – Dhonielle Clayton

We all turned sixteen today, and for any normal girl that would mean raspberry and lemon macarons and tiny pastel blimps and pink champagne and card games. Maybe even a teacup elephant. But not for us. Today is our debut. There are only six of us this year. My fingertips leave fog teardrops on the […]

The Beautiful – Renee Ahdieh

New Orleans is a city ruled by the dead. I remember the moment I first heard someone say this. The old man meant to frighten me. He said there was a time when coffins sprang from the ground following a heavy rain, the dead flooding the city streets. He claimed to know of a Créole […]

The Bastard Dragon – Viola Grace

Trin grinned at the barista who had just arrived to begin his shift. “Running a little late, Tobias?” Tobias blushed slightly and hung up his coat. He rolled up his cuffs and tied on his apron. “The rain slowed the traffic.” She pulled the handle of the steamer and leaned back as the cloud of […]

The Affair of the Mysterious Letter – Alexis Hall

That I must begin these reminiscences with a description of myself and my origins is a necessity that runs contrary to both my character and my upbringing. My editor, however, tells me that my readers will wish to know how a man of my unremarkable public reputation came to be associated with so extraordinary a […]

Test of the Dragon – Jessica Drake

Zara. I think we’re here!” Lessie’s excitement penetrated the fog in my head, waking me from a deep slumber. Yawning, I stirred in Tavarian’s arms and blinked the sleep from my eyes, then glanced over the side of my dragon’s back to get a good look at the terrain. My heart jumped in my chest […]

Tess of the Road – Rachel Hartman

When Tessie Dombegh was six and still irrepressible, she married her twin sister, Jeanne, in the courtyard of their childhood home. Married her to Cousin Kenneth, that is. Tessie, draped in one of her father’s law robes cinched with an incongruous red ribbon, played the priest. Faffy the snaphound was the flower girl (Tessie had […]

Tempests and Slaughter – Tamora Pierce

Arram Draper hung on the rail of the great arena, hoisting himself until his belly was bent over the polished stone. It was the only way he could get between the two bulky men who blocked his view. He knew it was risky, but he couldn’t waste his first chance to see the gladiators when […]

Teeth – Zaya Feli

Twist and pull. The pheasant’s wings flapped wildly against Isa’s thigh, though the bird was already dead. Isa hated the crack of breaking bones between his fingers. It sent a shiver down his spine. He loved the cooking and eating part, just not this. But he’d never tell anyone. They’d laugh. When the flapping stopped, […]

Taming the Storm – Yumoyori Wilson

Sweet Crimson, you should be sleeping.” I pulled my eyes away from my canvas, my thin paintbrush inches away from adding the finishing touches to yet another masterpiece. I turned to meet the ruby-eyed gaze of my best friend, James Hamilton. His built, 6’3” frame stood in the doorway, a seductive smile on those smooth […]

Tamiko and the Two Janitors – Forthright

While Tami waited for their town’s lone stoplight to tick through its cycle, she bumped up the volume on her car radio. “… encouraging people to check in with their county’s Office of Ingress, where a team of Betweeners will be able to quickly set your mind at ease.” The talk show host cheerfully played […]

Talon – Julie Kagawa

“Ember, when did your parents die, and what was the cause of death?” I stifled a groan and tore my gaze from the car window, where the bright, sunny town of Crescent Beach shimmered beyond the tinted glass. The air in the black sedan was cold and stale and, annoyingly, the driver had engaged the […]

Switched – Jen Calonita

Who tells a kid to keep out of the library? As I tap my foot impatiently in the foyer of Fairy Tale Reform School’s new library services wing, that’s exactly what Headmistress Flora is telling me to do. At least, that’s how I interpret the glare she’s sending me from across the hall as I […] © 2018 | Descargar Libros Gratis | Kitap İndir |