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Christmas at Snowflake Lodge – CP Ward

IT FELT kind of strange to be sharing a joke at a funeral, but Mavis Johns had not registered high on the affection meter of many of the people who had known her. In fact, even her sister, Delores, was having a chuckle with one of the waiters manning the heavily loaded drinks table. Jessica […]

Christmas at Hope Hall – Pam Rhodes

H Chapter 1 e was there again! It was Monday morning – the first in September – and the moment Ray Brown pulled back the bedroom curtains, he spotted the intruder. That same little dog was sitting on his front lawn, looking for all the world as if he were smiling up at Ray’s window. […]

Christmas at Fox Farm – Helen Pollard

‘I hope you brought your sharpest knives,’ Jean said as everyone arrived at her little cottage. Now there’s something you don’t hear every day, Daisy thought. But tonight was pumpkin-carving night, so it was a case of all hands – and knives – on deck. Jean greeted them all with a cheerful smile, and her […]

Christmas at Colts Creek – Delores Fossen

“THIS IS LIKE one of those stupid posts that people put on social media,” the woman snarled. “You know the ones I’m talking about. For a million dollars, would you stay in this really amazing house for a year with no internet, no phone and some panty-sniffing poltergeists?” Frowning at that, Janessa Parkman blinked away […]

Christina’s Crusade – Amelia C. Adams

Christina Van Pelt stood with her hands folded, waiting for her father to put down his newspaper. She’d been standing there for several minutes. He knew she was there—in his eyes, anyone who wished to speak to him could wait patiently until he was ready to give them his full attention. As a little girl, […]

Chris – Mazzy King

Christian Camden IT’S the shooting ache in my jaw that tears me out of sleep. I sit up in bed, panting hard, unsure of where I am for a moment. My chest heaves, and it takes a good few minutes for me to ground myself. Not even the soft, whistling whimper of my dog Dio […]

Chosen Mate – Lola Glass

Aknock at the door distracted me from my cooking jam-session with Parker and Taylor. “I’ve got it.” Taylor grinned, her face flushed from our terrible but enthusiastic dance moves. Her long brown hair was wild around her light, slightly sun-tanned skin as she headed toward the front door. Parker’s huge muscles worked overtime as he […]

Chosen By The Alien Admiral – Thea Dane

lanet Xaxos, coordinates unknown MAYA Cold water lapped against my back, seeping through my torn clothes as I made desperate movements to stay afloat. I had to keep treading or I would sink like a brick into the deep. The orange and red reflection of flames shone on the water’s surface. Being stranded in unknown […]

Chosen By Daddy – Pepper North

P C H A P T E R 1 arking her car outside the sleek, downtown business, Carina Richmond pulled her large purse onto her lap. Dipping her hand to retrieve her wallet, Carina pulled out a black card that was tattered and worn around the edges. The red letters had faded slightly over the […]

Chosen – Eve Newton

I Chapter 1 Ryker t’s late. Way past when I should’ve slipped out of here. Valerie is fast asleep, strewn over the messy bed, limbs and long dark hair taking up most of the space on the small double bed. I bend over to pull up my jeans and yank my t-shirt over my head. […]

Chosen – Celeste Jones

“COME ON, COME ON,” I begged my seen-better-days Mustang as we chugged up yet another mountain. Damn it. I hadn’t factored in the time it would take to go up and down these peaks when I’d planned my trip. Not only were precious minutes ticking by rapidly—not to mention the perils of making my old […]

Choosing Her – Jailaa West

B Chapter 1 elle Walters chewed her nail when she walked into Skin Sins. Dammit, where was Marley? Probably in the back with her hot biker. She wasn’t jealous. Hell no, she was living vicariously through her bestie’s life. And if anyone deserved a sexy surprise love life it was Marley. She still remembered when […]

Choices – Natalie Arthur

T LUCIANA hank God it’s Friday. Usually I love being in school, but this entire week has been one gigantic steaming pile of crap. Maybe I need a vacation. I mean, even twenty-two-year-olds need vacations, right? I’m rushing to my last class of the day when I bounce off someone. I fall on my ass, […]

China – R. E. Butler

Lioness China Taylor loves to cook and paint, but not necessarily in that order. What she’d really love is to find her heart-match, the one male on the planet meant for her. If he would freaking show up already. When she overhears that the pride match-maker matched her with an alpha lion from another pride, […]

Child of Grace – Irene Hannon

Someone had invaded his territory. Frowning, Luke Turner stopped halfway down the forty wooden steps that led to what was supposed to be a private beach on the shores of Lake Michigan. The brim of a large, floppy hat peeked above the wide swath of tall grass between the base of the steps and the […]

Chief Executive Officer – KJ Holliday

“Once word gets out, we’re going to see a noticeable decrease to our stock prices. Losing the Michaelson account hit us a lot harder than we thought it would.” Caroline Westbrook’s brow scrunched as the news filtered through the receiver. The message itself wasn’t unexpected. In all honesty, she’d been preparing for this conversation since […]

Chestnut Lane – Anna Jacobs

Sophie was strolling through her garden when she saw a man standing under the huge horse chestnut tree that overhung the wall to mesh branches with a similar tree next door. If he’d been facing her way she’d have run, but he had his back to her and didn’t seem at all interested in her […] © 2018 | Descargar Libros Gratis | Kitap İndir |