Kidnappping Casey – Laurann Dohner

“No way in hell.” Casey glared at the two deputies standing by her car. “Don can drop dead.” Ben Harst sighed. “You know the drill after last week, Casey. Don’t put up a fight. Don just wants to talk to you, so there’s no reason to get all upset. We don’t want to have to pin you down to take you into town in handcuffs again.” The man inched away from his patrol car blocking her car in the driveway, staring up at Casey on her porch. “Just come along peacefully.” Greg Borrow nodded solemnly. “Don won’t hurt you. He broke up with Donna and he just wants to talk. That’s all.” Fear inched up Casey’s spine.

Donald Hass was the town sheriff, whom she’d broken up with six months ago when he’d cheated on her. The week before he’d had his deputies arrest her in town. Don had almost raped her when she wouldn’t take him back. If she hadn’t screamed to draw attention she had no doubt that he wouldn’t have stopped. Don wasn’t going to get his hands on her again. The guy was crazy. “Leave me alone. You know he attacked me. Hell, Ben.” Her gaze flew to him.

“You ran in his office when I screamed. He had me pinned down on his desk with my hands handcuffed behind my back taking my jeans down. I don’t want him. I’d never take him back. He needs a damn shrink.” “He said you guys were role-playing. I really don’t want the details on your kinky sex life.” “Kinky sex life?” She gaped at Ben. “He tried to rape me. He had you arrest me.

He wasn’t taking no for an answer. Maybe you missed learning the law when you became a deputy, but it’s illegal to force someone to have sex. You can’t take me back to him.” “Sorry.” Greg sighed. “We’re under orders to arrest you.” “On what charge?” She backed up a few feet more. “You can’t arrest me without charging me for a crime.” Greg and Ben glanced at each other. Ben turned his attention on her.

“You kicked him last week and he wants you arrested for assault.” Shock tore through her. “I was trying to make him stop pulling my pants down.” “Well,” Greg announced. “Those are the charges. Now come here, Casey. We’ll read you your rights and handcuff you real gentle. You know he’ll drop the case if you just hear him out.” “No.” Both men walked toward her porch.

Terror hit Casey. They were really going to arrest her. After last week she knew what Don was capable of. This time she bet he’d send his deputies away so no one would be there to save her. She fled into her house and slid the deadbolt into place. Casey wondered if they would really break into the house to come after her. She hoped not. One of the deputies tested the knob, realizing it was locked when it wouldn’t turn in his hand. Ben spoke. “Open the door, Casey, or we’ll kick it in.

Your car isn’t going anywhere. You have nowhere to run. You know you’ll take him back.” 5 Laurann Dohner “No. I won’t,” she yelled out and backed up more. “I know he’s a jerk now. He can go to hell.” Alarm tore through her when one of them kicked the door hard. She heard the wood crack but it held. She ran through her living room, and as she reached the kitchen, the front door crashed open into the wall.

Hatred for Don poured through her. Casey was so over his ass it wasn’t funny. What she’d ever seen in the handsome son of a bitch… yeah, she thought, there was that. He was eye candy who could charm a nun out of her underwear, but those good aspects of him died for her when he’d cheated. She flew down the back porch steps. She’d lived in the thick woods all her life and ran for them at full speed. If she could just get down by the river, she knew they wouldn’t be able to find her. Dozens of hiding places flashed through her mind. Boots pounded down the porch steps behind her. Being five foot five wasn’t to her advantage in a race when everyone was taller, and had longer damn legs.

Sprinting wasn’t her strong suit, she decided, as she dodged trees to avoid slamming into them. Ben cursed as he ran with Greg who breathed heavily as they pursued her. One of them grabbed her long, dark brown hair as if it were a tether. Casey screamed out in pain as she was yanked abruptly to a halt. She felt a heavier body hit her from behind when Ben was unable to stop in time, so the three of them crashed facedown to the ground in a heap. Ben wasn’t an in-shape deputy, he was more of the donut-loving variety, so his body crushed her hard enough to knock the air from her lungs when he landed on her. Pain sliced through her body as the man shifted his frame on her smaller one. Someone gripped her wrist, yanking it painfully behind her back. “Damn,” Ben panted, “you made us chase you.” Dragging in air to her lungs, Casey screamed.

She managed to yank her hand out of Ben’s hold while she fought. The deputy cursed when she shoved at his face with her free hand. Another scream tore from her as both men grabbed hold of her, pinning her to the ground on her belly. “Stop fighting, damn it. Don’t make us hurt you,” Greg yelled as he grabbed her flailing wrist, using his knee to push her hip against the ground. Pain made her scream again. The knee painfully dug into her, as he put weight on her ass. She saw him grab at his handcuffs. Movement from behind Greg drew her attention in that direction, and astonishment made her stop struggling when a huge man walked out of the trees. No, she thought.

He stormed forward. Long black hair flowed in disarray down to his waist. He looked huge. Black leather encased most of his deeply tanned body. Hair covered most of his features, and with his head lowered, she couldn’t see his face well. He moved fast but she couldn’t miss that body and her mind struggled to process the sight before her. The formfitting material covering the stranger embraced wide shoulders and really muscular arms, the outfit showed his massive chest and trim waist. Thick, muscular thighs were showcased in pants that tapered down strong calves to some kick-ass heavy black boots that looked made to do serious damage. A roar tore through the woods. It made Casey, Ben and Greg all jump in shock.

The two deputies hadn’t looked behind them yet, so Casey was the only one who saw that massive man coming. He was almost on top of them before the roar tore through the woods. Ben and Greg spun, staring up at their worst nightmare, right before the man grabbed both of them with his huge hands. 6 Laurann Dohner Ben’s body was literally thrown at a tree. The large man sent the overweight deputy flying a good ten feet as if he were a toy. Ben hit with a crunch and a loud groan that made Casey cringe as he slumped to the ground. His leg moved but he didn’t get up. The stranger lifted Greg by the front of his shirt. Casey rolled over to see the deputy dangling in the stranger’s grasp. The long-haired man snarled deeply to reveal sharp teeth.

A high-pitched scream came from Greg, making him sound like a terrified little girl. A stunned Casey watched as the scene played out before her. Greg was a good six feet tall. The man gripping him held him almost half a foot off the ground, putting them nose to nose. The stranger viciously snarled at Greg before throwing him away, sending him to the ground with a grunt. Casey didn’t turn her head to see how Greg fared, terror kept her staring at the huge man standing above her. She got a much better look at the man’s face when he looked down. He wasn’t exactly a man. He was male, she knew that instantly, but what hit her the hardest was he wasn’t fully human. This man had a wider, flatter nose than anyone she’d ever seen before.

His lips were full and parted with scary teeth peeking out, that reminded her of a dog’s long canines. Maybe he was a vampire with those sharp fangs indenting his lower lip, except that is was broad daylight, so she doubted that. His eyes were startling. Once she met them she couldn’t look away. If she had any doubts he wasn’t human, they were gone now. His eyes were an unnatural bright, electric blue that almost glowed. Long, thick black eyelashes framed them, making the blue stand out even more. They were absolutely the most spellbinding things she’d ever seen. He took a deep breath before his lips slammed shut. The action drew Casey’s gaze to his mouth.

A set of masculine lips tightened into a firm line before he bent over. Two large hands reached for her. Casey wanted to scream. She wanted to roll away, but she just couldn’t move. Shock froze her. His bare, tan fingers were hot as they wrapped around her arms, just under her shoulders. His touch was firm, but undeniably gentle, as he pulled her off the ground slowly. There was no doubt that he was strong since she didn’t help him lift her. She was too bewildered to get her body to work. Her legs barely held her weight when he stood her on her feet, making her realize that the top of her head didn’t even reach his wide shoulders, almost a foot in height separated them.

His firm hands held her while she stared in wonder at those amazing eyes that hypnotized her with their exotic beauty, their gazes locked until he finally looked away. Casey’s attention stayed on him as he studied the two downed men. Their gazes locked again when he swung his head back to her. Thick masculine lips parted slightly as he growled at her. “Oh God,” she breathed. “What are you?” A softer nonthreatening growl came from him. She would have screamed if his tone was vicious but it was more like he was trying to communicate with her. The truth sunk into Casey slowly. “You can’t speak, can you?” She cleared her throat when it threatened to close up on her. Frustration was clear on his rugged face.

He had a strong jawline, pronounced cheekbones and his wide, flatter nose twitched. Those incredible eyes narrowed in irritation. With the shake of his head she had her answer. “You know English? Do you know what I’m saying?” He nodded. 7 Laurann Dohner “Are you a girl?” A growl tore from his throat in instant protest. Anger sparked in his glowing stare as he shook his head. His fingers tightened for an instant before loosening again on her skin. “I was just checking to see if you can really understand me. I know you’re not a girl.” She had to swallow again.

Her throat was dry, her heart pounding. “What are you?” He looked at her for what seemed like forever. The man’s intensely strange but gorgeous gaze tore from hers so he could look over her head. His mouth opened as a low growl came from his throat. It was a scary, vicious sound. Rage filled his expression in a heartbeat. His flat nose wrinkled and sharp teeth showed as his lips parted wider. His hold on Casey tightened almost painfully when his fingers tensed. Greg cursed from behind her. Casey swung her head around.

Sitting up, Greg looked terrified while gawking at the large male who held her. His shaking hands went for his sidearm. “No,” Casey yelled. “Don’t shoot him.” Greg ignored her, yanking at the gun in his holster. It took him a few tugs to clear it. The weapon waved wildly in their direction. Casey felt horrified at what was happening but she was helpless to stop it. Hands released Casey’s arms to move lower to her hips. She was jerked off her feet and the world went upside down in a heartbeat.

The fast movement made her dizzy. A gunshot exploded with a deafening noise. The man gripping Casey locked his arm behind her knee when he started to run, holding on tightly to her. He moved damn fast. Casey was folded over his body with her hips nestled tightly against the man’s shoulder. It didn’t hurt but it jarred the breath from her lungs as she bounced on him. The ground passed beneath her at an alarming rate but she didn’t scream. Another gunshot exploded in the woods but the boom wasn’t as close. They were weaving through the trees. Greg shouted in the distance but it wasn’t clear what he was saying.

Casey guessed he was calling for backup. Was Ben dead? She heard something crack when Ben had hit the tree. Was it his body or the tree that had made that sickening noise? Casey pushed the thought away. She needed to worry about her own ass. The large male creature, whatever he was, put a lot of distance between her and the two men they’d left behind. Casey was being kidnapped. She was afraid he would drop her as he moved at that rapid pace and exhausted himself hauling her extra weight, but he didn’t slow down at all. Whatever he was, he was damn strong, since he seemed to be able to run for miles. Harsh breathing was the only indication that carrying her was difficult for him. They finally slowed to a walk as the sound of water reached her ears.

She lifted her head, shoving at her hair to get it out of her face. She looked around at the world upside down. A large rock formation stood to the left with the river ahead. Casey suddenly knew exactly where they were on her property but it was almost on the border of one of her neighbors. A forty-foot waterfall hid a small cave behind the flowing water. She knew the place well. It was one of her favorite places to swim. The man stopped to sniff the air as he studied the area. Slowly bending over, he loosened his arm around the back of her legs as his other hand braced her back as he put her down. She was totally released as he straightened up.

Casey stared up at the man, speechless. His hand clamped down on her wrist and his head jerked toward the water. She turned to glance at the highest point of the river, noticing the water cascading down into the narrower river flow below the drop. The hand on her wrist squeezed gently to draw her attention to him. 8 Laurann Dohner “You want me to walk for the water?” He nodded. “You really can’t talk?” He shook his head. Her heart pounded in her chest. “Shit. You can’t say words, can you? But you understand me?” He gave a nod. He motioned his head in the direction of the water again.

Casey took a deep breath before turning to walk for the river. He kept hold of her wrist, moving next to her down to the water’s edge. She stopped to look up at him and noticed again that he was a huge son of a bitch. He had to be six foot five or six foot six. “I could use a drink.” She tugged on her wrist. He frowned, shaking his head, pointing to the waterfall. She followed his finger. Frowning back, she met his exceptional eyes. She wasn’t sure what he wanted her to do.

Irritation crossed his features. With a hard jerk her body abruptly collided with his much larger one. Before she could protest she ended up back in his arms. He lifted her against his chest so that she was cradled in his arms and walked into the water carrying her toward the waterfall. Apprehension filled Casey. Was he going to drown her? She wrapped her arms tight around his neck as the water got really deep. He continued forward until the water touched her chin before stopping. Their gazes locked as he released her legs. Her body started to float away from his in the current and would have except that they still held on to each other. She eased her hold to grip his shoulders.

They were at face level with only inches between their noses. Casey studied his features curiously. This was the closest she’d gotten to his face. He was handsome. Tan skin covered his strong masculine bones. His full lips looked a little pouty making them appear sexy. The shape of his nose was strange but somehow it looked good on him. It made her want to run her fingers over it. From the tiny lines by his eyes she pegged him in his mid thirties, just a few years older than she. Her gaze met his again.

He studied her with curiosity too. She saw it sparkling in his extraordinary eyes. He pointed to the waterfall. Her gaze followed his finger before she looked back at him. He growled at her in that soft tone she was starting to think was sexy. “You want me to swim for the waterfall?” He nodded. “Why?” Irritation flashed again on his face. He brought his free hand up to make a claw of it, motioning with it. He pointed to the waterfall and everything fell into place for Casey. “You know about the cave behind it, don’t you? Do you want us swim there to climb into the cave?” He nodded.

The frustration faded from his features and his arm around her back loosened. He jerked his head toward the waterfall before he looked back at the embankment. He growled, trying to communicate something to her so she glanced at the woods. He must be worried about the deputies following them. No one knew about the cave so Casey wondered how this guy had discovered it. He released her completely so she could make her way across the river where he wanted her to go. Her clothes were heavy as she swam. Casey didn’t want to be found either. Getting arrested wasn’t on her list of things she ever wanted to do again. She paddled against the current heading for the waterfall.

The river got deep enough that the bottom was untouchable for him so he swam close behind her. The worst part about going to the cave was swimming under the 9 Laurann Dohner pounding waterfall that tore at her clothing and tried to push her deep under the surface. Relief hit her when she cleared the heavy curtain of water to reach the other side. It was dim behind the screen of water but she could see well enough to make out the area around her. Clawing at the rocks, she started to climb out of the water toward the cave about four feet over her head. The stranger surfaced from under the waterfall as she crawled into the rocky cave. It wasn’t very big but it was drier about five feet or so inside. She scrambled away from the wet ledge to make room. She sat on her ass to watch as the guy followed her deeper into the cave. His attention focused on Casey.

With his wet hair plastered back she got another good look at his face. He had humanlike features but his nose was definitely wrong and the thick-lipped mouth was wrong too. In the darkened cave his eyes looked eerie as they seemed to glow in the dim light. He pointed behind her so she turned, taking a good look at the interior of the cave. Surprise struck her. She hadn’t been in the cave in months. There was a sleeping bag spread out along the back wall with a backpack next to it. None of that had been there on her last visit. Casey focused her attention on him. “Are you living here?” A nod confirmed her suspicion.

He reached for the front of his shirt, spreading the material open, revealing substantial muscles covered by tan skin. She was too taken aback to do anything but watch as the man removed his shirt completely. Casey inspected his chest, making note that he was a little hairy there, but it wasn’t excessive. A thin line of it ran below his bellybutton to disappear into those formfitting pants, his big hands reached for the waist as he toed off his boots. He observed Casey silently watching him. She couldn’t look away. There was no question, she decided, that he had the best damn body she’d ever seen. He looked one hundred percent powerfully built human from the neck down. She’d never seen a better-defined body. Each muscle was ridged.

The front of his pants opened hinting of more golden brown skin there. Casey couldn’t tear her eyes away from the sight of him slowly lowering the leather material that clung to his skin. The pants inched down as he wiggled his hips, using both hands to shove them down one inch at a time. A gasp escaped her when his penis sprang free. He was aroused. Her mouth fell open. He was thick, most definitely hard, and his cock was shaped slightly different from a human’s. The skin of his shaft was more of a reddish hue instead of the deep golden brown of his skin everywhere else. The head was thick, more of a mushroom shape than the smooth transition from head to shaft most guys had. He was proportioned to his big body.

She’d never seen a guy this big, not that she’d had much to compare him to. Her few ex-boyfriends had been pricks in every sense of the word. She felt her body respond instantly as she stared at his anatomy. In an instant, she wondered how it would feel if he slowly worked that thick, blunt tip inside her. Her pussy clenched in response to the image that flashed in her mind. Moisture flowed between her thighs. She slammed her mouth shut and jerked her gaze upward to his face. A twinkle of amusement sparked in his sexy eyes, and his lips curved upward into a knowing grin. She flushed a little, feeling heat flame her face, as she prayed he couldn’t read what she’d been thinking about from her expression. A tan hand rose, a finger extended, to point at her.

She blinked a few times, forcing air into her lungs, as it sank in what he must want her to do. “Oh hell. I’m not getting naked too.” He softly growled at her when his grin died. Glowing blue eyes narrowed before he 10 Laurann Dohner moved. That muscled body drew closer. His body was graceful, powerful, and his muscles moved with lithe beauty. She was fascinated with every damn inch of his skin. He moved so close that her eyes flew down to his cock again. A thick vein ran from the base of his shaft to just under the mushroomed head.

She was close enough to touch the swollen flesh that pointed straight out at her. He slowly crouched, his face getting closer. Her breath froze in her lungs, her heart pounded, as desire shot through her. Would he want to fuck her? His turned-on state indicated that he wanted her. Large hands reached for her, encircling her arms above her elbows. His skin was hot to the touch on her flesh chilled from the cold river water. He jerked her to her feet in a heartbeat. Her knees almost collapsed when he forced her to stand. His intense blue gaze glided down her body, seeming to take in every inch and a sexy, soft noise came from his parted lips before his hands released her. She took a deep breath until those hands of his went for the waist of her T-shirt.

The wet material was ripped up her body. Casey tried to turn away but he was faster. One arm wrapped around her waist, to pull her tightly against his skin. She was chilled from being wet, but his body was hot to the touch, as she was slammed against him. His hard erection pressed into her bared stomach as the shirt went sailing to the cave floor. Her bra-covered breasts were smashed against his muscular chest. He breathed her in, another sexy growl tearing from his parted lips, and his cock jerked against her belly where it was tightly pressed between them. He was incredibly hard. “Please don’t hurt me.” He frowned, shaking his head, a frustrated look crossing his features.

His chest rose as he took a deep breath, so their bodies pressed more tightly together. Long seconds ticked by while Casey’s heart beat erratically. The hold on her eased until their bodies weren’t pushed so closely against each other anymore. A foot of space opened up between them. His cock wasn’t touching her now, but he didn’t let her arm go. His look lowered between them to his protruding member. Casey’s eyes followed his gaze. This up close and personal, she realized just how thick his cock was. Her interest turned into a little fear at the thought of him working that inside her. He shook his head at her when she jerked her attention up to stare into his eyes.

His hand slowly released her to point at the bedding behind her. “What in the hell are you trying to tell me?” He backed up and his hand rose to point to her remaining clothing. That long digit aimed at the floor and went to his bedding next as he mimicked covering up. Slowly, he turned around to present a wide, tan back to her. She saw a thin, long scar running from one shoulder blade to the underside of his arm at the bottom of his ribs. It was a mystery to her how he’d gotten it, but it looked like an old injury. He moved away to the edge of the cave facing the falling water, keeping his back to Casey. She stood there shivering. Some of her fear eased when she realized he was keeping his back turned to give her privacy. Her gaze kept going to his body as she stripped out of the rest of her clothes.

He had the nicest damn butt ever. Broad shoulders tapered down to his toned back and to that fantastic ass. She shook herself from thoughts of what it would feel like to rake her fingernails down the length of him. Slowly turning to his sleeping bag, she climbed in it to cover up her freezing body. The bedding was thick and warm and Casey relaxed, warming up enough to stop shivering. She eyed his wide back and great ass again. He really was perfect and she’d never seen a man in better shape. A good three minutes passed before the man finally turned around. He walked over to 11 Laurann Dohner their clothing on the floor, bending to retrieve it one piece at a time. Casey watched him lay the items out over rocks so they would dry.

His hard-on had gone down. Even soft, the guy was impressive, as that sensual flesh hung between his thighs. Finally he turned to face her and their gazes locked. She had to give him credit, he seemed totally at ease with his nakedness. Her breath caught as he slowly inched closer. Crouching down next to the sleeping bag, he tilted his head slightly to study her. His beautiful blue eyes narrowed. He watched her face for a long minute as their gazes remained locked. It came as a shock when the large man suddenly lunged and she gasped.


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