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Fail to Love – Maci Dillon

“Whoa, slow down, woman.” Chloe laughed, grasping the margarita from my sticky little fingers as she pulled me to my feet with her free hand. “Yes, Mom.” I resisted rolling my eyes at her motherly tone and followed her to where Miah and Kassidy were swaying to the beat beneath the stars. Noting they both […]

Fail Me – Elodie Colt

T MATTHEW he ripe fruit is heavy in my palm. Large and round, with a thin, pebbled rind. Rare these days. A perfect orange that should be on a container ship right now and delivered to PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, or any other juice industry that makes its billions with my Valencias. Not this one, though. Not […]

Fae-ther Issues – Rachel Angel

Now that it is changeling Harley’s mission to find and capture the rogue dark fae her evil father has unleashed into the human world, Harley leaves the opulence of her mother’s kingdom in the Faery Realms to return to her human adopted parents’ home in Las Vegas to start her career as a trainee FBI […]

Fae’s Prophecy – Ember-Raine Winters

“B 1 CAMMIE eth, come on,” I yelled as I paced our small, shared apartment. I gnawed on my lip nervously. If I didn’t get to class on time, the professor would not let me in for the final exam. Frustration and anger bubbled to the surface. I scrolled through my phone needing something to […]

Fae King’s Throne – Layla Harper

“N 1 S E RS HA o!” The portal flings me into the ether and consumes my voice, my limbs, my will before dumping my protesting body into a large . . . Infirmary? I sink my elbow into the male holding me captive, pivot, and raise the heel of my palm upward in a […]

Fae King’s Claim – Layla Harper

Dear Reader, The storyline for Fae King’s Claim picks up where book 2, Fae King’s Hunger, leaves off. Gauron’s story is told in two parts, Fae King’s Claim and Fae King’s Throne. I tried my best to write this story without spoiling too many of the plots twists from the first four installments, but since […]

Facing the Fire – Calle J. Brookes

CLİNT GUNDERSON HADN’T WANTED it to end like this—but this… This was the expected outcome. Live by the gun—die by the gun. It was about damned time. And he was tired of living by the gun. That it was at an end felt more than just surreal—it felt damned impossible. Far too many months of […]

Facing Calgary’s Dream – Anne Stone

“FERGUSON’S ON FİRE TONİGHT, Ted. Watch him as he cuts in between players,” commented Kelly Rhodes as he leaned forward for a closer look. He turned towards his partner, Ted Lansing. They were the play-by-play television announcers for Hockey Tonight. “I haven’t seen him play this well since he came back from his hand injury. […]

Faceless – Alexandra Ivy

The second week of April was a happy time for most citizens of Larkin, Iowa. The worst of the harsh winter weather had hopefully passed and the air would soon be scented with the promise of spring. But for Wynter Moore, the date was a painful reminder of her mother’s brutal murder. Leaving her small […]

Face the Music – Chantal Roome

Ryder – Creepy Andrew and a Pity Party am so glad you guys worked out your differences,” I say around a mouthful of prime rib. “Your weekly dinners are the only time I eat well all week.” Ever since Alex and Connor reconnected, and then made it through the bullshit that was that groupie drugging […]

Fable of Happiness – Pepper Winters

THE DAY I WAS BORN, a curse was put upon me. That curse grew with me from boyhood to man. I had no mark to prove it. No doctor to confirm it. But I knew. A blackness had attached itself to me, and I was cursed. It was irrefutable. Because of this fact, I didn’t […]

Fabian – Katie Dowe

“You are distracted.” Fabian looked over at his associate and friend with a faint smile as he reached for his glass of Scotch. “I have been listening to you go on and on about your latest piece for the last five minutes. It’s brilliant as usual Jackson and you certainly do not need my validation.” […]

Eyes Of Amber – Evelyn Shine

.” Lorenzo’s nostrils flared as the heady scent of sex and jonquil perfume invaded his senses. He paused, one foot in the carriage, a hand on the ornate gilt curl of the doorframe. Lorenzo had been ready to leave the party. When he couldn’t find his companion, he should have known that the man was […]

Extra Credit – Michelle Mink

Philosophy professor Connor Peterson liked things just so. He liked his pens in the correct drawer, his students to use double spaced lines in their submitted papers, and occasionally he liked the consent of a reddened bottom across his knee. Maisie Barnes wants to get through her senior year as an anthropology major at Hillview […]

Exquisitely Yours – M. Jay Granberry

Daniel Las Vegas Two Years Ago ‘m done. Wholly and completely finished with my friends, my family, the random strangers who pop up out of nowhere asking for directions, and this life—my life as I know it. Admittedly, I have a flair for the dramatic, but there isn’t one drop of pretense in that statement […]

Exposure – Romeo Alexander

The restlessness was settling in again. It always came as a faint, almost electric feeling in Liam’s chest, reminding him of the times he’d been anxious or even frustrated. Yet, it never came with anything he could point to and say, “Ah, that’s the cause.” No, it would just sit there in his chest, spreading […]

Exposed – Kristen Callihan

THERE İS a time in a woman’s life when her friends start finding their true loves and suddenly everything is a couple’s deal, complete with private looks and inside jokes that you’re no longer part of, and ugh! Somebody hand me a drink already and get me out of this nightmare. Not very eloquent, I […]

Expired End – Lisa Phillips

Kamryn Marshall gripped the wheel as her car crested the hill. Her foot slipped off the gas, and she gaped at the sight in the valley below. A police officer sat in a white SUV as if nothing was wrong. The vehicle was parked beside a beige truck at the entrance to what had once […]

Expecting the SEAL’s Baby – Katie Knight

J PROLOGUE eremy Quinn squeezed the hand of the youngest member of his SEAL team. Davey was usually called “The Kid” not only because of his age—not quite twenty-one—but also because of his youthful and optimistic attitude. Davey could buckle down and be still and serious on a mission, but the rest of the time, […]

Expecting the Boss’s Baby – Tara Brent

“That’s the end of ‘Any Other Business,’ and this week’s staff meeting is now closed,” I announce to the hotel staff. I don’t attend these meetings as a rule, but I was due to speak at this one. “Oh, and don’t forget to fill in the forms properly if you want any funding for training. […] © 2018 | Descargar Libros Gratis | Kitap İndir |