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He was the biggest badass around, but who knew he could fall for a human mate? Would meeting Megan, the pack alpha’s adopted daughter be his undoing? She was strong for a human, but then he found out she might have some of the strongest wolf bloodlines running through her. Megan was terrified when the overseer turned his attention on her. She did what any logical female would do, she hurried home. Her parents had her smuggled out where he would never find her, unfortunately someone else did. When faced with a greater danger, she sent him a message hoping he would rescue her. When they come face to face, will it be winner take all or will they both win in the game of love? Book 2 Stanley Stan, Reese’s second must make life changing decisions. Will he challenge the evil alpha James? His fated mate Rachel isn’t ready to mate him. If he ends up alpha of a pack, will that make her decide against him? Rachel’s life has changed recently, and it looks like it will change again. Will she choose Stan whether he has a new pack or not? If she does, will that pack accept her and if she mates with him, will she change like her sister Megan did? So many decisions and changes for both of them. Will they make the right choices, and will they end up together? Right now, only the goddess knows… Book 3 March I might be the beta, but I’m all alpha wolf. Not many females appeal to me, but I know what I like when I see it. My alpha bitch’s cousin is gorgeous, smart, and confident. She’s probably also a red wolf and I don’t think she likes me. I don’t know why, I’m a great guy. My worries about my cousins, both of them, just keep multiplying.

They are involved with some kind of weird cult. Most of the people seem alright, but this one guy is an arrogant pecker head. He won’t leave me alone and he’s a jerk, but he’s still sex on a stick. Can I get my cousins out of there before I give in to my baser instincts? Two people making everything so complicated! Will they give in or give up? Book 4 Joe She was a witch. It didn’t matter because he wanted her desperately. Shauna was a cousin of his female alpha, Nancy. She’d moved closer because she was her second in charge of the coven Nancy ran. The second he’d laid eyes on her she was all he wanted. He was a wolf. They feared and hated witches or at least most of them did. Her cousin’s pack had few exceptions to that rule. The guy was hot as hell, but he was too dominant for her. Maybe he would find another to hold his interest. The thought made her growl. Damn! She was hanging around wolves too much.

Prologue It was lunch time when Shauna arrived. She was a short, curvy, and adorable little blonde. “March, this is my best friend, Shauna.” That she was also my cousin didn’t really matter. That’s why I had no intention of sharing that fact. People always seemed to make too much of it and March might let it slip. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” “The pleasure is mine. I’m glad Nancy is so happy.” Shauna said. That was when Joe came in and stared at the little blonde. “Shauna, this is my beta, Joe. Joe, Shauna.” Shauna just nodded and Joe grunted. It was like hate at first sight.

This was not how I’d hoped things would work out. After lunch, Nancy took Shauna to their new store and Joe and I headed to the office. “I hope you and Shauna can get along since she’ll be part of the pack.” “There’s no need for her and me to be around each other.” Joe observed. “That’s something that always seems to happen when it shouldn’t though.” I knew it would and we would see how things worked out. “I’ll get along fine. Believe me.” If only. March foresaw all kinds of problems down the road. Chapter 1 Putting It Together “This is the mall you told me about?” I asked. “It is. You can see it’s already starting to do better.” “All the other stores seem to be open and doing business.

” “We got on it right away. The pack needed money so badly.” Nancy admitted. “I guess we’ll get on this too. The movie theater first since it brings in business for the others?” “That was my thinking too. Ever deal with one?” “No. How will we start?” I asked. “The assistant manager is not working yet, and I have an interview set up for you in about an hour.” “If they are any good, that would be a big help. They could start right away and help get things going.” “My thought too.” We looked at each other and grinned. This might actually work. “Where’s the magic shop going to be?” “Right next door. I thought since it’s so large.

We’d sell other things.” Nancy shared. “What did you think?” “Deretha has books with her shop, and it does well. Emmy has pottery and things like that.” “Both?” “There’s enough space here.” I pointed out. “Who would we get to work here?” “Sara is coming. She may even be here.” Sara was an older retired witch always looking for something to keep her busy. Why she would move here escaped me. Maybe she was looking for excitement? “Are you sure she’s coming?” “She gave her house to her oldest granddaughter. We have an apartment for her in one of the pack houses, a smaller pack had it. It’s definite.” Nancy admitted. “She’d be perfect.

” Things were coming together much better than I had expected. Many of the coven which Sara was a member of too, were actually relatives. Some quite distant, but cousins nevertheless as I myself was. We’d been told the red wolf tale and while I believed it, some didn’t. No one knew what part of the line it descended from, but only that we all had a chance of being a red wolf. At least few outside the family knew yet, but it would get out soon. Witchy wolves, it was unfortunate. It was true Marissa, Damon’s mate, was one, but it wasn’t easy for her. It was something I didn’t want to deal with myself. That made it a good thing I and Joe couldn’t see eye to eye. There was plenty of work to do anyway. We had the magic store to get going and I was a minor partner. Once this one got going there would be another store near the other part of the pack that was about a hundred miles away. The pack was building houses and I would rent one. Normally, I’d buy, but I might run the magic store that was further away and help with the females in that part of the pack.

I’d already agreed to help as needed. This pack was taking off and the town here was doing well. A town there would be a good idea too. We got their plan worked out and the assistant manager hired along with some part time help for the evening. The new employees would start in a week and two weeks as needed. Our assistant manager had shown us how to order movies and we had ordered several. An advertisement schedule had also been made with a grand reopening in ten days. Our magic store would open in a few days since we needed to fill up inventory. I was excited about everything that was going on. Nancy had a baby on the way so I would have to take over more of this work especially once she got big with child. We were done for today and we headed back to the packhouse. It was lunch time and the aroma of food hit me hard.


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