Mr. May – Kate Tilney

MACY Standing outside the industrial building with wall-to-wall windows, my cold feet get the better of me. “I’m not sure about this,” I say to my best friend Brittani. “I’m not going to force you to go in,” she says. Though the way she has her hands planted on her hips suggests otherwise. “But I’d just like to ask you a few questions.” I sway from one foot to the other. “What are your questions?” “First, what happened exactly one month ago today?” My stomach lurches. “Reid dumped me.” “And what did you think was going to happen before he did that?” “I thought he was going to ask me to move in with him.” That’s only half of it. Based on the fancy restaurant he’d taken me to, a part of me thought he’d propose. It was the logical next step. We were both graduating from college this month. We’d been together since our freshman years. It wasn’t completely out of the realm of possibility that he might want to marry me after all of that time.

But, at the very least, it had seemed like we’d get a place together. Brittani arches an eyebrow. “And what did that jackass say when he was telling you it was over?” Ouch. This answer is going to hurt. “That he’d been seeing someone else and he was in love with her.” It’s hard to get those words out, but I manage. “And how long had the two of you been dating each other?” I swallow past a lump in my throat. “Three and a half years.” I press a hand to my chest over the place where the ache in my heart has been almost every second of every day since Reid had broken my heart. Maybe it doesn’t hurt quite as much as it did. Especially since I have come around to the conclusion that he is in fact a jackass. But finding out that someone you loved and trusted had betrayed you was always going to kick you in the crotch. Wasn’t it? “I know all of this,” I blurt out. “You know all of this. Why are we rehashing it for the millionth time?” Brittani’s expression softens as she wraps an arm around my shoulder.

“I have just one more question.” “I think I’m done with this game.” Brittani squeezes my shoulder. “What did we decide was the best revenge for a man who is lower than trash?” A tear slips down my cheek. I swipe it away furiously with the back of my hand. “The best revenge is to live well,” I say, repeating the mantra Brittani has ingrained in my head for weeks. It’s what she had to say to get me out of bed to take my finals and walk at graduation. “That’s my girl.” She gives me another squeeze and then releases her hold. “Now, I meant what I said. I’m not going to force you to go into the gym with me. But don’t you think getting a rocking revenge bod will be one hell of a way to show that jackass exactly what he’s missing?” My cold feet start to thaw in the gym shoes I dug out of one of the boxes that I still need to unpack in my apartment. “Okay,” I say at last. “I’ll go inside.” “Yay!” Brittani hops on her feet and claps her hands.

“You are not going to regret it.” “But I’m not going to hot yoga with you.” “That’s fine.” She loops her arm through mine. “You can start on the treadmill and the free weights.” As we step through the automatic doors, I’m already regretting my decision to be here. I freeze in place. If the outside of the building was intimidating, this is downright terrifying. All around us machines buzz and whir as fit people run, jump, and move their bodies in ways I didn’t even realize a body could move. “Do they have a room for beginners or something?” I ask. “Don’t worry.” Brittani nudges me playfully. “This place will feel like a second home to you in no time.” That’s easy for her to say. Decked out in her matching bra and leggings set, and her hair curled to perfection in a ponytail high on her head, she looks like she could’ve stepped out of a fitness magazine.

Doing another glance of the open multi-level gym at all of the other people in their workout gear, one of these things is not like the other. It’s me. I’m the one who’s not like any of the others. Me, the woman dressed in a pair of leggings with a tiny hole in the crotch and a free promotional T-shirt that someone randomly handed me one day while I was walking across campus freshman year. I look like I just rolled out of bed after a night of drinking a few too many. This is so not my scene. Then, I remember what it had been like when Reid admitted he’d been cheating on me and had fallen for someone else. I’d felt so low. So small. So insignificant. So unimportant. So unloved. So worthless. I’m never going to feel that way again. I just moved to Atlanta to start my career with an ad agency later this month.

A job that I fully intend to slay. I’m going to get that revenge body. And, even if I don’t quite manage to have an ass that can bounce a quarter off of it, maybe I’ll feel perkier. If I’ve learned anything from curling up in bed watching “Legally Blonde” over and over, it’s that exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy. And happy people don’t cry themselves to sleep every night wondering what they could have done differently to keep their man. Straightening my spine, I give Brittani a nod. “I’ll see you after your class.” I stride across the gym, my empowerment soaring at an all-time high, and stop at the first available machine. I look it over, not entirely sure how it turns on. “The power button is on the left.” I turn toward the voice and find a tall, handsome man with muscles bulging out of his tank top running on the treadmill across from me. His black hair is shaved close to his head and he has a strong, square jaw. There’s an intricate tattoo over his heart, and he has a sleeve that reaches his elbow. His dark brown eyes gaze at me with an intensity that has my heart pounding in my ears. “Thanks,” I manage to get out, instead of swallowing my tongue.

Setting my water bottle in the drink holder, I climb onto the machine. I think it’s an elliptical. We had these at the gym back in high school. This shouldn’t be too bad. At least I’ll know what I‘m doing. Following the advice from the handsome stranger, I turn on the power button. The machine comes to life. Green lights flash on the display along with the instructions for how to increase speed and resistance pop up. It’s my first time in forever, so I probably shouldn’t get too crazy. I keep the settings low and barely remember to move my body along with the machine. After a few minutes, it gets easier. Or at least, it isn’t as hard. Okay. I can do this. I increase the speed a little and wait for myself to get in the zone Brittani always talks about.

Instead, my attention wanders back to the man who helped me. His dark brown eyes are focused straight ahead, and his full lips are moving silently along with whatever he’s listening to in his earbuds. Though he’s running at a speed I could never fathom, there’s only a thin sheen of sweat on his brow. I shouldn’t stare but cut me some slack. I’m going through a terrible break-up with the only man I’ve ever been with. It’s only natural I’m going to check people out. Especially when the person running across from me has a body fit for a Greek God. Based on the way his hard muscles ripple and move, I know he’s not a first-timer. Heck, the guy could be a professional athlete. I wonder what sport he might have played. His build kind of reminds me of a wide receiver. Then again, his shoulders scream tight end. I bet he has a tight end. I’m so distracted by these thoughts. I don’t notice when my shoelace comes undone.

And I definitely don’t notice when it catches on the pedal and I fly forward, head first. TWO CASSIUS I’ve been keeping an eye on the gorgeous beauty since she mounted the elliptical. And not because she was looking at the machine like it might eat her up alive. Okay, not only because of that. I work in a safety-conscious field. I’m always watching for potential danger zones. Mostly, it’s hard not to look at her. It takes all my willpower not to stare. She’s quite possibly the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Her leggings display full round hips and an ass to match. Her T-shirt, which looks like it’s seen better days, stretches across a pair of tits I’d like to bury my face in. She also has full lips I’d like to see wrapped around my cock, which has gotten painfully hard in my gym shorts. I hope no one is looking too closely at me. Otherwise, my rogue dick will give us both away. The management will probably ask me to leave.

I wouldn’t blame them. Her long, highlighted hair is pulled up into a bun high on her head. I wonder what it’d look like loose, falling in waves over her shoulders. Is it just my imagination, or is she stealing the occasional glance my way? I hope she is. I hope she likes what she sees. I work out every day, rain or shine. It helps me relieve stress, but it’s had the added benefit of giving me a fully sculpted body. I pick up my stride, hoping to draw more attention. It’ll make introducing myself to her later easier if we catch each other’s eye first. I’m stealing another glance at her when it all plays out. Her shoelace catches in the elliptical. Before I can shout out a warning, she flies forward into the machine. I jump off of the treadmill and race across the room to help. Turning off the machine, I grab the woman under her arms and pull her off, leaving her captured shoe behind. I carefully set her on the floor, where she gasps for breath.

Glancing around, I find her water bottle and offer it to her as I kneel on my haunches. “Are you okay?” I ask. She gives a shaky nod before swallowing two deep gulps of water. “I wasn’t paying attention,” she says. “Which is really stupid considering it’s been a million years since I last worked out.” “It happens to the best of us.” I wait for her to take another drink. “Do you want me to find your friend?” “My friend?” “The woman you came in with.” Her lips form a perfect O, and I shift before I become uncomfortable. “I’ll be okay,” she says. “I’d hate to bother her while she’s in class. Working out is almost like a religious experience for her. Or like having your underdog team win the national championship in a last-second Hail Mary.” I grin at her choice of words. “I’m not sure there are many things better than that.

” “If you ask me, there’s nothing better than that.” I can think of one thing. But I’m trying not to think about it because I don’t want to give myself another raging boner. “Well, if you don’t want me to get your friend, how about I sit with you for a while?” I ask, lowering myself all the way to the ground. “Oh, that’s nice of you. But I don’t want to interrupt your workout.” “I was almost done.” Which is mostly true. I still haven’t done my weight-lifting, but I can always make that up tomorrow. “You said it’s been a while since you’ve been to the gym.” “The last time I really worked out, I was in high school, and it was mandatory.” She pulls a face. “That’s terrible to admit. Isn’t it?” “It’s your truth. That doesn’t make it bad or good, just honest.

” I rub my palms on my shorts before offering a hand to her. “I’m Cassius by the way.” “Macy.” Her palm connects with mine sending an instant wave of heat through me. “You really are being awfully nice to me.” “It’s my pleasure. I know it can be intimidating stepping into a gym for the first time.” “That’s exactly the word I’d use. Intimidating.” She shivers. “If it were up to me, I would’ve stayed home. But Brittani—that’s my friend—said I would feel better if I worked out.” I frown. “Have you been unwell?” “Not physically. Just emotionally.

” She sighs. “You’ve already witnessed one of the most embarrassing things I’ve done. I don’t suppose there’s any harm in telling you I just got dumped.


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