Something Wicked – Murphy Wallace

Lighting my cigar, I inhale deeply and let the smoke fill my lungs. The taste of victory is almost as strong as the night karma finally caught up to that son of a bitch. I’ve been labeled the bad guy my entire life and that bastard always got everything I deserved. Thirty years. That’s how long I’ve waited, making this triumph oh so very sweet. My dark-haired beauty lies naked on my bed while the sun blindingly peeks between the curtains. Finally, I’m free to caress her luscious curves. Last night wasn’t our first together, but it was the start of our forever. Her silky skin will never feel the touch of another man as long as I live. My phone’s annoying buzz woke me hours before sunrise. Once she walked through the mahogany doors of her new home, I knew both of our phones would blow up. She wisely silenced hers, but I wanted to read all the articles about the fact we were a couple. We’ve shocked Hollywood—a scandal as outrageous as ours .

well, of course it’s trending. You would think some of the things I’ve done in the last couple of months would make me hang my head in shame; instead, I’m grinning from ear to ear in devilish glee. It hasn’t been easy, watching everything unfold without coming forward to take the credit. I knew I had one shot—one—to set everything up and watch people react just as I expected so I would get my way. One snag and my dreams will crumble at my feet. I need to simply stand back and trust my plan would flawlessly run its course. I am only the puppeteer, pulling all the strings while these idiots do my dirty work. I answer a call from my manager. “Do you want to fill me the hell in on what kind of shit show you’re running?” Rubbing my hands together, I know before I even speak that I won’t be able to mask the excitement in my voice. “Well, that could take a while. Are you sitting down?” “Cut the shit, Shaw. The career you’ve worked for could go right down the drain, and all because you can’t keep your dick in your damn pants.

” “She was begging for it; I couldn’t say no,” I reply, shrugging my shoulders even though he can’t see me. “In all seriousness, this has been coming for a long time. I’ll tell you exactly what went down, but not on the phone. Get your ass over here and I’ll tell you everything from the very beginning. Brace yourself, ‘cause it’s one hell of a bumpy ride.” 2 One year earlier “Malone. Cova.” I acknowledge Leonie’s parents with my usual smart-ass grin plastered across my face and a polite nod. I know they don’t want me here at the party. Malone can’t stand to be around me in public, so I know he hates that I’m in his home.

It’s all fake. Our friendship is like any other façade. It’s useful, makes people think you’re not an asshole when you really are. The three of us are Oscar worthy actors. We make nice for the cameras, but when the flashes fade our true colors shine—the truth would shock our fans. “Shaw, it’s been a while since you’ve brightened our day with your presence,” Cova mutters, slipping around me and brushing my broad shoulder with her own. I watch her walk away. I can feel Malone’s stare as I keep my eyes peeled to her fine ass until she’s out of sight, and I don’t give two shits. He punches my arm and I’m about to return the gesture with twice the force when Leonie struts into the room. “Father, where’s another bottle of Jack? And we’re out of Coke, too.

Surely, we’ve got more. Right?” “Ah, to be turning twenty-one again,” I laugh. Leonie does her best to stare me down, probably trying to figure out how I wrangled an invite. I’m amused she doesn’t know she invited me with her own two fingers. When her father mutters he’ll take care of it and leaves the room, I begin to close the distance between us. “The resemblance to your mother is unremarkable,” I tell her. “Thanks, I think,” she replies with a slight roll of her eyes and starts to exit the room. “I appreciate your invitation along with the picture of you in that lace nighty you attached. I believe you promised me a little birthday lap dance if I came.” I laugh inwardly when she slowly turns on her stilettos, the very same ones she wore last night.

“You’re lying!” she lunges at me, her pointed finger almost touches my nose. I imagine that fingernail running up the bulge that’s quickly making an appearance in my slacks. “Don’t believe me? Message me back,” I taunt. She pulls her phone from her back pocket. I know she’ll do it because she loves me already. She has for months. We’ve been talking on A-lister, a dating app for only the highest paid celebrities. She’s seen pictures of my cock and I’ve seen just about every inch of her porcelain skin. My phone dings and our eyes connect. “Happy birthday, Princess,” I whisper in her ear and then run the tip of my tongue against her ear lobe.

She hesitates just long enough for me to see the chill bumps covering her arm before pulling away. I don’t say another word and walk away from her, going outside to the pool. Hiding my eyes behind my sunglasses, I focus on the woman I intend to make mine. * * * LEONIE Leaning my back against the bathroom door, I push in the button lock. I need a moment alone to catch my breath from the shock of discovering Shaw is the guy who’s been making my walls crumble with his words. He’s done a damn good job of it, too. Shaw, really? I mean, sure, he’s good looking . for a man the same age as my father. Honestly? Recalling all of our conversations makes him a lot more attractive. The age difference doesn’t seem so significant, now that I think about it.

Heat rises from my chest and my cheeks flush. I can’t seem to cool off, so I dampen a washcloth, fold it, and lay it against my neck. There’s a knock on the door, so I turn the knob to unlock it. Shaw leans against the jamb, sucking out every ounce of oxygen in the room. “You shouldn’t be here,” I whisper, gripping the side of the sink. “You want me here,” Shaw immediately counters. Meeting his eyes in the mirror, I’m not sure what I want. I longed to have the man who talked to me late at night, when I was lonely, hold me in his arms. Well, that was before I knew who I was baring my heart and soul to. Now, I still want the same thing, but I shouldn’t.

I love the person I’ve spent months talking to, but it was never supposed to be Shaw. It should’ve been someone else—anyone else. Shaw and my parents literally hate everything about each other. I can’t imagine what they would think if we were together. As our bodies inch closer, I distract myself by playing with my long fingernails, picking at them while trying not to look into his dark eyes. Once I meet his gaze, every wall I’ve built will crumble. He lifts my chin with his finger, brooking no denial. “You look gorgeous.” His eyes burn with desire. I tug at the hem of my dress, my sweaty hands tremble with my growing nerves.

Shaw cocks an eyebrow and smiles, dipping his head so his lips caress my neck. His tongue and lips make me shiver with need. He huffs a laugh and growls, “You taste as sweet as I’ve imagined every night while I fist my cock.” At the thought of Shaw jacking off, I squeeze my thighs together—like that will prevent me from getting any wetter. I feel my clit pulse, demanding to be touched. My shallow rapid breaths match my racing heartbeat. The pull between us becomes too powerful and my hand latches on to his erection of its own volition. I palm his bulge and his big hands lift my dress up. In a single motion, he sits my bare ass on the counter. The hem of my skirt pools on my lap, giving Shaw a full frontal view of my mound.

He freezes, taking in all of me. He skims my straps down, freeing my breasts. With my dress now only covering my stomach, I feel exposed and embarrassed. His hands cup my breasts and then he takes both nipples in between his callused fingers, pinching and rolling them, making me gasp. My back straightens as I involuntarily roll my hips. I scoot my ass closer to the edge in the hope one of those strong hands will play with my clit. He grins knowingly. One hand drops to my crotch and he touches my clit with his thumb. A moan slips from my lips. A sudden knock at the door makes us freeze.

“Leonie, it’s time to open your gifts.” The words drift through the closed door. Shaw ruefully winks at me and pulls my dress back into place. I jump off the sink and quickly check my hair and makeup. What the hell did I just let happen? I just made out with the enemy. I need to put my walls back in place, so I say what I should have when he first entered the room. “This can’t happen,” I try to sound convincing. “Oh, honey.” He strokes a finger down my cheek. “This was just the beginning.

Believe me, we will finish what we started.” Leaving Shaw in the bathroom, I take a couple of deep breaths before rounding the corner into a room full of people. I sit in the chair by a table overflowing with presents. All eyes are on me, just how I like it. I unwrap gifts, one after another, while the crowd murmurs its oohs and ahs. I’d left the smallest gift for last. Unsure of who it was from, I unwrap it slowly like it was going to explode. In the Tiffany’s box is a necklace engraved with the words “Always a princess” and realize it’s from Shaw. In our many conversations, I’d often complain that my family calls me ‘Princess’ and my mother ‘the Queen’. It gets under my skin more than just about anything else.

I’ve made a hell of a lot more out of myself than she has. The only reason anyone knows her name is because she married my father. She will always be trash. She just happened to find a white knight to lift her out of the gutter. I can take care of myself. My relationship with my parents is rocky, at best. I can’t stand either of them. They have controlled every move I’ve made my entire life. It’s become crystal clear even more since Shaw and I have been messaging back and forth. He has opened my eyes to so much.

I just wish he was someone else entirely. I feel his eyes on me before I look up to see him leaning against the wall, his hands in the pockets of his jeans and a self-satisfied smile on his face. After all the guests have gone home, my heart doesn’t feel as full or pound like it’s trying to break free from my ribs. After our encounter in the bathroom, I know Shaw may not be the man I’d imagined, but I don’t want anyone else. 3 Shaw Shaw: It has been over a week. I miss talking to you. Shaw: You know the chemistry we shared at your party could happen all the time, if you let it. Shaw: So, because your dad controls your life right down to every role you pick and every cent you earn, you’re just going to stop talking to me? At what point are you going to grow the hell up and be a woman who can make her own decisions? Since I sent the messages on the app, I know she still wants to hear from me. Otherwise, she would have blocked my ass last week. I throw my phone down on my bed and run my fingers through my hair.

This won’t work if she can’t follow her heart. I know she wants me, but she has to be the one to make the next move. When our eyes connected, I knew she felt exactly what I needed her to feel. Our conversations should prove to her that I’m not the man she thought I was. My phone beeps and I snatch it up. Leonie: I know this is going to cause a shit storm, but you’re right. My dad is a controlling asshole and I’m done letting him dictate my life. I’m all in, baby. Shaw: I’ll pick you up at seven. Pack an overnight bag.

I want to finish what we started. I send a picture of my tongue piercing back with the message. Once the time has been set with Leonie, I call my manager, Ed, and give him all the details. The paparazzi needs to be all over us. I know how to piss Malone off and this is going to catch him off guard and rock his world. Pulling up to the home of Malone and Cova King, I watch gorgeous Leonie sashay down the front steps. After she gets in and closes the door, I put my hand on my chest as I take her in. “What’s wrong?” she asks, concern written all over her face. “Do you know how difficult it’s going to be for me to keep my hands to myself during dinner?” She smirks and I laugh, then peel out of the driveway. “I’m glad you finally responded.

I’ve missed our conversations more than I ever thought possible.” That’s a bigger lie than I care to admit. I missed how close we were, but I’m reveling in how well my plan is being executed. Our conversation flows easily all the way to the restaurant. When I pull up to have the valet park the car, the flashes go crazy. Leonie looks at me, obviously trying to figure out how they found us so quickly. I pretend to be worried as I grab for her hand. “We knew we’d be outed sooner or later. Guess it’s sooner.” She squeezes my hand.

“I’ll handle my parents later,” she says with a gentle smile. I give her a second before stepping out of my car. I hand the valet my keys to the Tesla and walk around to open the door for my royal date. I strike a pose as I look straight into a lens, giving them by best evil smile. The black heel of Leonie’s shoe touches the pavement, her long legs appearing first. There’s an audible gasp from the crowd when they see who it is. She stands beside me and slides her hand around the crook of my elbow. After a pregnant pause, the crowd begins asking questions. “Leonie, he is much older than you. Do your parents have any objections?” one of the jackasses asks.

Not giving Leonie a chance to answer, I look right at a man who has a camera to his eye. “They know what’s best for their daughter. Age is just a number; it means nothing. Now please, let us through so we don’t miss our reservation. Take as many pictures as you like but we won’t answer any more questions.” I drop my hand to her waist and escort my woman to the door. Once inside the empty restaurant, our conversation stalled. It seems having candles between us inside of cell phones has made talking to each other more difficult. It’s harder than I thought to be with her in public. Not that I give a shit what people think, but I must stick to my plan.

It’s the only way I get what I want in the end. “Are you afraid of what your parents are going to say?” I question, knowing the truth. She cared before, but we’ve talked online for months. Now, she’s so in love with me she wants me more than she wants to please her parents. “No, not really. I need to finally stand up to them. It’s just going to be a huge fight.” She looks down at the table instead of at me. “Are you prepared for them to forbid us from seeing each other? I’m afraid that’s what it will come down to.” I can see it in her eyes.

She knows it’s the truth. Mr. and Mrs. King are about to find out their daughter isn’t innocent at all. I also made sure the cameras would be outside the hotel I’ve booked for the night. Once her parents realize Leonie and I are sleeping together, my plan will take off like a runaway train. Leonie excuses herself to the restroom. Taking the opportunity, I take a tiny tin from my pants pocket. Looking over my shoulder to make sure she is out of sight, I unscrew the top and pour the blue powder into her red wine. I contacted one of the biggest drug lords in Los Angeles when I started to devise my plan.

I needed a drug, something addictive I could sneak into her drink. I’m not completely sure she would be willing to go toe to toe with her parents without a little . help. The guy suggested this blue powder called frost. It’s so new it’s extremely hard to get your hands on. Frost is extremely addictive after the very first time it’s ingested. It makes you feel like you’re on top of the world, but the withdrawals are a bitch. One vial of frost can last up to twenty-four hours. I’m ready for the party to begin. Leonie returns and drinks the rest of her wine.

The conversation flows easily after she’s frosted. Once we finish our dinner, I smile and take her hand across the table. “I think it’s time we head to the hotel and finish what we started.”


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