Dickmatized – Leela Lou Dahlin

“Hey, Jack. You next?” Jack looked down at the bubbly blonde with a large smile and even larger breasts on full display. She looked him over and bit her lip as her eyes glazed over from all the ideas of what she would do to him and with him. But instead of it making him feel good, his stomach turned. The acid began to roll up the back of his throat. Just another person who wanted something from him, but they didn’t want him. She couldn’t care less that on weekends he volunteered with field trips for foster kids; she just wanted to climb on his dick and ride out her own satisfaction. “Yes, I am, Sweetheart.” The woman nodded and went back to her seat. There were times Jack wondered why he kept up with this. Being a stripper was fun when he started. So much fun he moved to being an escort, but taking it off for his fans grew tiresome. It used to be fun, but now every day just felt blah. All the ladies seemed the same, not in looks but in every other way. He wanted something different, but he didn’t know where to find it, and he knew he deserved it.

Walking through the crowded room to the bar, he just wanted to see the audience and get a glass of water. Jack’s attention was drawn to a woman who was sitting at the bar. She faced the stage, looking bored. He glanced at the dancers. There were four of them up there sweating out a poor man’s Magic Mike, and the crowd was going wild. It probably wouldn’t make it in Vegas, but for women who’d thrown back a few too many 2-dollar cocktails on a weeknight, it was perfect. Returning his attention back to the woman sitting next to him, he found her watching him. She was gorgeous, with dark curly hair, clear brown eyes, and a body so curvy it should be illegal, but there were many women like that. This one looked unattainable. He’d love to say he didn’t like women like her because typically that was true, but this one? Whoa. She looked out of place. It could have been her attire or the sophistication and allure that surrounded her like an aura. She had on jeans and a sweater that crisscrossed around her in some fancy design. She looked highclass and even higher maintenance. This was the kind of woman he wouldn’t let himself have because they were too much trouble.

He broke eye contact with the woman who would probably give him a run for his money in so many ways as he reached the counter. “Give me the usual, Hendrick.” The bartender scooped up a glass full of ice and added water before setting down a large glass of ice water in front of him. The woman turned around and faced the bar. “I’ll have what he’s having.” Hendrick nodded and gave the lady a glass of water. For a few seconds, they watched each other as he sipped his drink, and she sucked hers down with a straw. This woman wasn’t even saying anything, and she was powerful. He liked to think he wasn’t into pampered princesses, even though this one looked more like a queen, but his interest level was spiking. Don’t say anything to her. Do not engage. Don’t say a fucking word— “You’re missing the show.” Damn it. She tossed a quick look over her shoulder before shrugging her shoulders. “It’s not really my thing.

” That was a really odd thing for a woman to say sitting at a bar inside a male strip club. “Four guys don’t do it for you?” “It’s my first time here. They’re great dancers, but I thought it would be more…” Her mouth quirked up to the side like she was thinking. “Sensual. There’s too much going on up there. It’s like a music video come to life.” She shrugged before taking a sip of her drink. He nodded. It was an accurate assessment of what was happening up on stage. Jack noted her interest but didn’t feel the revulsion that typically came with it. He didn’t know why this woman was here, but it didn’t seem like she was here for the fantasy, which was weird in a strip club, but it piqued his interest. “This seems like an odd place for a businessman to come for a drink of water after work, but I guess it’s a hell of a place to pick up women.” He couldn’t help but smile at that. “You think you’ve got me figured out, huh?” He was known as Gentleman Jack because of the three-piece suits he enjoyed wearing, almost as much as women enjoyed seeing him strip out of them. “I probably don’t know your favorite color or if you drink coffee or protein drinks for breakfast, but I could guess.

” She squinted her eyes in a comedic display of assessing him. “I’d say protein shake with an egg white and spinach omelet.” “No cheese?” She cocked her head and seemed to consider the question. Then she put the straw in her mouth and pursed her lips slightly as she sucked in a sip of her water. He expected her to use this as an excuse to look him over, but she kept her gaze focused on his eyes. “I don’t think so, but I think you put some sort of sauce on it like sriracha or sugar-free ketchup.” “You think I have something against sugar?” He moved closer to her unconsciously as she spoke. She gave him a quick up and down before putting down her drink and leaning a bit toward him. “If you don’t, you need to tell me your secret.” Jack couldn’t help but smile as he looked her up and down. “If I had a secret about sugar, I wouldn’t tell you because whatever you’re doing works well for you.” “Is that right?” He nodded, keeping his gaze on hers. “So how did I do?” She shrugged and took another sip of her drink. “I’m pretty good at reading people.” “Are you?” This is why he shouldn’t have spoken to her.

She made him want to play, and now he got to shock her. He couldn’t imagine what she’d think of him in the next twenty minutes, but she probably wouldn’t be as interested as she was now. She nodded. The bartender tapped his hand twice on the bar, and it pulled Jack back into where he was and what he was supposed to be doing. Typically, he came out, assessed the crowd, got a drink quickly, and returned backstage. This woman altered that, and now he was pushing it not to be late. He needed to get his shit together. He put his drink on the counter. Her eyes opened slightly wider when he backed away from her. “Do you want me to hold your seat?” She smiled at him, and his heart seemed to flip in his chest. “Sure,” he said. While his mind screamed, what the fuck was that? He stopped for a second before turning away from the woman at the bar. Did Hendrick put a splash of vodka in his water? If he did, he was super quick because he’d watched the man pour it. That chick is potent. He walked through the door and stood on his mark.

“Ladies, are you ready?” Larry, the announcer, said with his deep voice practically purring through the speakers. The crowd screamed and clapped. “I don’t know if you ladies heard me. I asked… Are you ready?” Jack could see the woman from the bar through the curtain. She’d turned back to face the stage, and the bored expression had returned to her pretty face. He’d gone out to assess the crowd, but he could see no one but her while he was out there, and even now, his focus remained with her. Why was she here, apparently alone, if she didn’t want to be? “Who do you want to see, ladies?” Larry asked and waited. “Jack… Jack… Jack.” The crowd called out in unison, like an elementary school chant. The woman at the bar sat up a little, and the interest in her face was unmistakable. That was interesting. She clearly didn’t know who he was when she talked to him, so what did she want? “Sounds like you ladies know what you want. Without further ado, I present to you… Gentleman Jack.” The screams didn’t allow him to hear the music, but he didn’t need his cue. The regulars knew he’d wait until they quieted down.

There were lots of shushes throughout the audience, and the noise died down when he didn’t come up on stage. When it quieted down to murmurers, he walked on the stage. Making his way to the middle of the floor, Jack could feel the heavy gazes following him as he walked, but there was only one person he focused on. The babe at the bar. The diffused lights allowed him to see into the crowd more than when the spotlight blinded him. It was then he almost felt like he was performing for an empty room. Only the noise of the crowd reminded him he wasn’t alone. The music was not the hip-thrusting music that had been playing all night. His music was slow and sultry. Jack started the seduction by tugging his tie. Typically, he did his show by route. Not that he never changed up the song or the moves, he did, but he paid little attention to the crowd. Their cheers rarely touched him. They didn’t know that, of course. There were times he made his way down to mingle and engage with a woman or two, but it was random.

So why was he staring into the half-bored, half-intrigued face of the woman he’d planned to ignore as he moved his body just for her? If someone could tell him that… they’d both know. Tugging on his shirt that looked like a button-up with snaps for easy access, the screams started. When he got it off and then his tie, he hung them on the coat rack that was placed on the stage for his set. He got to the floor in an agile move that was a glorified push-up with a lot of hip movement, and the cheers got louder. Jack hopped to his feet and did something he’d never done. He pointed to the woman at the bar. When she put her hand to her chest with her eyes wide and questioning, he crooked his finger her way. She stood up and grabbed her purse as she made her way to the stage. A few women stood at the bottom of the steps, but they got out of her way when she approached. Jack led her to the side and gestured for her to put her bag down before directing her to the middle of the stage. He brought a chair over, then moved close so he could speak to her among the catcalls and excited cheers. “Since it’s your first time here, I wanted to make sure it was memorable. Want me to take it easy on you, or do you want the whole experience?” Jack said in her ear. This woman not only looked expensive but smelled like a billion bucks. What the fuck kind of soap did she use? Whatever it was, the aroma stirred him, and he had to concentrate, or he’d have to finish the show with his pants on.

“I want it all. Show me what you’ve got.” With the noise of the crowd, he pretty much read her lips, but that made it even sexier. Pushing her lightly into the seat, he backed up and pulled off his breakaway pants. The crowd noise was fading as he concentrated on her face. She looked amused. He started the dance, but it seemed like the more he gyrated to arouse her, the more she seemed to seduce him. He’d stood on the chair, bringing her face to his groin before seeing how this sophisticated woman would react. She looked thrilled, and by the time the songs were over, his pampered princess looked freshly fucked. Her hair appeared sexy and wild, her face flushed and dewy, and her lips were pink and full like he’d bit them, but that was all her. It made him want to see what it would look like if he took her to his bed, and that’s when he knew he needed to stay miles away from this temptation. They were like champagne dreams with Kool-Aid money… it never worked out well, but watching her eyes brighten while he danced for her did something for him too. Jack knew guys took women from the club home all the time, but that wasn’t something he did or wanted to do… until now. Jack gave her a kiss on the cheek. Then asked the crowd to give some applause to the woman who was such a good sport.

She looked like a woman who’d turn her nose up at most of his antics, but she was all in, just like she said she’d be. Her nipples were hard and noticeable beneath her clothes as she waited with wide, excited eyes and deep breaths to see what was next. He walked her to her purse before leading her to the steps. Before going down, she turned toward him. “That was great. My name is Phylana Monroe, and I’m the reporter who’s going to write the article you agreed to.” Jack backed up a step. If what the fuck was an expression, he was sure it was on his face. This wasn’t the mousy woman who won him in an auction and requested an interview. The worry in her eyes didn’t match the smile she was trying to keep from slipping. “I’ll wait for you over at the bar.” Jack watched her walk away. He had already planned not to see this woman again because she was dangerous and he wanted her. She made him see shit he didn’t want to see, think about seeing, and had no business thinking about. Elite women paid him, but they weren’t for him.

They liked him because he could fuck them and continue to stay in his lane. This woman made him want to drive all over her roads, and he didn’t need to be around her any longer than he already was. The sound of the crowd snapped him out of the stare-down he was having with Ms. Monroe’s backside. They cheered like he was going to give an encore. He looked around the room at the smiling, happy women before his gaze landed back on… What did she say her first name was? His plan was to dance and then leave, but no, he had to muck it up trying to impress some chick. He had one set when he danced because the exclusivity added to his hype, his tip jar was always full, and he had been trying to phase out of this life for a while. Typical… Women like that made him stupid, and he was done with that. She waved, and he turned away to walk back to his dressing room. He should just leave her waiting at the bar, but she had a look of determination on her face, so she’d be back. “Shit.” Chapter 2 Phylana “Would you like something to drink?” The bartender broke her gaze from where Jack stood glaring at her. “Can I have another water?” The bartender nodded and went off to get it for her. “How did you get so lucky?” The woman seated to her left asked with a huge smile on her face. “They probably pick people out of the crowd, and since I was just giving him grief about what I now know are his friends, he chose me.

” Phylana accepted the water from the bartender. “Well, I can see where you’d think that, and many of the guys pull ladies out of the crowd, but not Jack.” The woman picked up her drink and took a sip right when Phylana wanted her to keep talking. She waited for the woman to start up again, but she didn’t. “So, he rarely takes a woman up on stage?” “As far as I’ve seen, he’s the only one that sits in that chair. But not tonight.” “Thanks for the info.” Phylana saluted with her water, and the woman held her glass up in return. “Anytime.” It had been a few minutes, and she wondered how long she should wait before she just went looking for him. He didn’t look happy that she was asking for the interview, but she’d lucked out, and it had fallen in her lap when the woman who’d won ran into a personal snag and had been willing to give it up. No one had ever gotten Gentleman Jack to sit down for an interview, and she planned to be the first one. She finished her water and tried hard not to think about how Jack the stripper had turned her on higher and faster than anyone had before. She’d teased him about drinking protein shakes and eating egg white omelets like the bodybuilders she knew, but she wasn’t ready for his hard, muscled body to move against her like that. Jack’s strength matched his flexibility, and he worked her body like he had the owner’s manual.

If he could do that with her clothes on and make her forget she was being watched by a roomful of people, what could he make her feel if they were alone? Damn it. This wasn’t the time to be interested in some hot guy who knew how to move his body in ways that made her think of how she’d neglected her sex drive lately. The bartender returned with a grin. “You waiting for Jack?” Phylana nodded and thought about all of these people watching her onstage. Had this man been watching? She’d have to do an article about the superpower of strippers. She was always ready to try new things, but she usually thought them through, and getting aroused in front of a crowd should have had a think through on her part. “He asked that you meet him backstage. His name is on the dressing room door.” The man pointed toward the door that said employees only. Gathering her purse, she could feel the women looking at her as she moved that way. She refused to acknowledge the shakes of their heads and knowing looks. She couldn’t imagine she was the first woman to meet Jack after his show. Walking down the hall, she saw men in different stages of undress. She wondered if anyone was going to ask why she was back there, but they didn’t. When she made it to the door that said Jack over a large gold star, she took a second and drew a calming breath before letting it out.

She knocked three times and waited. “Come in.”


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