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The Poet – Lisa Renee Jones

Tap, tap, tap, tap… I jerk my gaze from the pretty girl in the corner, who just joined our class today, to the front of the room where Sister Marion is beating her desk with a ruler, her sharp features pinched with anger. She’s mad almost as often as my dad. “Enough of this jabbering,” […]

Moonlight Ridge – Vickie McKeehan

Awash in spring-like temperatures, March arrived in Coyote Wells like a baby lamb, snuggled and wrapped in a soft pink blanket. That wasn’t the case the day before. The last day of February went out like a roaring lion, packing a punch with a series of powerful storms that raged up and down the coast. […]

Little Whispers – K. L. Slater

When I’m stressed, worried or upset, I clean. Needless to say, with everything that’s been happening over the last few months, my house looks more immaculate than usual. Even though it feels like our lives are falling apart in other ways. I’ve been cleaning the kitchen for the last hour. Not just a cursory wiping-down […]

Yule – Khloe Summers

I load dishes into the dishwasher and grab the broom from the pantry, sighing loud enough that I hope Greg will hear me in the next room. Not that he’ll do anything about it. He’s watching the game. ‘The game’ as in, football. No one interrupts him during a game. I mean, really if it’s […]

Wrong Train to Paris – Jennifer Moore

THE TRAİN PLUNGED İNTO DARKNESS, lit only by the weak light of the gas lamps, dimmed for daytime. The car went quiet as the travelers shifted uncomfortably in the strange gloom. Julia Weston paused in the act of setting a stack of playing cards on the table. She looked toward the window, seeing only the […]

Writing the Rake – Ellie St. Clair

COME HERE.” “No!” she giggled as she ran just out of his grasp, along the path of the lush gardens that backed Wyndham House, a centerpiece of Mayfair. Alice and Benjamin had been playing this game for months — a back-and-forth that had started as a fun flirtation but was now becoming a slow smoldering […]

Wooed in Winter – Scarlett Scott

THE MARQUESS OF Haven could tie leaden weights about his ankles and go swimming in the Serpentine for all she cared. At least, that was what Hannah thought when she saw him again for the first time since he had broken her heart. The second thing was… “What in the name of heaven is he […]

WolfeSword – Kathryn Le Veque

“YOU HAVE SEEN the fortress?” “I have. And it will cost you more to take it.” There was a pause. In a small, cluttered solar that smelled of urine and dog feces, a man with bad teeth and even worse hair was facing off against a well-dressed, well-armed man of Flemish origins. It was a […]

WolfeStrike – Kathryn Le Veque

IT WAS DAWN. From the rains the previous night, the fields were green but the road was muddy, thick and uneven, like a puddle of congealed gravy. It made for difficult travel as the twothousand-man army from Lioncross Abbey Castle returned from a nasty battle for control of Goodrich Castle, several days’ journey to the […]

WolfeBlade – Kathryn Le Veque

HE SAW HİM coming. William de Wolfe, the greatest English knight on the Scottish border, was all-seeing and all-knowing when it came to matters of northern England. He had the pulse of the politics and the players but, unfortunately, he had missed something occurring within his very own family. He was still kicking himself because […]

With This Kiss – Kerrigan Byrne

There was magic in the air, yet few could see it. To the mortal eye there was nothing but a brash, bullying Scottish storm that blew like the Devil’s breath from the gray swirling waters of the Sound of Mull. Lightning splintered the midnight sky, and thunder bellowed. Rain poured down from the heavens, and […]

Wish of a Highlander – Katy Baker

Ava Hall put on her best smile. “Fifteen for the necklace. And there’s a matching set of earrings to go with it. Twenty-five for both. Can’t say fairer than that, can I? Authentic 1940s style. It’s very much back in fashion.” The blonde-haired woman who’d been perusing Ava’s stall pursed her lips, considering. “Actually, I […]

Winter’s Woman – Scarlett Scott

HER TWİN SİSTER’S mind had turned to pudding. That was the only reasonable explanation for the words that had just emerged from Lady Adele Winter’s mouth. Lady Evangeline Saltisford stared at her sister, doing her utmost to ignore the hulking monster lurking in the corner of the drawing room. “You cannot be serious, Addy.” Her […]

Winter’s Widow – Scarlett Scott

A s had become a nightly ritual, Lady Fortune was brimming with London’s wealthiest and finest females in search of diversion. Perfumed and powdered, masked and bang up to the mark in exquisite gowns, and each of them ready to wager their pin money or their husband’s fortunes on the next turn of a card. […]

Winter’s Whispers – Scarlett Scott

THERE WAS A female under his bed. Trouble, warned his instincts. A female was what had landed Blade here, in the monkery, at a cursed country house party being held by his half brother Devereaux Winter. Not this particular one, though. He would have recognized the ankles. Blade was a connoisseur of ankles. And knives. […]

Winter’s Waltz – Scarlett Scott

The Marquess of Sundenbury was not going to last more than ten minutes in the East End. Genevieve Winter was never more certain of it than when she found him seated in her chair at her desk at Lady Fortune, his polished boots propped upon her ledgers, grinning like the stupid, handsome fiend he was. […] © 2018 | Descargar Libros Gratis | Kitap İndir |