Power of the Goddess – Tessa Cole, Clara Wils

HALF A DOZEN, big, tough, no-nonsense security men from the convention center looked at me, although none of them were as big or tough as the two guys, Keph and Rion, who flanked me. We stood in the middle of a large room with a stage that had a long table on it, waiting for a panel to present at the comic convention. Half of the chairs had been set out for the audience, and half of those chairs had been crushed or tossed aside. And there was no way the security guards hadn’t noticed. Except I couldn’t let that distract them. The naiad had infected who-knew-how-many people at this convention, and I couldn’t let anyone leave without figuring out how to heal them with magical powers that I shouldn’t have in my world and yet still did. That, and I wouldn’t be able to do that if the security men took me into custody. Which meant I had to take control of this situation. The trouble was. I wasn’t that sort of woman. I was quiet and reserved. I didn’t face things head on. There was a reason I wanted to live alone in some tropical paradise. But I’d gotten myself into this mess. I’d chosen to chase after the naiad and Disease Man and try to save as many people as I could, and I needed to do something about it now.

I just had to figure out what powerful Annie Chambers looked like. “Listen up!” I shouted, just a little too loud. The men before me started and from the side of my vision I caught Rion twitch as well. “We have an emergency situation here, and I’m going to need all of your help with this.” The security guards stared at me with a mix of surprise, confusion, and disbelief. Swell. “That woman my men just apprehended is a bio-terrorist,” I said before they could question me. “She’s been releasing a nasty disease on the premises. I’ve stopped her, but there’s no clue how many people she’s infected. I need a level three quarantine set up on this facility, all exits closed, and everyone ready for my inspection.

” “Who are you?” one of the men managed to say. He stepped forward, perhaps a leader, not the largest of the men, but seeming less confused than the others. “Annie Chambers.” That much was true. And now time for some confident lies. “Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Bio-Terrorism team. These are my men—” I hadn’t shown ID and the man who’d spoken up frowned with skepticism. I turned to Rion. “This is Ryan—” I needed a last name quick, and seeing him shirtless reminded me of our time in bed which made my lips quirk in a smile that I hoped no one saw and a single word jump to mind. Jeez I had a dirty mind.

“Long,” I said. “Agent Ryan Long.” I turned to Keph. “This is—” Keph…? No. His name, like Rion’s, was too weird and would draw suspicion. “Kevin.” My mind jumped to Keph’s member and my dirty mind couldn’t stop coming up with descriptive names for them. If Rion was long, then Keph was… “Thicke.” “Can I see some ID?” “There’s no time for this,” I said, pushing on as if I hadn’t heard him and praying he’d give up and get to saving people. “People are infected out there and the longer you stand here, the worse things are going to get.

” I stalked up to the lead security guy. He was half a foot taller than me, but I met him gaze-for-gaze, eyes hard, with all the certainty and urgency I could muster. He took a step back. Ha! Yeah! Oh… Wait. That was probably because Keph had just stepped up close behind me. “Move! Now!” I shouted. At the same time Keph growled, “You heard her.” “Yes, ma’am.” The security man turned to the others. “You heard her, go.

” They hurried from the room and the guy in charge took two big steps away from me — or rather away from Keph — and shot me a dark look. “I’m calling the FBI, though. Confirming your story.” “Good,” I said with a spark of fire in my voice. “And while you’re at it, call the police. Your men will probably need help here to keep this contained.” He huffed, but thankfully didn’t put up more of a fight and rushed out of the room. Once he was out of earshot all the bluster drained out of me. “Holy-fucking-wow! I can’t believe that worked!” A cold sweat trickled down the insides of my arms and another pool was forming between my breasts. Fuck, that had been too close.

I was sure the only reason those men had listened to me was because I’d had Keph backing me up. Speaking of which… I turned to the guys. “Thanks,” I said, blowing out a huff of air, my body starting to tremble with the shock of fighting and capturing the naiad and then lying to the security guard. But I couldn’t lose it now. There were people here who needed healing, far too many people, possibly thousands of them. This was going to be a long day. “I’m exhausted, but we need to heal as many people here as possible.” “Those men are corralling everyone. There’ll be time to heal them, though I fear what that will do to you,” Rion said as he put his jacket back on, the dark material accentuating his bronzed skin, pale blond hair, and blue eyes. God he was sexy and the open jacket instantly drew my eyes to his naked, chiseled chest and hard abs.

I wanted to rip that jacket right off and— No not the jacket. He could leave that on while his pants came off and he pushed that incredible cock of his into me once again. I shuddered, growing hot, and the look in his eyes grew just as hungry as I felt. Suddenly I had lots of energy. I laughed, was sex the answer? After the last time with him, I’d been a pool of jelly with no strength at all. So, perhaps not. But the intensity of my desire swelled. There was no way I’d be able to concentrate without relieving the pressure. And if I kept it to a tease, maybe that would give me the energy or in the least the motivation to push through and wrap this mess up quickly. That, and Rion was right.

It would take a moment or two for those guys to lock down this place and I wasn’t going to be able to stand there and wait. Not while I was suddenly aware of Rion and how I knew — because of amazing firsthand experience — how he could make me feel. Then my gaze flicked to Keph. The heat in my chest sunk deeper, my breath catching as the flash of the three of us together came to mind. Keph with his huge… well… everything. Oh, yes, please! I grabbed their hands and began leading them to the doors at the other end of the room, in the opposite direction the security guards had gone. “I have a plan to get me some more energy.” Not to mention get me thinking straight, because now having sex— No, just a tease. Having a tease was all I could think about, even though I knew I should be thinking about the mess at hand. “And it involves the both of you.

” “Whatever you need,” Keph said softly, his deep voice rumbling through me, bringing a smile to my face. I’d hoped he’d say something like that. “Annie, what’s this plan?” Rion asked, his tone more hesitant than Keph’s. “We need to find some place to be alone. Then you two are going to get me all worked up so I have the energy to heal ten thousand people.” “I, ah…” Rion frowned, looking pained, clearly wanting to say yes but questioning the efficacy of the plan. “I can’t say I’m not… intrigued, but are you certain that will give you energy and not take it from you?” “As long as I don’t get off, then sure… I think so.” I shrugged off my doubt. “Either way, I’ll feel a whole lot better.” Or so I hoped.

I couldn’t see how I’d feel bad after sex with these two. Sore maybe, but not bad. And this wasn’t sex. This was just a really good tease to get me all worked up and get me motivated. That was all. The trick would be stopping there. There were two sets of doors at the back of the room that led to a hall, the direction Del and Aethan had gone with the naiad, and another single door next to it, leading to a storage room. It was probably going to be the most private place I could find. It was dark inside and there wasn’t anyone there. A large, floor to ceiling metal shelf ran along the right wall close to the door filled with cleaning supplies, toilet paper, paper towels, linens, and other stuff, while stacks of tables and chairs filled the rest of the room.

I flicked the light on and looked around. No other entrances. Even better. I pulled the guys inside. “Keph, close that door and keep your back to it, so we’re not interrupted,” I ordered. My body thrummed with need, and I was suddenly jittery, excited, and apparently back in command mode. Keph did as I’d asked, leaning his massive back against the door, and my pulse leaped into a quick tattoo. Oh, God. This was really going to happen. Was I crazy? Probably.

But I knew I’d be even more crazy trying to concentrate past my sudden, aching desire. I wouldn’t be able to fight it along with my exhaustion and worry, so I might as well get my desire out of the way. “How would you like us to… work you up?” Rion asked. I glanced at him then Keph. The three of us were standing there, awkward. This was all a bit staged… but screw it. This was definitely what I wanted and I wasn’t going to get anywhere with my clothes on so I pulled off my jacket and shoved it onto the rack beside me. I reached to pull off my sweater but Rion stepped close and captured my wrists in his hands. “Let me,” he murmured, his smooth tenor sending a shiver rushing down my spine. I lifted my gaze to meet his.

His pupils were dilated with desire, turning his blue eyes into bottomless dark blue depths that made my pulse pound. “Okay,” I breathed and he slid his hands to my shoulders and turned me away from him to face Keph. A moment of disappointment flashed through me at the loss of eye contact, but he pressed his hard body against my back, and I could feel his erection, large and hard against my rear through my thick skirt. Oh, yes. That was what I wanted— No. Not what I wanted… at least not right now. The plan was for just a tease, to get worked up enough and be motivated enough to heal everyone here and then come back for more. He grabbed the bottom of my sweater and slowly lifted it, the action so simple and yet, so damn sexy. I raised my arms and he drew the sweater off and set it on the shelf beside my coat then slid his hands back down my arms, skimming the edge of my breasts sending a thrill rushing through me despite the fact that I was still wearing a T-shirt and bra. My pulse roared in my ears and my breath picked up.

Was it me or was the storeroom getting really hot, really quickly? Maybe asking for just a tease was a bad idea. But even as I thought that, I locked gazes with Keph, who watched Rion slowly undress me. Desire filled his silver-rimmed black eyes, and while I wasn’t sure I’d be able to tell if he was flushed given his glistening onyx skin, just that look in his eyes and seeing the hungry, aching need there was more than enough to tell he was aroused. And that made something in my chest swell. It was a matching need, except it felt deeper than just a desire for physical release. It was like I craved a connection with him, which was crazy because I didn’t know Keph or any of the guys well enough to crave a deep connection with them. Want maybe, but not crave. Not yet. Rion grabbed the hem of my long-sleeved T-shirt, leaned close, and brushed his lips against the sensitive skin behind my ear. A soft moan escaped my lips and I tilted my head to the side to give him better access, but didn’t take my gaze off Keph.

The big man’s chest rose and fell, his breath getting faster too, each inhalation expanding his bulky muscles and straining his white dress shirt. The sleeves had been too tight so he’d ripped those off and now all I could think about was ripping off the rest of it. God! This was taking forever. But then… it was supposed to be a tease wasn’t it? The muscles in Keph’s jaw tightened and the big man fumbled with the tiny-to-him zipper on his pants, trying to free his erection. The fabric bulged, reminding me of just how large he was. I’d seen him and the others naked since clothing was optional in their world and had dreamed about what it would be like to have sex with him. Oh yes, break that beast out. Rion’s breath came faster as well now, his desire clearly rising like mine and Keph’s. He pulled off my T-shirt, his pace, like his breath, no longer slow, as if he was losing control as well. Keph finally found the zipper and pulled it down, but hadn’t undone the button, and wasn’t free.

He grunted, as Rion undid the clasp on my bra and let the lacy fabric fall away, then Keph gasped as if the sight of my breasts had stollen his breath. Heat pooled between my thighs and my core ached. I was so very ready for one of these men to be inside me— Well I was ready for Rion. I wasn’t so sure about Keph yet, but I had no doubt with a little more attention from them, I would be. Except this was just supposed to be a tease. If I was smart. I’d stop things where we were. I was certainly full of energy for something right now, and that something was supposed to be healing everyone in the convention center. But I couldn’t bring myself to say it. I wanted more.

I wanted to feel Rion’s hands on my skin, wanted to see how large and dark Keph’s eyes would get with his need. The large man finally succeeded in popping the button at the top of his pants without ripping it off and freed his monster erection, breathing a heavy sigh of relief. Rion’s hands found my breasts, clutching them greedily, and I gasped at the hard grip, a sudden contrast to the slow, soft, and sensual touch he’d used to undress me. He sucked on the skin behind my ear and kneaded my girls, tightening my nipples into stiff, aching buds with an onslaught of passionate sensation. My legs grew weak and I leaned back into him. My breath was ragged and I moaned my pleasure, my body throbbing with need. “Too much?” Rion asked, his lips against my skin, his hands still working my breasts. Oh, hell yes. We were beyond teasing now, and it was exactly what I wanted. “No,” I gasped.

And that was it. I’d fully committed. To hell with this being just a tease. I’d lose my mind if he stopped now.


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