Bring Me Her Heart – Alexi Ferreira

“Love is like a force of nature that penetrates every particle of your being ” — Alexi Ferreira I can feel the blood seeping down my side from where I was shot. It is paining as I continue running, my lungs burning as I try to take in deep breaths. I can still hear someone behind me, I can’t stop, or I know it will be the last of me. Why would anyone want to kill me? I try to keep out of the media as much as possible, try to live a simple quiet life, but still I am prosecuted for my family’s fortune, for my family’s name, because I am sure this can only be about that, can only be about money. Growing up with loving parents, to then be completely alone with a stepmother that would rather see the back of me has been hard, but I have managed. Then today when I left to go to the library, I noticed that I was being followed. That was the beginning of this horror, on a bare stretch of road they managed to drive me off the road, luckily, I managed to get out of the car and make a run for it before they were able to get to me, but when they started shooting, one of them was successful as I felt the bullet tear through me. I was lucky that the trees obscured me for most of my getaway, because if not for them they would have caught me, but now I feel my strength dissipating, and I have no idea where I am. I don’t know how long I have been running, or in which direction, as the tall trees all look the same, but I know that soon I am going to pass out as my step is starting to falter, and I am starting to feel faint. I can also hear a howl nearby which tells me that a wolf or two must have smelled my blood and they too are now after me. Just as I am about to stop and fall to the ground crying in hopelessness, I see what seems like an opening between the trees. Making my way there I concentrate on placing one foot in front of the other, until I finally break through onto the road, I gasp as I see an oncoming car. All my strength decides to choose that moment to leave me, and I fall onto the road, just as I hear squealing tires and then darkness as I lose consciousness. * * * I don’t know how long I have been out, but I start to hear a man muttering as if from far away. It seems like I am still alive, but for how long, as my body screams in pain at every slight movement that the car makes.

I must have gasped because suddenly the muttering stops and then I feel a hand on my neck as if feeling for a pulse. “Just hang in there girl, we are nearly there.” His voice is low, nearly grouchy, but it’s too much hard work to open my eyes and reply. The pain keeps me conscious, if not for it I would find it amusing as the man returns to his muttering. A couple of minutes later I feel the car coming to a stop, and then strong arms are sliding under me as they pick me up out of the car. I cry out as a flash of pain shoots through my body. “Fuck, I’m sorry” the poor man sounds utterly distraught at the fact that he is hurting me, but I am in too much pain to try and appease him. Then I hear running feet and a woman’s gasp. “Oh no, I warned you to be careful today. I just knew something was going to happen, why didn’t you listen to me and stay here?” “Not now Raine, we need to help her, she’s bleeding out.” “What happened to her?” another man’s voice is heard as I am laid down “Fuck, she appeared from nowhere” the same man says, “but I think she has been shot. Have you called the doctor?” “Yes, Seth called him as soon as you contacted us.” The woman says again “Who would do this to such a beautiful creature, they need to be killed.” The other man states in an angry tone, his voice is gravelly with his ire. “Is this the woman you nearly drove over?” another voice says “She just appeared out of nowhere.

” I can feel the darkness start to take me again, the pain now a constant agony deep within me, a piercing deep in my side, my head like a floating cloud. “Thank fuck, the doctor is here.” Someone says and then there is more talking, but I am too weak to pay attention, all my strength is going to just holding on as I am scared that if I let myself go once more, I will never come back again. “Do you know this young lady?” someone says just as a searing pain shoots through my body as someone prods my wound. I don’t know if I scream out loud or if it’s in my head, but I lose the fight and finally the darkness takes me again. The next thing I know I am opening my eyes in a medicated stupor, but it’s better than the pain I was feeling before. The room that I am in is lit by candles that are scattered around the room lighting it up. The fragrance soothing, I see a woman sitting on the ground on the far side, her legs are crossed, and she seems to be meditating. Her beautiful raven hair falling around her, her skin shining in the candlelight, looking nearly unreal. There is a slight noise, only now do I realize that there is a man standing by the window looking out. His hair midnight black, reaching his shoulders, his arms are crossed over his chest, a frown marring his features, features that are quite handsome in a dark Angel kind of way. His leather jacket with a Wicked Warriors MC logo at the back professing that he belongs to a motorcycle club. I must have made a noise because his head turns and then I am caught in his gaze, “you are awake,” I recognize the voice, it’s the same man that brought me here. “How are you feeling?” “At the. ” I stop as my throat feels like sandpaper, but a minute later the woman is next to me, her eyes soft with compassion as she leans over me with a straw to my mouth.

“Here take a sip, it’s only water.” The cold water sliding down my throat is soothing, appeasing the dryness. “Thank you,” I whisper as she pulls the glass away “I am Raine, and grumpy over here is Damien. He found you and brought you here.” She strokes her fingers through my hair, I can just imagine the mess it must look like right now. “How are you feeling sweetheart?” “A bit in a daze,” I still haven’t got my bearings, but who can blame me? Someone has tried to kill me after all. “What’s your name?” Damien asks as he approaches and slides his arm around Raines waist pulling her back to his chest. “Rin,” I murmur, still not sure if I can trust them, after all Damien looks dangerous, every fiber of his being cries out danger. “Well Rin, how did you get shot?” Damien questions “Do you really need to do this now?” Raine asks as she leans her head back against his chest. “Damon will be back today, and you know how he will be if we have brought danger into the club.” I see Raine sigh as she nods. “Someone was following me, they drove me off the road, and then when I got out of the car they started shooting, I was lucky that they only wounded me.” “So, this was on purpose?” my answer seems to have upset him, “great, he will definitely be doing my head in for this.” I’m guessing he is talking about Damon “No one will know I am here, there shouldn’t be any problems.” I really don’t have the energy to leave right now, but if they don’t want me here, or if they think that I will bring danger to their doorstep, then I will need to leave, the only problem is that I have no idea where I will be going as my handbag was left behind in the car, therefore I have no bank cards or ID with me.

“Don’t worry Rin, the MC will look after you now, just rest and get better.” Raine states, my eyes are already fighting to close, the tiredness drawing me in, but before I fall asleep once again, “Thank you for helping me.” D A M O N 2 Seriously, I leave for one fucking day. As soon as I get back, I am told that we have a new guest, a guest who has someone trying to kill her. The Wicked Warriors MC Montana chapter is made up of beings that have been rejected by their own kind, and one way or another found their way here. It isn’t always easy trying to keep the peace among so many different men, men that are warriors to their very marrow, warriors that will rather kill then take hostages. We have Demons, Werewolves, Dragon, Vampire and even a Phoenix among us, if I don’t drive this club with a firm hand there would be anarchy, even though everyone is as tight as real family, and they trust each other as such it is in their nature to be unruly. I will keep everyone in this club safe, no matter what, and bringing someone here that already has problems of their own is not something that appeases my fears. Fuck Damien, ever since matting with his Oracle, Raine, and getting his soul that he has been feeling compassion, something that he never did before. In this situation it would have been better if he hadn’t. Demons don’t have a soul, but when they find their mate they acquire one by proxy as they share their mate’s soul and with that a conscious. “I couldn’t leave her on the road when there were men after her, now could I?” Damien grunts as he leans back on his chair. We are all sitting around the table discussing this situation Damien has placed us in, and even though I am all for kicking this woman out, it looks like I am the only one as it seems like all the others are keen in keeping her here. “What the fuck is wrong with all of you, we don’t need any more heat on us at the moment.” I ask angrily, Logan the Montana Wicked Warriors president has been arrested for something he didn’t do, but which the cops are driven to accuse him of, they have been investigating everything about us, and one thing we don’t need is for them to suspect about what we are, or that we are mixed up in anything, because then instead of just Logan being in jail, there will be more of us imprisoned too.

“Go look at her, she looks so defenseless.” Tork states, Tork is our Bear Shifter and a mountain of a man with a curious nature, but one thing he isn’t is soft. I don’t know what this woman has done, but all the men have lost their fucking minds. “Defenseless or not, she’s not our problem.” I raise my hand when Seth is about to interrupt. Seth is a Dragon shifter and usually in high spirits for most of the time, trying to bring everyone’s dower disposition up, but today he seems as disgruntled as the rest of us. “Logan doesn’t need any complications from us, we need to provide evidence that we aren’t involved in any dodgy business.” “How is helping Rin, dodgy? She’s helpless at the moment.” Zev asks from where he’s leaning against the window that faces out towards where all our motorcycles are parked. Taking in a deep breath I throw my hands up in resignation, it seems like everyone is determined to keep her. “Fine, I will talk to her and make sure that we aren’t in any immediate danger.” Turning my head to face Damien I raise my brow in question, “has Raine seen anything about Rin?” Raine is Damien’s mate and an Oracle witch. They have been together for one year now, and in that one year she has helped us through some tight spots. If Logan had just listened to her, he wouldn’t be in this predicament at the moment. “No, she hasn’t seen anything” Damien replies “Moving forward, Xent how is the nightclub?” We have a popular nightclub in town, as a Vampire, Xent is able to keep an eye on it as he prefers roaming at night instead of during the day which is understandable, he also checks in on our other ventures.

The nightclub is a front for the stolen up market cars that we acquire from different sources. We file down the vin number, change the chip in the tracker and repaint the vehicle. Selling these cars for half the price they would usually buy them has brought us a hefty profit. We do not steal the cars, but we do buy them off the thieves. Logan was framed for dealing drugs, we do not dabble in drugs, we never have, and never will, but the fucker that framed Logan will be caught and then we will make him sing like a hummingbird. Being a Hellhound shifter, I don’t forgive or forget, the fucker will be caught and then he will pay. “Pumping like always, I have noticed some of Torintino’s men driving past, but for now it could be accidental.” Xent’s light grey eyes piercing as they look at me, Xent is a good judge of character, that is why we leave him to run the nightclub as he sees fit. The fact that Torintino might have men keeping an eye on us is a concern as Torintino is an underground ruthless crime lord. We have dealt with him before but in passing as we don’t want to get into bed with the likes of him. Torintino dabbles in a lot of different things, if he is keeping an eye on us that means that he is looking into what we are doing and soon we will be hearing from him. “Fuck, that’s all we need,” Zev mutters with a scowl on his face, “You want me to scout the area and see what they are up to?” Zev is the best tracker we have, as a werewolf shifter he can track a burger in a truck of cabbages. “Yeah, it would be good to know what they are up to.” the others agree with me. “Now if there is nothing else, I want to go meet this woman that has all of you in a twist.

” I am about to stand when Tork’s words stop me. “I have been thinking, do you remember that vision Raine had when we first met her?” I frown trying to remember the occasion and then remember that it was that time when I was in Washington delivering one of our vehicles. “Brace yourselves, a beauty so great you will encounter, but evil lurks to attack from the most unlikely source. Be aware, be aware, with mother nature she a life will try to spare.” Tork repeats the words that played on everyone’s minds for a long time after, but as time passed and nothing happened we have slowly forgotten the warning. “Do you think Rin is part of that vision?” Zen asks with a scowl on his face. “Well we can’t deny she’s a beauty,” Tork states, “and she is in danger” I see some of the men nod in agreement. I really don’t need this prophecy or whatever it is, happening right now, first I need to find the motherfucker that framed Logan. I need to keep the men away from doing anything that could place us under the law’s radar.


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