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Bryce Walton – To Each His Star

There was just blackness, frosty glimmering terrible blackness, going out and out forever in all directions. Russell didn’t think they could remain sane in all this blackness much longer. Bitterly he thought of how they would die—not knowing within maybe thousands of light years where they were, or where they were going. After the wreck, […]

Bryce Walton – The Victor

Charles Marquis had a fraction of a minute in which to die. He dropped through the tubular beams of alloydem steel and hung there, five thousand feet above the tiers and walkways below. At either end of the walkway crossing between the two power-hung buildings, he saw the plainclothes security officers running in toward him. […]

Bryce Walton – Strange Alliance

DOCTOR SPECHAUG stopped running, breathing deeply and easily where he paused in the middle of the narrow winding road. He glanced at his watch. Nine a.m. He was vaguely perplexed because he did not react more emotionally to the blood staining his slender hands. It was fresh blood, though just beginning to coagulate; it was […]

Bradner Buckner – The Day Time Stopped Moving

DAVE MILLER would never have done it, had he been in his right mind. The Millers were not a melancholy stock, hardly the sort of people you expect to read about in the morning paper who have taken their lives the night before. But Dave Miller was drunk—abominably, roaringly so—and the barrel of the big […]

Betsy Curtis – The Trap

Old Miss Barbara Noble twitched aside the edge of the white scrim curtain to get a better look at the young man coming down the street. He might be the one. The young man bent a little under the weight of the battered black suitcase as he crossed Maple and started up Prospect on Miss […]

Benjamin Rosenbaum – The Ant King and Other Stories

Sheila split open and the air was filled with gumballs. Yellow gumballs. This was awful for Stan, just awful. He had loved Sheila for a long time, fought for her heart, believed in their love until finally she had come around. They were about to kiss for the first time and then this: yellow gumballs. […]

Ben Bova – The Next Logical Step

? “I don’t really see where this problem has anything to do with me,” the CIA man said. “And, frankly, there are a lot of more important things I could be doing.” Ford, the physicist, glanced at General LeRoy. The general had that quizzical expression on his face, the look that meant he was about […]

Ben Bova – The Dueling Machine

Dulaq rode the slide to the upper pedestrian level, stepped off and walked over to the railing. The city stretched out all around him—broad avenues thronged with busy people, pedestrian walks, vehicle thoroughfares, aircars gliding between the gleaming, towering buildings. And somewhere in this vast city was the man he must kill. The man who […]

Basil Eugene Wells – Moment of Truth

SHE HAD been asleep. Now she stretched luxuriously beneath the crisp white sheet that the vapid August heat decreed. From memory to memory her dream-fogged mind drifted, and to the yet-to-be. It was good to remember, and to imagine, and to see and feel and hear… . She smiled. She was Ruth Halsey, fourteen, brunette, […]

Bascom Jones – Blind Spot

JOHNNY STARK, director of the department of Interplanetary Relations for Mars’ Settlement One, reread the final paragraph of the note which he had found on his desk, upon returning from lunch earlier in the day. His eye flicked rapidly over the moistly smeared Martian scrawl, ignoring the bitterness directed at him in the first paragraphs. […]

Avram Davidson – Kings Evil

When I first saw the copy of The Memoirs of Dr. Mainauduc, the Mesmerist (bound in flaking leather, the spine in shreds, and half the title page missing: which is why I was able to buy it cheap), I assumed it to be a work of fiction. There is something extremely Gothick about “Mainauduc, the […]

Austin Hall – The Man Who Saved The Earth

EVEN the beginning. From the start the whole thing has the precision of machine work. Fate and its working— and the wonderful Providence which watches over Man and his future. The whole thing unerring: the incident, the work, the calamity, and the martyr. In the retrospect of disaster we may all of us grow strong […]

Arthur Porges – Revenge

IF the Syndicate is half as powerful as some people have claimed, they’ll murder me any day now. I object on principle to being killed by evil men for a good deed, so maybe lynching by stupid ones is preferable. I mean you, and you—the suetheads who profited by my work, but refused your help. […]

Arthur Leo Zagat – Tomorrow

Dikar was on his knees, his head bowed against the side of his cot, his hands palm to palm. The fragrance of the dried grass with which his mattress was stuffed was in his nostrils, the rabbit fur of his blanket soft and warm against his forehead. Behind him there were two long rows of […]

Arthur Leo Zagat – The Lanson Screen

Harry Osborn, First Lieutenant U. S. Army Air Corps, banked his wide-winged bombing plane in an easy, swooping curve. In the distance New York’s white pinnacles caught the sun above a blue-gray billowing of twilight ground-haze. A faint smile lifted the corners of his lips as he glanced overside, saw a train crawl along shining […]

Arthur Leo Zagat – Seven Out of Time

“You have not found Evelyn Rand.” “No sir,” I agreed. “But I—” “No excuses, Mr. March.” The office was enormous, the desk massive, but sitting behind the latter Pierpont Alton Sturdevant dominated both. Not because of any physical quality. He was below average in stature nor did his graying hair have the patches of white […]

Arthur Leo Zagat – Children of Tomorrow

“Dikar,” Marilee said, low-voiced. “Of all the day between sunrise and sunrise, I am most happy in this quiet hour just before bedtime.” Lying on the grass beside him, the warmth of her love enfolded Dikar like the warmth of the fire behind them and the scent of her in his nostrils was sweet and […]

Arthur K. Barnes – Trouble on Titan

THE conference was not going well. It was taking place in the New York offices of the London Interplanetary Zoo, on the top floor of the tremendous Walker Building. The suite was built of the finest modern materials and equipped with all the comforts science could devise. Vacuum-brik walls shut out noise. There were mineral […]

Arthur K. Barnes – Interplanetary Hunter

Day again — one hundred and seventy dragging hours of throttling, humid heat. An interminable period of monotony lived in the eternal mists, swirling with sluggish dankness, enervating, miasmatic, pulsant with the secret whisperings of mephitic lifeforms. That accounted for the dull existence of the Venusian trader, safe in the protection of his stilt-legged trading […]

Arthur J. Burks – The Mind Master

“LET’S hope the horrible nightmare is over, dearest,” whispered Ellen Estabrook to Lee Bentley as their liner came crawling up through the Narrows and the Statue of Liberty greeted the two with uplifted torch beyond Staten Island. New York’s skyline was beautiful through the mist and smoke which always seemed to mask it. It was […]

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