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The Fighter who Needed Me – Rachelle Stevensen

Brooks Parker sat on Cabe’s ship waiting. Just endless waiting. They had finally spotted the other ship in the distance and Burk was pacing in their room, as if that would help get them to Lily faster. Brooks wanted to laugh but couldn’t. His brother was wound up and he felt for him. Truly he […]

The Fall into Ruin – Bronwyn Stuart

IT SEEMED A perfectly innocent night when Rose Clairmont discovered the truly shocking nature of London’s inhabitants and how quickly one could fall from grace. If one was at a place of grace to start with that is. The sweet smell of spring lay heavy in the air, damp and intoxicating. She couldn’t help but […]

The Falcon and the Flower – Virginia Henley

The young virgin lifted her arms high while the old woman adorned her naked form with a silvery robe as ɹnely spun as a spider’s web. The ɹlmy material drifted down to her ankles, which were encircled by delicate golden chains studded with amber, chosen for its mystic qualities. The maiden’s hair, pale as moonbeams, […]

The Eligible Earl – Joyce Alec

“This must be a little strange for you.” Frederica embraced the duchess. “No, indeed not,” she laughed as the duchess smiled back at her. “You were my chaperone last Season and this Season, you remain my chaperone—albeit as the duchess rather than a paid companion.” Her heart filled with happiness as she recalled how, a […]

The Earl’s Secret Bargain – Ruth Ann Nordin

“I can get any lady I want.” Toby York, the Earl of Davenport, told himself not to oblige the boasting gentleman by giving him the attention he was obviously calling for. Nothing good would come of it. Let someone else fall in to whatever trap he’d snare them into. And yet… He found himself looking […]

The Earl’s Erstwhile Bride – Fenella J. Miller

Captain Alexander Prescott, although only a distant cousin of the present Earl of Prescott, was in direct line to inherit the title should the young man die without issue. He was paying a courtesy visit before leaving to take up his promotion to captain with the army in Portugal. ‘My dear boy,’ the countess said, […]

The Earl’s Betrothal – Karen Tuft

THE ROOM WAS AS SİLENT as a tomb. Amelia Clarke handed the week’s menu to Lady Ashworth, who sat quietly in a chair, watching the Marquess of Ashworth sleep. “I hope this meets with your approval,” Amelia whispered. “I added a few dishes my father enjoyed when he was . . . unwell himself.” She’d […]

The Earl Returns – Lillian Marek

ON A RAİNY afternoon in late March, two men came around the corner into the square and stopped in front of Ashleigh House. Their queues and the sea bags on their shoulders proclaimed them to be sailors, and their rolling gaits declared they had not been long off their ship. They paused at the bottom […]

The Earl, the Lady and the Song of Love – Fanny Finch

Imogen Hartford stood in front of the vanity, awed by the lady in the mirror. If it were not for the familiar green eyes that stared right back at her, she would not believe that it was her own reflection she was seeing. Those eyes were unmistakably hers. Green like the leaves in full spring […]

The Earl of Morrey – Lauren Smith

I have returned to bring you the most delicious gossip. It must be noted that the existence of a certain club has recently reached my attention, one called the Wicked Earls’Club. Only the most wicked of titled earls are said to be members. Naturally, my mind has run away with thoughts of a most dangerous […]

The Earl of Christmas Past – Kerrigan Byrne

FATE HAD BEEN Vanessa Latimer’s foe since she could remember. She was the most unlucky, ungainly person of her acquaintance, and had resigned herself to an early death. However, she always imagined said death would be glorious, as well. Or at least memorable. Something like tripping and accidentally sacrificing herself to a volcano in the […]

The Earl in Winter – Kathryn Le Veque

ALL HE’D DONE was open the entry door. That was apparently enough of an invitation for someone to throw a stool at his head. James de Lohr ducked swiftly, stumbling back out of the door and narrowly avoiding being hit by a man who came hurtling through the opening after him. But it wasn’t an […]

The Dunne Family; A Regency Collection – Chasity Bowlin

ALGERNON DUNNE ENTERED the Angel and Royal Inn in the wee hours of the morning. Patrons slept on the floor of the tap room, snoring softly from exhaustion or excess. The innkeeper whom he’d roused glared at him. He had no patience for the man’s short temper and little inclination to deal with it. As […]

The Duke’s Truth – Joyce Alec

“I was sorry to hear of the death of your wife.” Nicholas gave his friend a quick smile, although he did not reply. “That was some time ago, I understand.” “A little over eighteen months,” Nicholas replied, picking up his brandy and lifting it to his lips. He had been glad of a little company […]

The Duke’s Privateer – Amy Jarecki

Eleanor Kent stepped nearer to the meticulous, hand-painted wallpaper, examining the green bamboo shoots festooned with exotic birds. The mural stood out against a blossom-pink background, stretching upward to the illusion of a pagoda roof trimmed with the authentic brass bells she’d smuggled into Brighton from India. This commission from the prince regent marked the […]

The Duke’s Predicament – Fenella J. Miller

Amanda, was revelling in her new position as the Duchess of Denchester, not because she was now elevated above most others in the country but because she was Richard’s beloved wife. She stood beside him looking out over the grounds of the Manor now almost unrecognisable with the marquees, trestles, bunting, flags and balloons put […]

The Duke’s Dove – Lauren Smith

“IT’S A DAMN COLD NİGHT, eh, Nathan?” Nathan Powell, the Duke of Hastings, glanced in irritation at his younger brother, Lewis, who was just visible in the light from the coach lantern. The flame rippled and sputtered as the lantern rocked slightly with the moving conveyance. It was a poor night to be out on […]

The Duke’s Blooming Love – Abigail Agar

Dread filled Eleanor Windsor’s heart and shone through her deep brown eyes when she saw the house so near at hand. She didn’t want to go home. She wanted to stay outside and enjoy the fresh air, and the way the breeze blew through her wheat-colored hair. She wanted to remain free and unfettered, away […]

The Duke Who Didn’t – Courtney Milan

CHLOE FONG RETRİEVED her board clip from beneath her arm on a fateful spring dawn, not realizing that calamity was about to befall her carefully ordered list. The morning air was still cold enough to sink into her lungs. The low golden glow of the sun, tipping over the horizon, threatened to burn the fog […]

The Duke Meets His Match – Karen Tuft

IT WAS UTTERLY LAUGHABLE WHAT one did for one’s country and monarch at times, George Kendall, the Duke of Aylesham, thought as his traveling coach entered the village of Ashworthy in Oxfordshire. It was still morning, as George had begun his journey well before dawn—arising from his bed even before the cock had crowed and […] © 2018 | Descargar Libros Gratis | Kitap İndir |