Chaos and Love – Michelle A. Valentine

The bus shakes the second we come to a stop. Thousands of crazed fans scream as they shove against one another and the bus as they wait for us to get off. “Dude? Are you fucking seeing this shit? These motherfuckers are out of control,” Milo says as he strains his neck while he peers out the window. “It’s like we’re the fucking Beatles or some shit. I’m definitely bagging a threesome tonight.” I roll my eyes. “When are you going to give that dream up? It’s your junior year, and you’ve been trying to land a threesome since you were a freshman. Give it up, man. It’s not happening.” Every weekend it’s the same thing with him. Milo doesn’t have a problem getting pussy on the regular, like most of us guys on the team, but he always wants to take it a step further and sleep with two chicks at once. He’s come close a few times, but typically ends up fucking one girl out of the two he’s taken home. “Tonight is different, Luke,” he argues and then rubs his hands together and grins. “I can now slap National Champion on my this-is-why-I’m-hot-and-you-need-to-fuck-me resume.” I chuckle and shake my head.

If anything, Milo is always good for a laugh, not to mention being the life of the party. Milo glances down and fixes his eyes on me. “It’s going to happen and then you and your brother will finally realize I’m the man when it comes to the ladies and stop busting my balls all the damn time.” My lips tug down at the mention of my older brother. The last year has been rough when it comes to our relationship. Milo sighs as he takes in my expression. “Awe, shit. Don’t start that being sad bullshit again. The two of you are working on things, right?” V I nod. “Yeah. We are, I guess.” I swallow down the lump in my throat. So much has happened over the last year between Baker and me. The tension between us has been so fucking thick it’s hard to see through it. Everything started when our father slept with my brother’s girlfriend and got her pregnant right after our mother died.

After that, Baker went ape shit and walked away from everything—his starting spot as quarterback here at Columbus University, and from our family. He cut off all contact with our father and only spoke to me when he absolutely had to. It hurt so fucking bad that our once happy family was ripped apart. I wanted to fix it—get things back to how they used to be, but Baker thought I was siding with dad, condoning his actions, because I kept trying to get them together to allow Dad to apologize. I never said what Dad did was right. Hell, I think it was a sleazy move, but Dad wasn’t thinking straight after Mom died and he fucked up. Dad knows it, but Baker still won’t speak to him—allow him to apologize for destroying what’s left of our family. Milo slaps me on the shoulder. “Chin up, buttercup. You get the job of being my wingman since Baker is locked down by Sky.” The fucking cherry on the goddamn cake of my drama with my brother? Baker stealing Sky from me. It’s one thing for him to be upset at Dad, but I didn’t do a damn thing to him, and he went after the girl I was dating. Granted we’d only been out a couple of times and he knew her first, but I was into her. She could’ve been the one and I never got the chance to find out. He could’ve had anyone.

Why her? I scrub my hand down my face and shove myself up out of the seat, disgusted with myself for still having a thing for Sky. “I don’t feel like partying.” Milo’s head snaps back. “What?! And miss all the tail that will be thrown your way tonight? Fuck that. You’re partying. I’m tired of this pity party shit. I don’t know which one of you Finnegans pout more, you or your brother—and both over the same fucking girl? So, like I said, fuck that. You’re getting drunk and laid tonight. It will make you feel better. Trust me.” I grab my bag and then follow Milo off the bus. He’s right. I do need to get over Sky. She and Baker are together. I know that, and deep down I’m happy for them…I think.

Sky brought Baker out of a dark place, and I am thankful to her for that, but she’s brought me down to an entirely new low. oices from the party downstairs carry up the steps, beckoning me to join them like a serpent goddess ready to seal me in her vicious bite. I had the best game of my football career so far yesterday, and everyone has shown up at the frat to celebrate tonight, but I’m not in the mood. I lay flat on my back in bed and stare mindlessly at my phone, scrolling through ridiculous photos and videos. A text pops up on my phone and my eyes zero in on a name that hasn’t been on my screen for months. Veronica: Hey stud. Heard you were amazing yesterday, Mr. Quarterback. I want to see you. Are you at the Delta Psi house party? Veronica Hastings—a beautiful cleat chaser who I dated for two weeks at the beginning of the year—is reaching out now after dumping me for her rich ex. The guys on the team warned me she was venomous, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt because I’m not one to judge a book by its cover. It does help persuade me to open the book if the cover is a smokin’ hot blonde with an ass to kill for though. I’m an ass man. It’s the second thing I notice on a girl after looking at her face and Veronica is the full package when it comes to those to things. A fist pounding on my door causes me to jump.

“Finnegan, get your sorry ass out here,” Milo complains from the other side. “There are more chicks here tonight than I’ve ever seen.” “Go away, Milo,” I growl. The door bursts open and I curse myself for not locking it. Milo walks over and tosses a beer down on my chest. “Get the fuck up and come downstairs. Everyone is asking for you and, that man-eater you bagged, the Hastings chick, she’s down there too. Swain hit on her, but she shut him down and told him she only fucks starters.” Milo chuckles. “You should’ve seen his face. Fucking priceless.” The thought of Swain getting blown off by Veronica makes me smile. “Swain’s a dick.” Milo crosses his arms over his chest. “Tell me something I don’t know.

No one likes his cocky ass, especially after the shit he tired to pull with you early in the season.” I nod, sit up and crack open the beer. “Yeah. He’s gunning for my job, but he’s so arrogant he doesn’t see he’s not ready for it. It takes a lot of time, effort, and hard work to get where I am.” Milo raises his hands. “You don’t have to tell me. I’m in the gym right next to you, most of the time, watching how hard you work. You’re QB1 for a reason.” “Thanks, man. I appreciate that,” I tell him and then take a long pull from the can. “Well, you can thank me by getting your ass downstairs and jump on your wingman duties. I already have two girls picked out I want to pull.” My lips quirk. “All right, man.

Let’s go.” I shove myself up off the bed and follow him out the door, only pausing for a minute to lock my room up before going downstairs. The minute I’m on the first floor my eyebrows shoot up. Milo wasn’t fucking joking about the number of people in our house right now. The place is packed, literally wiggle room only to squeeze through the crowd. “Where did all these people come from? I’ve never seen most of them before.” I tell Milo as I follow him into the kitchen. He shrugs his shoulders. “Beats the hell out of me, though I think most of them are here to party with the champs.” It’s true, we’ve gotten a lot more recognition since winning the championship, and my name is mentioned constantly every time I turn on sports news, but to be honest, I don’t really like being in the spotlight. I wish I could just play the game without ever speaking with another reporter as long as I live. Those fuckers like to get personal and stir shit up for a story. I learned from my father, who some consider the greatest professional quarterback to ever play the game, to keep my mouth shut when it comes to the press, which is why I only give interviews when I absolutely have to. “There you are,” Veronica purrs as she pushes up against my side. “I’ve been waiting all night for you.

” I stare down at the beautiful blonde next to me and drink in her long curls, a body that belongs in a magazine centerfold, and heart-shaped face. “Why? You broke up with me, remember?” “That was a mistake, baby, and I’m sorry.” She bats her long eyelashes as she stares up at me with blue eyes. “Let me make it up to you?” She licks her lips. “I can do that thing that you like.” Now, I’m a guy, and I’d love to tell you I’m chivalrous all the time, but when a hot girl offers to suck my dick in the middle of a party, I can’t pass up the opportunity. I run my hand down her back, over the silky fabric of her dress and allow my fingers to tease the back of her bare thigh. “I’ve got just the place.” With that, I grab her by the hand and head back up to my room. “Hey!” Milo cries behind me. “Wingman, remember?” I throw my hand up with an apologetic wave. “Later, bro.” Bailing on my friend isn’t cool, but I know if he were in my position he would be doing the exact same thing. Can’t let a good blowjob go to waste.



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