Bound to the Commander – Libby Campbell

In the year 3817 CE, as Earth collapsed under the ravages of climate change, fleets of spaceships were launched in a last-ditch effort to save the human species. They traveled to far galaxies looking for another world to call home, carrying with them elements of earth cultures as well as Earth-based plants and animals. A […]

Bound By The Christmastide Moon – Christina McKnight

Silas Anson, the eighth Earl of Lichfield, glared across the vast, disorderly expanse of what he’d recently come to view as his desk, not the unfamiliar, cluttered stretch of flat surface that had once belonged to his father. A man he barely remembered and could not conjure in his mind. On the receiving end of […]

Boudreaux’s Lady – Lauren Smith

T he shrieking wind against the windowpanes nearly matched the wails of the young woman in bed. Her body seized with agony, and she cried out as a midwife pressed two hands against her swollen belly. “Push a bit harder, my lady.” Lucy, the midwife urged. The woman in the bed sank back against the […]

Born to Be Wilde – Eloisa James

Miss Lavinia Gray considered herself reasonably brave. In her twenty-one years, she had been presented to both an English and a French queen without losing her composure. She had squeaked, but not screamed, after a close encounter with an exceedingly large bear. Perhaps “bear” was an exaggeration. One could call it a dog, but only […]

Border Brides – Kathryn Le Veque

“THERE HE İS,” a knight in snow-covered armor hissed. “Do you see him?” His companion, with a bushy red beard and dirty blond hair, was focused on a copse of white-encrusted trees off to the south. It was early morning and snow was falling so heavily that it was as if a thick blanket of […]

Bookish Belinda – Jo Grafford

Belinda Fairfax was deathly tired of waiting for answers. It had been weeks — no, months! — since she’d penned her letter, begging for an explanation from her former affianced about his continued absence from Boston. Now that his long-lost sister had been located, there was no more reason for Colt Branson to remain on […]

Bonny and the Bank Robber – Kari Trumbo

Gavin Hart led his horse down the dirt path he’d worn around the small derelict town of Redemption Bluff. Long golden grass swayed in the breeze. He was close enough to see the dust from the town’s one street, yet far enough away no one should notice him. His horse Coffee snuffled and cropped a […]

Bodice Ripper – Lola Rebel

Here’s a preview of the hot story you’re about to read… He hadn’t shaved in a couple of days and his stubble was scratchy, and for a moment she almost pulled away. Then he melted into her and stood up to meet her. She could feel his arms tightening around her waist, and then he […]

Bloodlines – Jaime W. Powell

The Invisible Girl In a town of only 2,055 people it’s hard to be invisible, but somehow I manage. Even though I write for the school paper, am part of the yearbook committee, and attend all of our school functions, you couldn’t pluck me out of the crowd. My parents have been pretty absent from […]

Blame It on the Duke – Lenora Bell

London, 1820 Ballroom of the Duke of Barrington’s House Venus rose from the undulating green waves, naked save for her long red-gold hair and a serene smile. Ethereal harp music rippled through the air. The small audience of titled gentlemen burst into applause. “Who is she, Hatherly?” Captain Lear asked. “She’s mine.” Nick’s gaze caressed […]

BlackWolfe – Kathryn Le Veque

WHOOSH! The pebble caught him on the ear. Oh, but it stung. It stung badly, like a wasp that was feeding on his flesh. But he refused to touch his ear or even acknowledge that he’d been struck, a victim of a focused attack. He refused to let her know the pebble bloody well hurt. […]

Blackthorne’s Bride – Joan Johnston

SHE WAS TIED to a pole in the center of the Sioux village, naked from the waist up. What was left of her bodice was tangled at her waist above a striped muslin skirt. She still wore a pair of dusty boots. The top of one creamy shoulder was unblemished, but the rest of her […]

Blackmail and the Bride – Sahara Kelly

Brussels, May 1815 “Five thousand guineas, Mr. Ridlington.” “Impossible.” Richard stared across the shiny desk at the older man. “That’s utterly impossible. Why only this weekend, Farley swore to me the debts had been paid.” “Sir Kingston was in error,” came the quiet reply. “And he is now, unfortunately, unable to explain the matter to […]

Blackhaven Brides – Mary Lancaster

LADY SERENA WALTZED into the schoolroom. Finding herself in a beam of bright sunshine, she halted and winked at her younger sisters. For their entertainment, she created bird-shapes with her hands that reflected on the opposite wall. Maria grinned, Alice chortled, and Helen actually sprang to her feet in instant desire to make shapes of […]

Black Widow – Lucy Leroux

The blood spread out like a ruby halo. It was a startling contrast to the white marble floor. It darkened the pink of her skirts, the white lace fringe soaked in a red so dark it was almost black. We should never have come home. “This is all my fault,” Amelia whispered. “What have I […]

Black Richard’s Heart – Suzan Tisdale

Death could not come fast enough for Black Richard MacCullough. ’Twas difficult to distinguish his blood from the countless others who lay dead or dying on the cold spring grass. Grass he had played in as a child. MacCullough grass that was now painted in blood. The blood of his kin; the blood of his […]

Black Knight – Elizabeth Johns

HEATH KNİGHT WAS the envy of every gentleman of his acquaintance. Matchmaking mamas avoided him with their innocent daughters, most other females fought for his favors, besides being handsome, wealthy, a crack shot, and handy with his fives. Unfortunately for him, envy often fostered jealousy… and a prolific number of duels. These had never been […]

Bjorn – Jane Burrelli

Sweat stung Rhiannon’s eyes and dripped down her shoulder blades, plastering her tunic to her body. Strands of hair fluttering in her sight line, she batted her opponent’s strike away with her round shield and side-stepped to deliver her own blow, aiming for the legs. Rinda swiftly moved out of her reach, sparring back and […]

Bhrodi’s Angel – Meara Platt

Pembroke, Wales September 1816 “MISS PERTWEE, GET off those rocks. I’ve warned you before.” Bhrodi de Shera, the tenth Duke of Pembroke, left the hillside walking trail that hugged the coastal cliffs of Pembroke and strode toward Prudence Pertwee with a frown that she could not possibly ignore, but she managed to do so anyway. […]

Bhaltair’s Pledge – Stella Knight

Gold droplets of rain pummeled Bhaltair’s skin and clothing as he made his way up the muddy mountainside of Caisteal Abhail, one of the largest of the mountains on Arran Isle. He had to grit his teeth in concentration to avoid slipping, focusing on the cave that was nestled yards away. Irritation skittered through him […]

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