Arrogant Jerk – Kelly Myers

“W 1 XA ND E R rong. No. Too old.” I clicked the windows shut. Every so-called nanny Mrs. Mitchell has picked out is just not a good fit. “We will never find a replacement like this.” Mrs. Mitchell pushed my hand away from my laptop’s trackpad. The sour expression she gave me was the […]

Arrogant Assassin – Lyssa Cole

“HA! No one’s dick is bigger than Manny’s. I’ll bet money on it.” Natalie cackles. I snort, and Ivy rolls her eyes. Typical Nat. Bragging about someone’s dick size. “Manny? Who’s that? The new flavor of the week?” Ivy pokes at Nat playfully, knowing she hates it. “Yep, and a damn good one at that. […]

Arrogant Architect – Alexa Padgett

“T 1 Emmaline oday is going to be a life changer,” I murmured into my mirror. “You are totally going to nail this interview and get offered the position.” I nodded to myself, trying to feel confident. A text beeped through and I smiled at my friend Bridget’s note: You amaze me. I hope you’re […]

Arresting Behavior – Morticia Knight

“Please…you don’t have to do this.” John’s whimpering tone made the man sick. He wasn’t worth the air he was taking up on the earth. That was why he had to be the next one to die. The man edged closer to the tanned and buff John who was tied spreadeagled to the small bed, […]

Arranged – Mazzy J. March

The crown should always have been mine. My brother and his bitch were incapable of ruling these sniveling wolves properly. If you don’t show them who’s in charge, they will walk all over you. I thought we’d kept the undamaged of the twins, but as Janis’s hearing fades it’s difficult to hide her limitations from […]

Arizona Heat – Lori Wilde

S 1 he had to be hallucinating. Blame the hot desert sun in August. For indeed, there couldn’t be a naked man in a straw cowboy hat standing under the cascade of sparkling water. The fountain was in front of the Phoenix headquarters of the sporting goods company where Jane worked as administrative assistant to […]

Apparition – Karla Lopez

I remember how her presence tugged at my heart, and how I wanted her. I remember how chocolate hair hung of her shoulders. She walked with this fierceness. I watched her closely. She carried herself with easiness and peacefulness that not everyone could see but I did. I wanted her, but I couldn’t have her […]

Anything, Anytime – J. J. Harper

I’ve been watching Martin Fulbrook with his boy for a few weeks now, and I don’t like it. At all. Their relationship seems off. I’m not the only one who noticed. A few of the other regular Doms at Bent have commented on it as well. We are all here for some fun with the […]

Anything For This Love – Ashley Cade

I’VE HAD plenty of time to think about what I want to say, but I’m still at a loss for words as my car idles next to the curb. It’s been a week since Jacob and I finally spoke about the incident with his mother and began to reconcile our relationship. I made it clear […]

Another Time and Place – Samantha Grosser

H PROLOGUE e wasn’t coming back. She waited for him at the hotel near the airbase, roused from dreams by the sortie of bombers flying east overhead, lying shattered and sweating, awake but still in the nightmare. Dragging herself from the warmth of the bed, she shivered as the winter air touched bare skin, and […]

Another Life – Jodie Chapman

It didn’t work the first time. My little brother jumped from the window of his Manhattan apartment building on Christmas Eve morning. His body fell seven storeys and landed in a skip filled with four feet of freshly fallen snow. It was the snow that saved him, cushioned the blow. It had drifted down all […]

Anne of Manhattan – Brina Starler

If there was one thing Anne Shirley would stand firm against all arguments, it was that a person could never have too many books. That being said, it was possible she’d taken more than was strictly practical when she packed up her childhood room for her final year in grad school at Redmond College. Her […]

The Uncrossing – Melissa Eastlake

The world spun tighter on its axis when the Kovrovs came to visit. It took a lot of work to put on the necessary show—cleaning the house, planning the meal. Luke lingered in his room to avoid the chores and steel himself. Luke had two ties draped around his neck, the plain black one he […]

The Two Princes of Summer – Nissa Leder

Graves had always freaked Scarlett out. Dead bodies trapped in boxes for all eternity and buried six feet under the ground. No. Thank. You. If Scarlett had any choice, she would be far away from the garden of the dead. But her mom now rested there in a cherry wood casket. It was mostly her […]

Animal Attraction – Kathryn Halberg

“Olive! Put. It. Down!” Smothering a frustrated grunt, Rachael stalked across the bright bedroom in stealth mode. Easing her outstretched arm toward the miscreant, prepared to lunge, she caught nothing but drifting dust particles as Olive slipped away again at the last second. What had gotten into her? “I do not have time for this!” […]

Angel’s Cage – Anna Zaires

I’m back. Back in the devil’s lair. The thought loops through my pain-dazed mind as the car rolls to a stop in front of Nikolai’s ultra-modern mountain mansion. A man and two women in hospital scrubs— presumably the medical team Nikolai mentioned—are waiting for us on the driveway with a gurney. Behind them is Alina, […] © 2018 | Descargar Libros Gratis | Kitap İndir |