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Save the Sea – G. Bailey

“I P R OL OG U E Cassandra -I can’t do it,” I say, dropping the crown and dagger onto the floor, staying still as they bounce on the wood before settling. The sounds of dragons roaring, swords smashing against each other, and screams can be heard outside. Yet, the room is eerily silent in […]

Twisted Together – Pepper Winters

The blackness tried to swallow us whole, kill us, ruin us, capture our soul “I’m not marrying you for the pleasure of calling you my wife, esclave. I’m not marrying you because it’s the evolution of a relationship. I’m marrying you so I have claim on you forever. Your soul will be mine for eternity. […]

Trust Game – Kitty Thomas

Angel sat cramped in a nondescript black SUV that he’d hot-wired off an impound lot. He was parked two houses down from his prey, far enough away that no casual passerby would notice or think anything of it, but close enough that his night vision binoculars could see all that he needed to see. Angel […]

Pure – Lexi Buchanan

Hovering at the backdoor with her heart pounding in fear, India quickly glanced over her shoulder, making sure no one followed. She tried to listen, but found it difficult with the blood rushing through her head. Slowing her breathing, she concentrated. Not hearing any booted feet on the stairs, she quickly ran along the edge […]

Mud Vein – Tarryn Fisher

I wrote a novel. I wrote a novel and it was published. I wrote a novel and it cruised onto the New York Times Bestseller List. I wrote that novel and then I watched it play out in a movie theater with a large, buttery bag of popcorn in my lap. My novel. That I […]

Manipulate – Pam Godwin

What a suck ass day. To think, it started out so lovely and perfect. Since Tula Gomez didn’t have to go into work, she’d decided to make it a bra-less, drink-wineat-noon, binge-on-Hellraiser-movies, and masturbate-more-than-once kind of day. Until her phone rang. She should’ve sent her sister’s call to voicemail. She should’ve let Vera ruin someone […]

Disgrace – Dee Palmer

“You still there, Sam?” I can hear the concern in his voice, but it fades into the mix of nerves and sickness threatening to escape my mouth. Saliva pools at the back of my throat and I swallow, the slight metallic taste an indication that I have scraped my teeth against some soft tissue. My […]

Dangerous Control – Annabel Joseph

“IT’S THE MOST wonderful time of the year…” That’s debatable, I thought, as I wove around my parents’ massive Christmas tree with a bottle of wine in my hand. Every year, they invited hundreds of celebrities and musicians to a holiday bash at their Chappaqua mansion, and hundreds of people showed up, crowding my parents’ […]

Blaire – Anita Gray

I walk through Maksim’s strip club like a ghost, under streaming red lights that flash in tune with the pounding music. The air smells potent with sweaty bodies and cheap perfume, a mixture of man and woman. Just how my master likes it. Everything I see moves through my mind’s eye in slow motion, my […]

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