Roping His Hero – Sue Brown

Ronan The cowboy knew the second he stepped through the door of Xavier’s that he was out of place. It had been a mistake to think he’d fit in here. He was a cowboy weathered by hours of riding under the fierce Texan sun. These men were polished to within an inch of their lives. Slicked back hair, soft leather, shiny stompy boots. Even their abs were as shiny and polished as the rest of them. When he’d called to see if he could get a guest pass the owner of the club had sounded almost amused. Maybe he’d agreed that Cowboy could come as a joke at the cowboy’s expense. He’d been invited to Sweet and Spanky night. Cowboy blinked at the idea, but the owner explained that Sweet and Spanky night was for the newbie subs, the sweet twinks who didn’t know what they were doing but were curious anyway. The Doms gave them a little spanking and sent them on their way. Some returned, most didn’t. Unseen by the owner, Cowboy nodded. It wasn’t a bad way to sort out the subs that were playing from the ones that were really interested. There was nothing wrong with curiosity.

He agreed to accept the pass to Sweet and Spanky night. It might not be his scene, but it would be a good way to judge the club. Cowboy stood just inside the doorway of the club and inhaled deeply. Despite the sophisticated décor and clientele, Xavier’s smelled of leather and sweat and semen just like every other club he’d been to. The heavy male scent relaxed Cowboy’s nerves. He was a fish out of water, but the goals were the same here as they were in every BDSM club he’d been in. He was aware of eyes upon him as he explored the club. Not all of them friendly. He was a stranger. A Dom, not a curious twink. Not really a Dom either but for tonight he’d dressed in leather, just like everyone else. He wasn’t as smooth and shiny like the other Doms. His harness and leather pants looked as if they had been around the block a time or two. Which they had, he had to acknowledge. His boots were battered too, even if they did shine to perfection.

One of his previous boys had loved being on his knees, shining Cowboy’s leather boots. The thought of little Davey made Cowboy smile. He hadn’t been sweet or polished either and the mouth on him… He was always getting his hide tanned for cussing. Davey had suited Cowboy just fine. Cowboy decided he’d get a drink and then he’d head out. He’d find another club which fitted him better. The wannabe subs kneeling in one corner, head down, wrists crossed behind their back, waiting for one of the Doms to pay them attention, weren’t his type. “What can I get you,” the bartender asked. “Sparkling water please.” Cowboy never drank when he was playing. “Coming right up.” Cowboy eyed the bartender. He was handsome. Tight, curly blond hair, and green eyes. Tall, with broad muscles tapering down to a slim waist.

As plucked and polished as the rest of them, but muscular enough to attract Cowboy’s attention except for the black leather collar around his neck. Cowboy never trespassed on another man’s turf. “Thanks,” he said as the bartender handed him the chilled water. He could at least soak in the atmosphere before he left. It had been a long time since he’d been to a club. He watched the byplay of Doms and subs. The sweeter the twink looked, the quicker he got chosen. Some vanished into private rooms. Some of the braver subs were spanked in the main room. For one or two subs, Cowboy had a feeling that this wasn’t their first time. They were too knowing, too coy. The Doms didn’t seem to care though. Cowboy was about ready to go when he spotted a sub who had not yet been chosen. He studied the boy—no, man—for long moments. The man was on his knees, his wrists crossed behind his back, the same pose as all the other subs.

But he was nothing like them. For a start he wasn’t a sweet twink. He was twice the size of the guys next to him. He was also wearing a leather mask which completely obscured his features. For the first time that night, Cowboy felt the stirring of excitement. Maybe his night hadn’t been a complete washout after all. He turned back to the bartender. “Who do I talk to about that guy over there?” The bartender’s eyes went wide, and Cowboy nodded to himself. Yeah, he thought so. This wasn’t one of the usual Sweet and Spankies. This guy was different. The bartender studied him for a moment before he said, “I’ll, uh, get the DM.” Cowboy stayed where he was, waiting for the Dungeon Master to show up. It had been made clear to him that he was to ask before he touched and everything he did would be watched. That was fair enough, if exasperating, for someone with his experience.

“Hi, I’m Butler. Tim says you’re interested in Dan?” The DM appeared at his side, his smile professional. He was about Cowboy’s height with the darkest brown eyes, dark skin and hair that was cut so close that Cowboy could see his scalp. He was charismatic, but with a ‘don’t mess with me’ vibe a man could find intimidating. Cowboy inclined his head. “I am. Dan, you say? Is he available?” “You’re a guest. Normally we wouldn’t allow Dan to go with a guest.” “Normally?” Cowboy queried. “Dan needs…careful handling,” the DM said. “I know what I’m doing.” Cowboy let his irritation bleed through. “You may do.” Cowboy caught the emphasis. “Is this his first time?” “No.

” Butler huffed. “Dan is a good guy, but the Doms don’t go near him.” “Too big?” Cowboy wasn’t judgmental. He knew most Doms preferred the small twinks, not subs who could overpower them. Cowboy wasn’t most Doms. “Normally Dan turns up, stays on his knees for the evening, and goes home disappointed.” “Then what’s your hesitation?” Butler turned to face him. “I’ll ask, but Dan’s got to agree to it first.” A sub calling the shots. Interesting. Cowboy studied Butler carefully. “What is it you’re not telling me?” “That’s the thing I can’t tell you but he’s a good man. If he says yes, you take care of him.” The threat wasn’t so much implied as laid right out there for Cowboy to see. “I will,” Cowboy promised.

Butler nodded. “I’ll get Dan to check you out from here. If he agrees I’ll come back.” Cowboy continued leaning against the bar. He wasn’t going to show any tension. It would happen or it wouldn’t. Either way it was no skin off Cowboy’s nose. Butler hunkered down in front of Dan, obviously telling him about Cowboy’s offer. The sub looked over to him. Cowboy tipped his head as if he were wearing his hat. Dan studied him for a long time. Then Cowboy saw the nod.


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