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The First Apostle – James Becker

In the center of the group of silent watching men, the naked Jew was struggling violently, but it was never going to make a difference. One burly Roman soldier knelt on each arm, pinning it to the rough wooden beam—the patibulum—and another was holding his legs firmly. General Vespasian watched, as he watched all the […]

The Fifth Doctrine – Karen Robards

I am not a traitor. Like a neon warning sign, the words flashed through Lynette Holbrook’s increasingly chaotic thoughts in time to the accelerated beating of her heart. But then again, maybe she was. If she went through with this. Maybe she should stop, right now, before— “Finish up, people.” Jim Cillizza, her supervisor, stood […]

The Fifth Column – Andrew Gross

“Eli, just one more,” I said to the man behind the bar, sliding my glass across to him. “The same.” “How about we think about calling it a night, Mr. Mossman?” the barman replied, likely detecting that rise in my voice that immediately gave me away when I’d had one too many. “What is that […]

The Favorite Sister – Jessica Knoll

A man whose name I do not know slides his hand under the hem of my new blouse, connecting the cable to the lavalier mic clipped to my collar. He asks me to say something—sound check—and for a single, reckless beat, I consider the truth. Brett is dead and I’m not innocent. “Testing. Testing. One. […]

The Family Upstairs – Lisa Jewell

Libby picks the letter up off the doormat. She turns it in her hands. It looks very formal; the envelope is cream in colour, made of high-grade paper, and feels as though it might even be lined with tissue. The postal frank says ‘Smithkin Rudd & Royle Solicitors Chelsea Manor Street SW3’. She takes the […]

The Family – Louise Jensen

It all unfolds with cinematic clarity; the gunshot, the scream. Every detail sharp and clear. Time slows as her eyes plead with me to help her. In my mind I bundle her behind me, shielding her body with mine, but she is too far away and I know I cannot reach her in time. But […]

The Falling of Stars – Traci Finlay

Malik holds my hand as we walk toward the gravesite. He hasn’t held my hand since he was about ten. Is it awful that I’m finding a silver lining at this teenage funeral because my sixteen-year-old son is holding my hand? I duck my head as my eyes well for the nine-hundredth time in two […]

The Fallen – David Baldacci

WHO KILLED YOU? Or, who murdered you? There was, after all, a distinct difference. Amos Decker was standing on the rear deck of a house where he and his FBI colleague, Alex Jamison, were staying while visiting Jamison’s sister. He used two fingers to neck-cradle his third bottle of beer of the evening while he […]

The Fake Date – Lynda Stacey

‘Nine hours and eleven minutes,’ Ella whispered as she stared continually at the watch that lay beside her. Its face was cracked. Its leather strap was broken. It was just close enough to see, but far enough away to prevent her from touching it. She had counted each time the second hand moved, watched the […]

The Elizas – Sara Shepard

I’M SCREAMING AS I wake up. The sound is sucked away as soon as I open my eyes, but it leaves a mark on my brain, a quickly fading handprint in wet sand. My throat is raw. My head is pounding. I struggle to look around, but all I see are blurred shapes. There’s an […]

The Dry – Jane Harper

It wasn’t as though the farm hadn’t seen death before, and the blowflies didn’t discriminate. To them there was little difference between a carcass and a corpse. The drought had left the flies spoiled for choice that summer. They sought out unblinking eyes and sticky wounds as the farmers of Kiewarra levelled their rifles at […]

The Dream House – Jess Ryder

The night sky was a battlefield, brilliant with clashes of colour and flame. Crackling explosions kept jump-starting her heart. Her head was spinning so fast she thought it might shoot off into space and burst into a million sparkling pieces. She was a Roman candle, a banger, a glorious fountain of golden rain. The air […]

The Divorce – Victoria Jenkins

I meet them for the first time on a wet and dreary Thursday morning, a relentless downpour pelting the ground so loudly it almost drowns out the sound of my introduction. They are barely visible beneath the black umbrella he holds above them, her head dipped towards his chest to protect her from an onslaught […]

The Disappearances – Emily Bain Murphy

I want something of hers. There’s a teacup downstairs, the last one she used before she died. She didn’t finish her chicory coffee that morning, and what she left stained the porcelain in a faint ring. Her lipstick remains smudged in Red Letter Red along the rim. It’s been three weeks, and I still haven’t […]

The Director – Lily White

The word STUPID should be tattooed across my forehead. SUCKER, maybe. Or EASY. I’d considered the word IGNORANT, but, to fit, the letters would be too small and unreadable from a mile away. They needed to be visible so that those who watched from the shadows, the unsavory characters who haunt the alleyways and crevices […]

The Dilemma – B.A. Paris

It’s the cooling bathwater that wakes me. Disorientated, I sit up quickly, sploshing suds up the sides, wondering how long I’ve been asleep. I release the plug and the drain gurgles, a too-loud sound in a silent house. A shiver pricks my skin as I towel myself dry. A memory tugs at my brain. It […]

The Devil’s Work – Linda Ladd

Off the west coast of Florida, a giant ball of flame sat atop the horizon. Blazing and brilliant, it slowly disappeared into the vast blue reaches of the Gulf of Mexico. Another magnificent Sanibel Island sunset was over, but it left a soft pink glow that colored the beaches. Will Novak was jogging along, nice […]

The Devil’s Triangle – Catherine Coulter

The light was dying, and so was Da Vinci. Francesco Melzi stood in the window staring out at the gray spires of the Château Amboise. Saying goodbye to his friend, his mentor, his lover, was impossible. But there was no escaping the reality they were facing. Da Vinci had days left to live, and his […]

The Deserter – Nelson DeMille, Alex DeMille

Kyle Mercer walked across the bare room. He had been on his feet for days, hiking across the tribal frontier, into the outskirts of this ancient city, down the canted streets of the old quarter, and into this empty apartment where the walls were covered with peeling paintand splotches of black mold. A plastic tarp […]

The Deceivers – Alex Berenson

Ahmed Shakir should have gone with his gut. He’d met the guy at the Dirt Hole in East Dallas. Despite its name, the place was a decent enough bar. It had thirty-cent wings at happy hour, a pool table that needed new felt. And a bartender named Dale. For two hundred bucks a month, Dale […]

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