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Category: Suspense/Thriller

One Night at the Lake – Bethany Chase

I PROBABLY SHOULD HAVE PRETENDED to be at least little bit sad about my best friend’s breakup, but it was a tough ask considering I knew all along the guy was a malletfaced shitweasel. And besides, it’s not like I’ve ever been shy about speaking my mind. June knew what she was in for when […]

One Minute Out – Mark Greaney

GORNJI CRNAČ, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA The grandfather of six stood on his front porch, a cup of tea in hand as he looked out across the valley at the green hills, thinking of the old days. They didn’t seem so long ago, but still he often wondered where they had gone. The warm afternoon tired […]

One Good Deed – David Baldacci

IT WAS A GOOD DAY to be free of prison. The mechanical whoosh and greasy smell of the opening bus doors greeted Aloysius Archer, as he breathed free air for the first time in a while. He wore a threadbare single-breasted brown Victory suit with peak lapels that he’d bought from the Sears, Roebuck catalogue […]

One Fear – Belle Brooks

The howls of dingoes fill thick air. They’re ravenous, and their need to kill is strong—so is mine. I lie listening to their hunger for blood; it’s intoxicating. I will have her and release my demons when I get my feed. Patience is the key. Her long brown hair — matching brown eyes — she’s […]

Once Upon a Ghost – Erin McCarthy

As I stepped into Cezar Wozniak’s lake house, I decided I had ninety-nine problems—but at least a ghost wasn’t one. I wasn’t sure if my brief tenure as a spiritual medium (against my will, I might add) was over, since I hadn’t seen a ghost in weeks, but I was hoping it was because real […]

Once Trapped – Blake Pierce

Morgan Farrell had no idea where she was or where she had just come from. She felt as if she were stepping out of a deep, thick fog. Something or someone was right there in front of her. She leaned forward, staring, and saw a woman’s face staring back at her. The woman looked just […]

Once Shunned – Blake Pierce

Robin’s eyes snapped open. She found herself lying wide awake in her bed. She thought at first she’d been awakened by a noise coming from somewhere in her little house. Breaking glass? But as she lay there listening for a moment, she heard nothing except the comforting rumble of the furnace in the basement. Surely […]

Once Missed – Blake Pierce

Lori Tovar pulled her car into the driveway of the house where she’d lived for most of her life. She stopped the engine and just sat there staring at the charming three-story dwelling. A familiar phrase went through her mind. First to arrive, last to leave. She smiled a bit sadly. She’d heard people say […]

Once Dormant – Blake Pierce

Gareth Ogden stood on the wide beach looking out over the Gulf of Mexico. The tide was out and the Gulf was calm—the water flat and the waves low. He saw a few seagulls silhouetted against the darkening sky and heard their tired cries over the sound of the waves. He took a puff of […]

Once Bound – Blake Pierce

As consciousness slowly returned, Reese Fisher realized that she was in pain all over. The back of her neck ached and her skull felt as though it would burst from throbbing. She opened her eyes only to be blinded by glaring sunlight. She squeezed her eyelids tight again. Where am I? she wondered. How did […]

Old Bones – Douglas Preston

NIGHT HAD COME early to the City of Lights, and by 1:00 AM, with the moon obscured by thick clouds, Paris no longer lived up to its name. Even here, down by the river, it was dark and empty: too late on a weeknight for residents, too cold for tourists and the romantically inclined. Except […]

Oath of Honor – Lynette Eason

Officer Izzy St. John plopped down at the table of one of Columbia, South Carolina’s, finest Chinese restaurants and opened the fast-food carton of General Tso’s chicken and white rice. The bell above the door rang and she glanced over her shoulder to see Chloe and her K-9, Hank, enter. “Hey. Here’s yours.” Izzy pushed […]

Now You See Me – Kierney Scott

God, he loved a good hunt. Obviously, the kill was better. But a kill was over too quickly. No matter what he did to prolong it there was a finite amount a person could take before they gave up. That’s always what happened in the end. People just gave up. It was such a shame […]

Now You See Her – Lisa Leighton, Laura Stropki

ALL EYES ARE ON OUR COURT NOW. IT’S LIKE SOMEONE’S PRESSED the mute button. Teammates stop talking. Phones are silenced. Random dog walkers linger and little brothers stop banging on the bleachers. Sophie Graham bobs in ready position behind the baseline on the opposite side of the net, spinning her racquet between graceful fingers, waiting […]

Now She’s Gone – Alison James

She took a mouthful of the sweet liquid, then another, and started to feel a pounding in her head. The bottle was slipped from her hand, and she became aware of a faint, gentle murmuring as she collapsed onto her right side. She tried to open her eyes, but couldn’t. Then arms went around her […]

Now Entering Addamsville – Francesca Zappia

George Masrell’s house went up in flames at 2:59 a.m. on a frost-tipped October morning. Masrell was eighty, lived alone on the northeast side of town, and spent his days cleaning the bathrooms at Addamsville High. He was liked in the way outdoor art installations are liked: for his quirks and his reliable permanence. His […]

Nothing Ventured – Jeffrey Archer

“You can’t be serious.” “I couldn’t be more serious, Father, as you’d realize if you’d ever listened to anything I’ve been saying for the past ten years.” “But you’ve been offered a place at my old college at Oxford to read law, and after you graduate, you’ll be able to join me in chambers. What […]

Nothing to Hide – Allison Brennan

Saturday Morning FBI Agent Lucy Kincaid squatted next to the latest victim of a possible serial killer. The victim had been identified as thirty-four-year-old Julio Garcia, the head chef of a convention hotel in downtown San Antonio. Beaten then shot in the face. Fast, efficient, brutal. It was a gruesome sight, but Lucy was used […]

Not That I Could Tell – Jessica Strawser

Ever wonder what your friends really think of you? I take a lot of care in my appearance, for instance. I’m a small-town doctor’s wife, so I need to look the part—even if I don’t feel the part. And I have twins enrolled in pre-K at a charter school so obsessed with freethinking it will […]

Not Boyfriend Material – Callie Reid

“WE’RE PRACTİCALLY BLEEDİNG money out there.” Ben paced the length of Dustin’s dressing room, his graying temples terribly noticeable under the bright lights above Dustin’s mirror. If he kept going on like this, the vein on the side of his neck would pop out and never fall back into place. Dustin laughed at that, watching […]

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