Forbidden – Carole Mortimer

Zachary Noble, the Earl of Harrogate, reined in his horse to stare at the eerie glow of orange in the rapidly darkening night sky ahead of him. A glow which seemed to grow bigger even as he looked at it. Zachary had hoped to arrive at his estate in Surrey before dark but his horse, […]

For This Moment – Holly Bush

May 1871 Paradise, Winchester, Virginia “Enchanted,” Richard Armsworth said as he bowed low. Olivia Gentry watched him, interested to see if he would kiss her hand. He seemed content with rubbing his thumb softly on the back of it while touching the pulse of her wrist with his fingers. It was intimate, and unsettling as […]

For the Sake of a Scottish Rake – Anna Bradley

If a proper lady intended to engage in a shocking impropriety, a fashionable seaside resort wasn’t the place to do it. Lady Lucinda Sutcliffe had only arrived a few days ago, but she’d already discovered there were more gouty old men and phlegmatic old ladies in Brighton than there were grains of sand on the […]

For the Lust of a Rogue – Olivia Bennet

T he carriage rumbled forward, every now and then bumping harshly from unevenness in the country road. Lady Caroline Beauchamp, the daughter of the Earl of Brighney, moved in her seat, feeling nauseous from this seemingly endless journey. She had made the mistake of trying to read for the remainder of the trip to London, […]

For the Love of the Viscount – Callie Hutton

The Right Honorable, the Earl of Pomeroy, sat at the head of his dinner table and smiled at his three lovely daughters, who smiled back at him. Three unmarried lovely daughters. Each one was charming and pretty in her own way. And each one needed to find a husband and remove herself from his benevolence […]

For the Love of the Marquess – Callie Hutton

The Marquess of Hertford looked up from the book he read as Stevenson, his butler, entered the library. “My lord, a note has just been delivered to our door.” He held out a cream-colored piece of vellum with the seal of the Duke of Reading’s crest on it. Graham took the paper from the butler’s […]

For the Love of the Gentleman – Callie Hutton

Lady Prudence Sterling straightened her spine and with her papers clasped firmly in her hand, entered the library where her mother and stepfather enjoyed an evening libation before retiring to their bedchamber, as was their habit. She’d given this a great deal of thought and spent a lot of time going over her appointment books […]

For the Love of the Duke – Callie Hutton

Lady Phoebe Sterling left the overly warm modiste shop and stepped onto the pavement, inhaling a breath of fresh air. Her sister, Prudence, was still busy going through design plates to find the “perfect” gown for the first ball of the new Season in two weeks. Although identical twins, they parted ways when it came […]

For the Love of the Baron – Callie Hutton

Jonathan, The Right Honorable Lord Stanley, entered the bi-weekly meeting of the Gentlemen and Ladies Literary Society of London, handed his hat, cane and great coat to the man at the door, took two steps and cringed at the sound of Lady Marigold’s laughter. Not that his fellow member laughed like a horse, or any […]

For The Love Of A Widow – Christina McKnight

Thump, thump, thump. Daniel brushed his knuckles against his palm as he glanced down at his attire and hastily smoothed his hands over his rumpled coat. The movement caused him to sway slightly as he steadied his stance. “Hiccup.” Blast it all, but he despised ending his afternoon entertainments early to accompany Lady Lettie to […]

For the Love of a Gracious Duke – Bridget Barton

Eight Years Ago… Ellen pressed her nose to the fragrant flowers in her hand, appreciating their scent. “They are marvellous, Lewis! Thank you for picking them for me, but I daresay that your gardener will not be impressed that you snatched a few blooms from under his nose.” Lewis, tall and handsome, stood with his […]

For the Love of a Duchess – Bridget Barton

“But why are you telling me this, Papa? What can I possibly do to aid the fortunes of Bexley Hall?” Lady Eliza Ashton studied her father closely. Martin Ashton, the Earl of Bexley, was clearly uncomfortable. Eliza could not remember ever seeing him so before, and it was most unsettling. It seemed to Eliza that […]

For the Duke’s Eyes Only – Lenora Bell

Hertfordshire, 1814 Round. Rough. Not-dirt. Not-rock. India’s fingers recognized the hard curve of metal before her brain caught on. “Coin!” she shouted to Daniel. “I think I found a coin!” She pulled a handful of dirt out of the shallow hole she’d dug. Daniel loped over on his long legs, a wide grin on his […]

For the Brave – Holly Bush

1869 Outskirts of Lexington, Kentucky “Don’t pinch, Esmie! It hurts!” The blond woman propped against the foot of the metal bed giggled and fondled her own breast. She glanced at the man lounging against the headboard and ran the tip of her tongue around her lips. “Tillie looks put out, sweetheart. Why don’t you and […]

For Love or Honor – Sarah M. Eden

London, October 1815 “I DOUBT MARİE ANTOİNETTE LOOKED half so tragic on her way to the guillotine.” Marjie had endured this lecture before. She was the first to admit she hadn’t a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for their evening’s social obligation, but she understood the necessity. Marjie’s sister and brother-in-law Philip, the Earl of Lampton, […]

For Love of the Duke – Christi Caldwell

Lady Katherine Adamson discovered very early on that all bad ideas began with her twin sister. Far too many erroneously assumed because Katherine was a whole six minutes and seventeen seconds younger than her sister, that she must aspire to the model of ladylike decorum and beauty as evinced by her twin. Only Katherine, however, […]

For Love of Liberty – Julie Lessman

“Abominable.” Miss Willoughby’s voice rang clear and concise from the back of the schoolroom, spelling primer in hand as she offered fourteen-year-old Liberty “Libby” O’Shea an encouraging smile. “Since everyone has been eliminated from the spelling bee except you and Mr. McShane, Miss O’Shea, we’ll need both the definition and usage of the word in […]

For Love of a Laird – Mia Pride

THE FİRE FROM the hearth leapt at the chance to devour the parchment, wax seal, and all. The moment her eyes saw the crest of the Laird of Drum Castle, home of their rival clan, her skin had begun to crawl. No doubt the missive had been delivered bearing the unwelcome news she had dreaded […]

For Her Honor – Holly Bush

HE MİSSED the taste of food. He missed the texture of rare roast beef, and the tang of a béarnaise sauce smothering it. He missed the smoothness of mashed turnips and the snap of a fresh bean from the garden. He missed the anticipation of a meal and a wine to complement it. Adam Gentry […]

Foolish Bride – A. S. Fenichel

“I was not out yet when the earl was engaged. I only know the rumors.” Elinor wished Sophia would change the subject. She had hoped for a nice quiet walk in the elaborate gardens. Sophia patted her dark hair into place. “And, what was the rumor?” Elinor cringed. How she hated gossip. “Never mind, Elinor. […] © 2018 | Descargar Libros Gratis | Kitap İndir |