Surfaces – Ann Denton

I THİNK I’ve had a heart palpitation, I decided as I rubbed dolefully at my chest, trying to soothe the uncomfortable ache inside. I’d heard of such things, seen older men at my court in Cheryn struck down by a sudden illness of the heart, sometimes even dropping dead. Unease slithered through my ears and […]

Surf Dragon – Scarlett Grove

CASPİAN STORM COULD SMELL the sea from fifty miles away. After the serpentine water dragon had ascended the top of the mountain and crested the other side, he could see the wide expanse of the ocean below and inhale its salty air. He glided on the airstreams down the mountain, the cooling air brushing over […]

Sure, Pal – Nikki Paris

Ava chewed on her lower lip and lazily doodled on a sheet of notebook paper with her hot pink gel pen. When she finished, she wiggled her eyebrows at me and tilted her notebook so I could see. Ava + Evan. I grinned at her and shook my head. God, she was such a girl. […]

Sure as Shooting – Layla Wolfe

“All right, gentlemen! Step right up!” It was difficult to get anyone’s attention in the grog shop that was packed like tinned sardines with smelly men. Huntley Ashbury gestured at the three Indians who guarded what looked like a harmless barrel of tobacco. As they rolled it to the middle of the room, Huntley clambered […]

Sunshine Escape – Toya Richardson

I still couldn’t believe how monumentally stupid and naive I’d been to let Martin into my life. Blindsided by good looks and sweet talk. These were all the things I warned friends about, not something which should happen to me. Loaning money to him which was never returned while he continually lied about why he […]

Sunrise By the Sea – Jenny Colgan

The sun had been out earlier that day, and the family had all gone out to play. If you were to glance at the family, you probably wouldn’t notice anything strange at first. It would probably make you smile to realise that the children were twins, and that they each took after a parent so […]

Suncatchers and Sherbet – Nicki Greenwood

Chapter One “Thank you. Yes, thank you,” Gemma Stone said into her shop phone. “I would love to have you come to Narragansett. That would be wonderful. Friday morning. Of course. Goodbye.” She replaced the phone very carefully in its cradle at the end of her call, cool as a cucumber. She stared at the […]

Sun, Sea and Summer Vibes – Zoe Allison

Nina rolled her eyes as the racket from the rowdy young men at the rear of the plane grew louder. The stewardess marched down to tell them off for the second time. Nina didn’t envy the job of the plane crew at the best of times, never mind with that rabble. She lifted the laminated […]

Sun of a Beach – Claire Ashlynn

L ELLA WILKES ightly tossing another stack of neatly folded t-shirts onto the display table, I turn back to the group. “No, I’m not ready. I know y’all mean well, but I think I should decide if I’m ready to get back in the ocean to claim another fish.” I wait to see if the […]

Summoned By Magic – Lexie Scott

T CHAPTER 1 he view of the street from my perch on the roof near my bedroom window showed how completely alone I was. Not a single other person stirred at this time of night. Lucky them. They could sleep. Lose themselves to easy dreams and the warmth of their comfortable beds. I didn’t have […]

Summer’s End – Olivia Miles

IT WAS common knowledge to everyone that knew her that Kimberly Taylor had always wanted a big wedding. By big, she didn’t mean one hundred fifty guests, a string quartet, and an ice sculpture. No, she meant big. Big as in three hundred guests, preferably in black tie. Big as in not one reception, but […]

Summer’s Christmas – Ella Cook

Evelyn pulled a face as she took a sip of the now cold coffee, then downed it anyway – disgusting or not, she needed every drop of the syrupy caffeinated dregs. It had already been a long drive, and she wasn’t used to such long distances, especially lately. It hadn’t just been the physical effort […]

Summer Wish – Jill Sanders

T PROLOGUE en-year-old Lea wasn’t going to let some booger-picking Miami Dolphins–loving bully win. Not this time. Timmy Crawford had been calling her names since the moment she’d walked into her new school over a year ago. So what if she was the only student of Southeast Asian descent in the entire twohundred-student elementary school. […]

Summer Solstice Seduction – L. Ann, et al

Love. Romance. Relationships. Whether featuring an old flame rekindled to burn brightly or the joy of discovering new love, paranormal romance chases after relationships while dressing it up in all things mystical in a contemporary setting—usually. Some call love magic, which may be part of why this genre has always stood out to me. We […]

Summer Serendipity – Iris Abbott

Miranda Fitzgerald ignored the do not run warnings and raced off the dock to the opposite side of the Charleston marina. She knew it was a waste of time. Fueled by desperation, she did it anyway. The boat she searched for was nowhere to be seen. Her chest tightened. Her breathing became shallower by the […]

Summer Kisses – Charlie Novak

I STARED DARKLY at the Kilner jar on the polished-chrome kitchen counter, trying to work out which asshole thought I needed a fucking swear jar. The neat, printed lettering gave nothing away, neither did the fucking ridiculous list of fines written down the sides. I’d already crossed one of them off since bloody was nothing […] © 2018 | Descargar Libros Gratis | Kitap İndir |