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Pieter Harting – Anno Domini 2071

When comparing the present condition of society with that of past centuries the question naturally arises, what will the future be ? Will the same progress which, in our own times especially, has been of such vast dimensions, and manifested itself in so many directions, continue to he ‘progressive ? And if so— for who […]

Paul Cornell – Doctor Who Human Nature

‘they seem, in places, to address me so directly it’s almost uncomfortable’ ‘either the wallow in the sudden realisation that every single sad song in the world is written for me alone, or the overwhelming, distracting power of a lot of very loud noise’ From the diary of Prof Bernice Summerfield Long ago and far […]

Mark Gatiss – Doctor Who Nightshade

All around the cluttered cloisters, musty rooms and high, vaulted halls there was a deep and tangible hush. The only light in the virtually impenetrable gloom was of a peculiarly pellucid green, spilling out feebly from every heavy wooden door and misaligned stone. Everywhere, there was a terrible sense of stagnancy, imbuing the whole place […]

Justin Richards – Doctor Who The Sands of Time

Ancient Egypt – c5000BC The woman was still alive as unnatural thunder cracked across the sky. The lightning forked through the thrashing rain, stabbing at the desert sand. Rain splashed across the dunes, running down the bank towards the entrance of the tomb, washing over stone that had been parched for a thousand years. She […]

Gary Russell – Doctor Who and the Scales of Injustice

‘Jesus,’ coughed Grant Traynor into the darkness. The J tunnel reeked of chloroform, condensation and antiseptic, plus a blend of amyls nitrite and nitrate, and urine. All combined together in a nauseous cocktail that represented something so horrible that he couldn’t believe he was involved in it. Why was he there? How could he have […]

Fritz Reuter Leiber Jr. – The Big Time

When shall we three meet again In thunder, lightning, or in rain? When the hurlyburly’s done. When the battle’s lost and won. —Macbeth Y name is Greta Forzane. Twenty-nine and a party girl would describe me. I was born in Chicago, of Scandinavian parents, but now I operate chiefly outside space and time—not in Heaven […]

Andy Lane – Doctor Who and the Empire of Glass

July 1587 One month. Mary Harries gazed out across the sparkling blue ocean at the departing ship. From her position on the cliff she was looking down upon its deck – freshly scrubbed and glistening in the hot summer sunlight. Its sails were swollen with the breeze, and it listed slightly to one side as […] © 2018 | Descargar Libros Gratis | Kitap İndir |