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Winter’s Wallflower – Scarlett Scott

LADY ADELE SALTİSFORD’S virtue was a small price to pay for her brother’s life. She reminded herself of the undeniable truth of this fact as she waited for London’s most dangerous man to see her. Her hands shook beneath her silk taffeta cloak, and she was grateful once more she had not relinquished her outerwear […]

Wild Rain – Beverly Jenkins

Spring Lee held tightly onto the reins of her wagon and cursed the blinding blizzard she was driving through. With her hat pulled low, muffler wound up to her eyes, and wearing the thick oversize buffalo coat given to her by her cantankerous grandfather Ben, she was dressed for the brutal weather. It was early […]

Wilde Child – Eloisa James

“I need curves if you want me to play a woman’s role,” Otis Murgatroyd complained, frowning at the mirror. “I’m trying,” Joan said, panting as she hauled on his corset strings. “Suck in your stomach!” “My understanding was that whalebones did the work,” Otis grumbled. “Madame Turcotte’s advertisements claim that her corsets can put a […]

Wicked Passions – Nicola Davidson

NO ONE RELİSHED the downfall of a wayward woman like a group of wealthy old men. Lady Isla Sutherland lifted her chin against the malicious smirks and cold sneers arrowing her way from the courtiers in the lavish royal presence chamber. She had broken their rules, been caught, and now would pay the price: her […]

Wicked Again – Kathleen Ayers

Marissa stretched her body out across the bed, discreetly pulling the sheet up over her naked body. She was sore. Deliciously so. A large palm, fingers splayed possessively, rested just below her navel. The owner of the hand watched her, eyes shining like quicksilver in the faint, pink mist of morning light filtering across the […]

Who’s That Earl – Susanna Craig

In spite of the eerie, not-quite quiet that settled over the island in the hours between dusk and dawn, Lieutenant Thomas Sutherland nearly missed the telltale rhythm of oars slicing through water. Damn and blast. If he weren’t careful, he’d find himself in enemy hands after all this time. Or at the mercy of his […]

Where Love Begins – Julianne MacLean

FOR THE FİRST TİME İN Evelyn Foster’s very proper and correct sixteen years of life, she was about to do something horrendously, unspeakably naughty. And contrary to what one might think—that she was young and impulsive, and therefore experiencing a thrill from the wickedness—she was not the slightest bit thrilled. In fact, she would even […]

When the Earl Met His Match – Stacy Reid

“Lord preserve us, milady! Surely a creature such as this one will not hesitate to attack us! Is it wise to feed it?” Ignoring the overly dramatic warning of Sarah, her lady’s maid, Lady Phoebe Francesca Maitland, lowered a piece of succulent roast onto the snow-covered ground near the creature in question. It appeared to […]

When She Was Naughty – Tessa Dare

Chloe Garland looked about the ballroom adorned with greenery and gold bunting, enjoying the familiar, delicious shiver of anticipation. After all, what was Christmas without anticipation? As a girl, she had anticipated the sweetmeats and gifts, like every other child. As her older brothers and sisters began marrying and moving out of the family home, […]

What the Governess is Hiding – Abby Ayles

Six-year-old Ailsa Johnson held on to her governess’s hand tight as the world burned down around her. Her four-year-old sister Davina was in Miss Kathy’s other arm, cradled against her side like a baby. The younger girl was screaming and crying wildly. Ailsa wished she were a baby, or at least a bit younger, so […]

What a Courtesan Wants – Victoria Vale

Benedict Sterling stood against the wall of the gallery in the home of his dear friend, Lady Millicent Dane. Raucous cheers went up as two men raced toward a finish line constructed of ladies’ stockings. “Come on, Mr. Graham!” shouted a woman from beside Benedict, waving a lace-edged handkerchief. “I’ve bet my pin money on […] © 2018 | Descargar Libros Gratis | Kitap İndir |