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Winston K. Marks – Unbegotten Child

“T S hat,” she demanded, sitting bolt upright in the hospital bed, “has happened to the medical world? In Italy, they tell me I have an abdominal tumor. In Paris, it’s cancer. And now you fatheads are trying to tell me I’m pregnant!” I stuffed my stethoscope into my jacket pocket and tried to pat […]

Winston K. Marks – The Water Eater

I L just lost a weekend. I ain’t too anxious to find it. Instead, I sure wish I had gone fishing with McCarthy and the boys like I’d planned. I drive a beer truck for a living, but here it is almost noon Monday and I haven’t turned a wheel. Sure, I get beer wholesale, […]

Winston K. Marks – The Test Colony

It was the afternoon of our arrival. Our fellow members of the “test colony” were back in the clearing at the edge of the lake, getting their ground-legs and drinking in the sweet, clean air of Sirius XXII. I was strolling along the strip of sandy beach with Phillip Benson, leader of our group, sniffing […]

Winston K. Marks – The Mind Digger

It was really a pretty fair script, and it caught me at a moment when every playwright worth his salt was playing in France, prostituting in Hollywood or sulking in a slump. I needed a play badly, so I told Ellie to get this unknown up to my office and have a contract ready. When […]

Winston K. Marks – The Deadly Daughters

These gorgeous fanatics were equally at home with men, murder, or matrimony, and they used all three with amazing success. Dr. Hubert Long, 40, bachelor and assistant professor of political science at Mentioch University, thrust his rugged, unlovely face forward, sticking out his neck literally and figuratively. “The Humanist Party,” he shouted at the 800 […]

Winston K. Marks – Mate in Two Moves

Love came somewhat late to Dr. Sylvester Murt. In fact, it took the epidemic of 1961 to break down his resistance. A great many people fell in love that year—just about every other person you talked to —so no one thought much about Dr. Murt’s particular distress, except a fellow victim who was directly involved […]

Winston K. Marks – Forsytes Retreat

At last he was second in line. He squared his shoulders and pulled at the lower edges of his black double-breasted suitcoat to erase the travel wrinkles. The applicant ahead of him exploded the words, “Nuts! I’ll leave town first. I just came from the Phony-Plaza. You can take that squirrel-cage and—” “Next!” the employment […]

Winston K. Marks – Breeder Reaction

T he advertising game is not as cut and dried as many people think. Sometimes you spend a million dollars and get no results, and then some little low-budget campaign will catch the public’s fancy and walk away with merchandising honors of the year. Let me sound a warning, however. When this happens, watch out! […]

Winston K. Marks – Backlash

I still feel that the ingratiating little runts never intended any harm. They were eager to please, a cinch to transact business with, and constantly, everlastingly grateful to us for giving them asylum. Yes, we gave the genuflecting little devils asylum. And we were glad to have them around at first —especially when they presented […]

William W. Stuart – The Real Hard Sell

B T EN TILMAN sat down in the easiest of all easy chairs. He picked up a magazine, flipped pages; stood up, snapped fingers; walked to the view wall, walked back; sat down, picked up the magazine. He was waiting, near the end of the day, after hours, in the lush, plush waiting room—“The customer’s […]

William W. Stuart – Inside John Barth

TAKE a fellow, reasonably young, personable enough, health perfect. Suppose he has all the money he can reasonably, or even unreasonably, use. He is successful in a number of different fields of work in which he is interested. Certainly he has security. Women? Well, maybe not any woman in the world he might want. But […]

William P. Salton – Operation Lorelie

They came like monsters, rather than men, into the vast ruin of what had once been a great city. They walked carefully, side by side, speaking to each other by radio as though they were in deep space rather than upon solid ground. The winding way they followed through the ruins was marked by blurred […]

William P. McGivern – The Chameleon Man

I ‘ve got an office in the Daily Standard building and sometimes when things are slow in my line— theatrical bookings—I drift upstairs and talk to the guy who writes the column, The Soldier’s Friend, for the Standard. On this particular morning I walked into his office and found it empty so I sat down […]

William Olaf Stapledon – The Flames

DEAR THOS, My present address is bound to prejudice you against me, but do please reserve judgment until you have read this letter. No doubt most of us in this comfortable prison think we ought to be at large, and most are mistaken. But not all, so for God’s sake keep an open mind. I […]

William Olaf Stapledon – Star Maker

ONE night when I had tasted bitterness I went out on to the hill. Dark heather checked my feet. Below marched the suburban lamps. Windows, their curtains drawn, were shut eyes, inwardly watching the lives of dreams. Beyond the sea’s level darkness a lighthouse pulsed. Overhead, obscurity. I distinguished our own house, our islet in […]

William Olaf Stapledon – Sirius A Fantasy of Love and Discord

PLAXY and I had been lovers; rather uneasy lovers, for she would never speak freely about her past, and sometimes she withdrew into a cloud of reserve and despond. But often we were very happy together, and I believed that our happiness was striking deeper roots. Then came her mother’s last illness, and Plaxy vanished. […]

William Olaf Stapledon – Odd John A Story Between Jest and Earnest

WHEN I told John that I intended to write his biography, he laughed. “My dear man!” he said, “But of course it was inevitable.” The word “man” on John’s lips was often equivalent to “fool.” “Well,” I protested, “a cat may look at a king.” He replied, “Yes, but can it really see the king? […]

William Olaf Stapledon – Last Men in London

WHEN I am in your world and your epoch I remember often a certain lonely place in my own world, and in the time that I call present. It is a comer where the land juts out into the sea as a confusion of split rocks, like a herd of monsters crowding into the water. […]

William Olaf Stapledon – Last and First Men

OBSERVE now your own epoch of history as it appears to the Last Men. Long before the human spirit awoke to clear cognizance of the world and itself, it sometimes stirred in its sleep, opened bewildered eyes, and slept again. One of these moments of precocious experience embraces the whole struggle of the First Men […]

William Olaf Stapledon – East is West

I LEFT MY LODGINGS IN WEST KIRBY IN THE MIDDLE OF the morning and walked along the Estuary shore, I arriving at my favourite bathing place when the tide was only a few yards from the foot of the clay cliffs. The sand, as usual on a fine Sunday, was crowded with parties, bathing and […] © 2018 | Descargar Libros Gratis | Kitap İndir |