Bring It All Down – Alexi Ferreira

“For a true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.” — Zeus “I want her found!” How can a woman have all the Capella men going around in circles? The anger running through my veins has a headache starting to brew. A week ago, it came to my attention that there was money disappearing out of one of our restaurants. The books don’t balance, so I had our top accountant check it out. “We have looked it all over, maybe she skipped town.” I turn my head to look at Gio, my expression talking volumes, which has him nodding as he turns to leave. As one of the Capella soldiers, all he has to do is follow orders and bring me the woman. I am not a patient man, or a very forgiving one at that. The only people that have my trust is Dom, the Capella crime famiglia boss, who is like a brother to me. We grew up together and I would die for him. Gino, Vito, and Joey are the only other men which have my trust, as we all grew up together, learning to fight our way through the ranks of the famiglia and now be able to stand in front of everyone as men to be reckoned with. It wasn’t always easy. As a matter of fact, there were times that this hard, dangerous life guts you and leaves you out to dry with no regrets. If it wasn’t for the famiglia, eight years ago I would have curled up and died. When you are known for your strength, and everyone around you respects your power, you have to live up to that expectation even when you are wrenched apart with pain.

Losing my wife and child was a blow that I don’t think I will ever overcome—a blow that has left me heartless and cold. I am Dom’s right hand, his underboss, and as such I make sure that what happened to me doesn’t happen to him and his family. Dom married Lola five years ago. His life has revolved around her from the minute he met her even though he would never confess to it. I have tried to make his life as easy as possible, not wanting him to feel the heaviness that I feel—the guilt. My family is dead because of me. My strength and cockiness destroyed them. I will never do that again; I will never underestimate anyone again. “Blade, we found her.” My eyes snap up towards Gio. “Tomas just phoned; they have eyes on her at the train station. Do you want to wait and see where she’s going, or should we bring her in?” “Bring her in!” I want her here before me. I want to know who this woman is that thinks she can take money from the Capella Famiglia without any consequences. My phone rings just as Gio walks out, pulling it out of my pocket, I see that it’s Dom. “Si” “Just phoning to remind you about tonight.

” Shit, I completely forgot about Dom’s Charity Function. Raising my hand, I slide my fingers through my hair, grunting at the slight pull. “You forgot, didn’t you?” Dom asks conversationally. Ever since marrying Lola, he has agreed to cater for this Charity Function every year at his home. It is a security nightmare to make sure that we cover all the entrances and that nothing happens. Dom trusts me for a reason. He knows that he can depend on me and that I don’t drop the ball. “I’ll be there.” He grunts, which tells me that he knows that I’m sidestepping. “See you later and I’m going to warn you that Lola is planning on introducing you to one of her friends.” “Fuck, I would have thought that she would have run out of friends by now.” Dom chuckles at my annoyed reply as he disconnects the call. Lola is great, but she has got it into her mind that I need a good woman in my life. I don’t have a problem in meeting women or sleeping with them, for that matter, but I will not subject another woman to the fear of never knowing what might happen to her because of being married to me. I am content with sleeping with a woman until I get tired of her, and then move on to another one.

Taking a seat behind my desk, I lay my head back, closing my eyes as I raise my hand to rub at my temples. The last couple of years have been hell. When Dom took over from his father, the Capella Famiglia boss, he was considered too young. Because of that, we have had to fight for everything we acquired, until we won the respect of the other crime family bosses. Dom made me underboss, because I’ve been his best friend since we were kids. He confessed that he needed me at his side, he needed someone that he trusted. This life has hardened me. Every imaginable test of my character, my values, and my friendships have been tested throughout the years. Everyone calls me Blade, and hardly anyone knows my real name because I’m known for my first killing, my first test in the Mafia, but I’m sure everything started when I was still a baby. When I was twelve, I found out that the parents I grew up with were actually not my parents and that my birth mother gave me to them to keep me safe. After a lot of digging, I finally found out that my birth mother was the daughter of none other than the Halcon underground crime boss, a Spanish underground crime organization that had a wide reach, mainly because Halcon was a ruthless motherfucker. Those close to him called him the Golden Lion. I’m assuming Golden, because he was known for always having a gold blade in his possession, and Lion for his mane of hair, which I unfortunately take after. Even though I have dark hair, it tends to curl which when I leave it to grow, can look like a lion’s-mane. The only people that know that I am not a true Capella, is Dom and my parents.

It drove me crazy thinking that I was given away as a baby because my parents did not want me. When I was twenty-one, I finally got the courage to go and find my mother. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t the woman that greeted me. She was a scared shadow of a human being that jumped at every sound. She pleaded with me to leave and never come back. She was terrified that her father, my grandfather the Golden Lion would kill me if he found out that I was still alive. Unfortunately for her, I am not one to cower and run, so I faced the man, and that was the day I got my name, because I took that golden blade from him and stabbed him in his black heart for being such a mean son of a bitch. He has three sons that are still bent on revenge for his death, but little do they know, I’m family. “Take your hands off me!” I am brought back to the present by those words. Opening my eyes, I see a petite blonde woman being pushed into my office with Tomas and Gio behind her. When she sees me, she stops fighting, her eyes widening slightly. “Are you responsible for me being here?” Her words are angry as she crosses her arms. Lifting my hand, I wave the men out, waiting until the door clicks behind them. My eyes travel over her petite body encased in tight torn jeans, a dark blue T-shirt with a Harley symbol on the front, encasing her perky breasts. Her blonde hair is pulled back tightly into a ponytail and covered by a cap.

With all the money she has stolen, I expected diamond rings and heavy makeup, but this woman has two silver rings, one on her thumb and the other on her ring finger. Her flawless porcelain skin is free of any makeup. “Do you know who I am?” she frowns at my question. “Should I?” she snaps. “You might know me by Blade Romano.” I stretch out my legs, watching as she stiffens, her green eyes widening slightly. “Why am I here?” she asks. Her tone has changed since she arrived. Instead of the angry snapping tone, she is now quieter and there is a thread of fear in her voice, which tells me that she is smart enough to realize that she is in deep trouble. “Where is the money?” GUINEVERE TWO Money? What is he talking about? I have heard about Blade Romano; I know that he is the underboss for the Capella Famiglia. I didn’t know that the man was so young. He must be in his thirties. I can feel my legs shaking. One thing I know about the mafia is that they don’t play around. “I don’t know what you are talking about.

” I see a muscle in his jaw start to tick, which I’m guessing doesn’t bode well. The man is fit, his pristine white shirt stretches tightly across his clearly muscular chest—his grey suit jacket fitting him perfectly. His dark brown hair is wavy and slightly long, which one would have thought would soften his features, but not this guy. My artistic eye appreciates his square jaw and masculine handsome features. His blue eyes are hooded with dark lashes. Everything about this man screams danger. I have a strong sense to run but I know that I would not get far. “Don’t play games,” he snaps in an authoritative voice. I doubt there are many that will ignore this man’s orders. “You are Guinevere, aren’t you?” I frown, “Yes.” “And you worked at Grande Capella Restaurant?” He suddenly stands after snapping that question, which has me jumping in fright as I take a step backwards. The damn man is taller than I expected. I probably only reach his jaw. “Ye… Yes.” That darn restaurant.

It has only brought me problems from the minute I started working there. “Then why are you wasting my time? Where is the money you took?” What? He thinks I stole money from him? My legs are now shaking in fear. It’s fine to be all brave and fight the assholes that brought me here, but I’m not stupid enough to not realize when I am in deep trouble. No one steals from the Capella Famiglia and lives to talk about it. “I don’t know about any money,” I say anxiously. I need this man to believe me. “What makes you think I took any money?” He approaches me and I feel like a deer about to be attacked by a panther. Everything about this man is menacing. I look around, but there is nowhere to run. His hand snaps up, grabbing my upper arm. His fingers are firm, but not hurtful. I know that if I was to try to pull away that might change as there is no doubt in my mind that this man won’t let me get away. “Someone saw you take it.” My eyes widen at his statement. “I didn’t take any money, I swear” his fingers tighten slightly, his features tense.

His eyes travel over my face, then up and down my body before they once again clash with my gaze. “I will not let you get away until you tell me where that money is.” I feel like the ground has suddenly opened up and is ready to swallow me. What does he mean he isn’t going to let me go? “Are you kidnapping me?” my voice is barely a whisper, but he hears me “You stole from me; I am merely retrieving what is owed to me.” “But I didn’t take any money,” I insist, hoping against hope that he will believe me. “It could only be you; Lorenzo saw you, and everyone else had already left.” I shake my head; I should have known it was that asshole Lorenzo. What is he up to now?


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