Category: Sea Stories

Lowell Howard Morrow – Omega, the Man

The silver airship cut swiftly through the hot thin air. The noonday sun blazed down upon it and the desert world below. All about was the solemn silence of death. No living thing appeared either in the air or on the drab, gray earth. Only the aircraft itself displayed any signs of life. The sky, […]

Lowell Howard Morrow – Islands in the Air

“WE CAN control the laws of gravitation and perform new miracles.” My good friend, Professor Gustave Steiner, was speaking, and for that reason I pondered his remarkable words. “Such an attainment would overshadow all else in the realms of science,” I observed casually. “Already the problem has been mastered,” asserted the professor solemnly. I gave […]

Louis Trimble – Probability

The first time this little guy comes in I’m new on the job. He looks around as if he’s scared a prohibition agent will pop out of the walls and bite him. Then he gets up his nerve and sidles to the bar. His voice is as thin as the rest of him. “Glass of […]

Louis Becke – The Mutineer A Romance of Pitcairn Island

ed no interruption nor break upon its surface save at one spot; there it ran out into a long narrow point, on which, under a small cluster of graceful cocos, growing almost at the water’s edge, a canoe was drawn up. Seated upon the platform of the outrigger, and conversing in low tones, were a […] © 2018 | Descargar Libros Gratis | Kitap İndir |