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The Memory Wood – Sam Lloyd

When they file back into the room, I’m no longer in the chair. Instead, I’m sitting on the table, bare legs swinging. A pink square of sticking plaster gleams on my knee. Weird, really, that I don’t remember injuring it. They raise their eyebrows when they see I’ve moved, but nobody comments. The table is […]

The Medical Examiner – James Patterson

Cindy Thomas, senior crime reporter at the San Francisco Chronicle, breezed through the front door of Susie’s Café. She threaded her way through the raucous crowd in the front room, past the steel drum band and the crowded bar, and headed down the corridor to the back room. It was packed to the walls with […]

The Marriage Trap – Sheryl Browne

Her stillness is disconcerting for him. It’s distracting him from this – this thing he’s been planning to do for weeks. Jason isn’t able to meet her eyes – too cowardly to see the bewilderment there, the pain. Two or three times, she sees his worried gaze stray to where she stands silently in the […]

The Marriage Betrayal – Shalini Boland

The three-storey terraced house perches halfway up a steep cliff road, dramatically called Scar Point. It was described by the house-rental website as a handsome Gothic villa, but as we get closer my spirits drop a little as I note the peeling paint on the window frames, the mossy steps and rusted letterbox. I hope […]

The Man She Married – Alison James

‘Of course, you know it’s all a bunch of total bullshit?’ ‘What is?’ I ask, although I already know the answer to my question. ‘Valentine’s Day.’ My friend JoJo speaks with the gusto of the true non-believer. ‘It’s just a retail con to make you buy a load of pink and red tat.’ She takes […]

The Lying Kind – Alison James

Chirrup. Chirrup. Chirrup. Chirr— You were supposed to sleep more lightly as you grew older, Rachel thought, her hand groping to shut off the chorus of crickets on her phone’s alarm, but at 6.15 a.m. most mornings she still managed to be fast asleep. Deeply asleep. She lay on her back for a few seconds, […]

The Lying Game – Ruth Ware

THE SOUND IS just an ordinary text alert, a quiet ‘beep beep’ in the night that does not wake Owen, and would not have woken me except that I was already awake, lying there, staring into the darkness, the baby at my breast snuffling, not quite feeding, not quite unlatching. I lie there for a […]

The Lucky Ones – Tiffany Reisz

Louisville, Kentucky, 2015 All Allison wanted was for this conversation to be over. That and she hoped the heavy gray clouds would part and the sun would appear. It could go either way today—sun or rain. She stood at the kitchen window, peeling old white paint off the sill as she waited for the Kentucky […]

The Loyal Wife – Natalie Barelli

I never thought I’d end up in a place like this. I never thought I’d end up in a house like this. I still get a little thrill when I drive up to my beautiful home, with its large front porch framed by four enormous white columns. It might not be the most expensive house […]

The Lost Traveller – Sheila Connolly

The front door of Sullivan’s Pub flew open, letting in the scent of summer and car exhaust from the main road that ran in front of the building. It was a beautiful day in June: the sun was shining and the tourists were flocking—or at least trickling—to Maura Donovan’s pub, Sullivan’s, whether it was for […]

The Lost Sister – Tracy Buchanan

It all started when the boy nearly drowned. Queensbay was experiencing one of those summer evenings where strangers smile at each other as they pass on the street, everyone in awe that the temperature could be that warm in grey old Britain. Flip-flops and sandals abounded, the slip-slap of soles on the wooden path and […]

The Lost Man – Jane Harper

From above, from a distance, the marks in the dust formed a tight circle. The circle was far from perfect, with a distorted edge that grew thick, then thin and broke completely in places. It also wasn’t empty. In the centre was a headstone, blasted smooth by a hundred-year assault from sand, wind and sun. […]

The Lost Child – Patricia Gibney

‘You have to be quiet. Please. Don’t cry again.’ ‘But… but she hurt me. I want to go back to our other mummy.’ ‘Shh. Shh. I do too. But if we’re good, this mummy won’t hurt us. You have to be really, really good.’ More crying. ‘Too hard to be good. I’m so hungry. Hic… […]

The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek – Rhett McLaughlin, Link Neal

THE BOY RACED through the woods, blood streaming from his hand. He was growing faint. Can’t pass out. Just gotta make it to the fence. He heard his pursuers yelling. They sounded as panicked as he felt. He didn’t know if the dizziness was due to blood loss or the shock of what had just […]

The Lies We Told – Camilla Way

At first I mistook the severed head for something else. It wasn’t until I was very close that I realized it was Lucy. To begin with I thought the splash of yellow against the white of my pillow was a discarded sock, a balled-up handkerchief perhaps. It was only when I drew nearer and saw […]

The Lies They Tell – Gillian French

THE LAST NIGHT the Garrisons set foot inside the Tenney’s Harbor Country Club, the windows were laced with snow. The weather report called for six to eight inches by morning, and three already lay crisp and untouched across the western expanse of lawn beyond the glass. The Garrisons would have their white Christmas. Mother Nature […]

The Liar’s Wife – Samantha Hayes

I glance at the office clock then check the time on my monitor for what feels like the hundredth time. I swear the hands are moving backwards. The conversation brewing around me is making me anxious, worrying how I’ll deflect yet another invitation without seeming rude, stand-offish, ungrateful. I just want to go home. ‘We […]

The Liar’s House – Carla Kovach

‘I’ve had it, you’ve left me sitting in the corner while you mess about with your bloody camera all night. How stupid of me to think we could come out and have a good time.’ She shrugged as she continued shouting in his ear. ‘You know something, your photos aren’t even good.’ His wife certainly […]

The Last Wife – Nicola Marsh

Hatred is a living, breathing entity. It festers, sometimes for years, and if allowed can take on a life of its own. At least, that’s what I think happened. I let my hatred grow to monstrous proportions, until I lost control of it. That’s where I am now. The point of no return as I […]

The Last Widow – Karin Slaughter

Michelle Spivey jogged through the back of the store, frantically scanning each aisle for her daughter, panicked thoughts circling her brain: How did I lose sight of her I am a horrible mother my baby was kidnapped by a pedophile or a human traf icker should I flag store security or call the police or— […]

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