SSS; Year Five – Avery Song

Welcome, Team 999, to the special Coronation of Spies. Throughout your years at Supernatural Spy Academy, you’ve questioned our methods and ways of teaching until it came down to the point where you had to trust in us to see the truth in all of our actions.” Star snuggled against my neck, excited for what was going on. “Well, there’s a reason for all of this, and it comes back down to the very prophecy bestowed upon you.” The prophecy… “The last four years have felt more like trials than anything, and you’ve questioned why you haven’t gained enough skills, strength, and survival tactics to be confident spies in the field. Those are all valid worries.” She paused and looked at each of us. Then she raised the mic to her lips. “The last four years have felt like trials because they’ve been exactly that. Team 999, you’ve officially accomplished the Supernatural Spy Trials and are now eligible to accept your invitation into the true Supernatural Spy Academy, which is located within the depths of the City in the Sky. There, you will spend the next four years enhancing your skills, strengths, and survival tactics, and be put to the true test with no strings attached.” I was absolutely speechless, but Aria carried on. “Before you get lost in shock, there is one final revelation. There is a reason that you and your team members survived the shock caused by the malfunctioning of your watches.” What?! “I’d love to explain the details, but I think it would be best for the rest of the council to come up here.

Daichi Xin, Mitten Lula, Scarlett Solange, Queen Kensuke. Can you please join me?” We watched them make their way onto the stage, and our confusion grew when they left a gap in the middle. Are there more people? “Finally, the secretary and vice president, who both coordinate the high council, and the official headmaster of the Supernatural Spy Academy Sky Campus.” Aria moved off to the side and the red curtains in the background moved to reveal three individuals — two females and one male. My heart stopped, and I heard Dimitri and Wolfgang gasp in pure shock. Impossible… Aria took a deep breath. “Introducing the secretary of S.S.S. Sky Division, Annabella Hellsin.

The Vice President of S.S.S. Sky Division, Naomi Vasiliev. And finally, the Headmaster of S.S.S. Sky Division, Dr. Artemis Spell Solange.” The room was pin-drop silent as the three individuals stepped forward and the others bowed in their presence.

Aria passed the mic to Artemis, whose eyes were locked on mine. “Good afternoon, Team 999. Congratulations on surviving the trials of Supernatural Spy Academy. I will be your headmaster from this moment forward. Let me be the first to greet the newest set of demigods to be accepted to S.S.S. Sky Division.” He paused and gave a small smile, those tender eyes of his grew glassy as he stared into my wide ones. “There’s a lot to be explained, but you’ll have years five through eight to learn everything you need to become the true spies you’re destined to be.

Welcome to your destiny. I hope the six of you will embrace your unique differences as you carry on toward the best years of your life.” The room was thick with tension as the six of us remained frozen in our spots. My mind was trying to repeat what had just been said, my eyes processing the man standing on the stage. My body was enduring numerous sensations, my emotions flipping out of control as I mentally tried to figure out how to even respond. What would you say to your dead parent who’s actually alive? This was one of the multitudes of questions beginning to weigh on my mind while I fought to breathe normally. A day of celebration that led to this bomb being dumped on our heads was something I never would have believed could become reality. My father. My dad, who was my hero and savior through so many challenges in my life. Even when he was dead, the thought of him, memories of my childhood, and his wishes to see me prevail at Supernatural Spy Academy as the first witch to attend were what pushed me to reach this moment.

Four years of spy school. Four years of trials, errors, failures, and achievements. It was all because I decided to follow my dad’s dreams for me – to pursue the path of a spy and make him proud as I excelled. This revelation didn’t make me regret my actions, but now that the true secret of the academy was out in the open, I struggled to accept it. We’d endured four years of supernatural trials. Not actual spy school? My father, as well as Dimitri’s and Wolfgang’s mothers, is alive? Scarlett knows that Dad is alive. The City in the Sky…demigod acceptees…my dad is the headmaster! The multiple thoughts were becoming too much, weighing down my mind and body, making my heart pound so harshly against my chest that the rush of pumping blood was making me dizzy. I wasn’t going to faint or collapse in their presence, but I was struggling with this news. What am I supposed to say? What should I even do? How do you respond to a situation like this? How am I even supposed to feel? My emotions were indescribable because they were changing every second. One second I was happy.

So fucking happy because there was the man I thought perished in the hospital bed without having that final chance of hearing me say goodbye and that I loved him. I was sad because all these years could have been spent doing plenty of father and daughter activities. He was my rock. My bond with him was far closer than my bond with Mother, and if he were alive, I knew that bond would have remained and maybe aided me to reach even greater achievements. I was angry. So fucking angry that it may have overwhelmed the other two emotions in a race to target and destroy. It had every right to try and be the absolute emotion in this predicament because it was the most deserving. We all deserved to be furious. Our emotions had been manipulated as our minds were convinced that our parents had truly perished. The wounds left behind motivated us to strive harder as we fought to move past the loss of parents and become the best versions of ourselves for the sake of their legacy.

I could only imagine what Dimitri and Wolfgang were feeling. Plenty of thoughts and emotions had to be rushing through their minds and bodies at this revelation. Wolfgang lost his entire pack and Dimitri lost his mom for the sake of securing Lia. If we wanted to use normal logic, none of this would make sense. When you died, you were officially gone. There were no takebacks or “oops, I woke up again” moments. When your heart stopped beating, your end was official, just like the engraved letters of your name upon a tombstone as your legacy is celebrated and those that loved you mourn the strings left behind. There shouldn’t be a try again button, and yet I wondered if such a device existed because my vision was as clear as day, and I knew without a doubt that the man before me was definitely my father. If this was all truly real, how would we move forward? What could we even say to open the casket of lies and deceits that began to creep into the picture? If I allowed those emotions to have their say, it would merely morph my anger into a rage, and that would be something I’d struggle to control. Then there were the mini emotions that added to the rest of the pile: the nervousness about what other secrets were hidden from us, the fear of what the next four years would have in store for us, and the heartache for my mother that seemed to tug at the strings of my racing heart.

My mom loved this man with her whole being. The tears she shed and the pain she endured in silence as she was left to take care of us in a neighborhood that wished to see us fail were devastating. She had to rise up as a widow and now single mother to give us the life she had dreamed together with her husband. To think he was somewhere out here – alive and healthy – doing whatever duties a headmaster was designated to complete somewhere else while Mother had no choice but to do what any mother would. Raise us with as much love she could fathom to replace the loss of our fatherly love. Not to forget how Scarlett knew of this as well, leaving me to wonder how long she knew – or did she know this entire time? The silence that continued to reign upon the room made it seem like no living individuals were within the square box walls. I wondered if they were actually expecting us to respond, but even if we wanted to, I knew I couldn’t get a damn word out. Not here and now. When the room continued to remain silent for another full minute, Artemis slowly nodded his head in understanding. “Your shock is reasonable, and we do not require you to respond back to us at this time.

Not many reach this point at S.S.S. and it leaves all of those who have speechless.” He looked along the line at each one of us, his eyes finally returning to mine once more as he continued, “I’m sure you have lots of questions and the three of us specifically would be happy to answer them before you enter the realms of S.S.S. Sky Division. However, I’d like to say this now, seeing as it’s more urgent.” What’s more urgent? “Now that you’ve graduated from the S.

S.S. Trials, your invitations to S.S.S. Sky Division are ready and within the medals around your necks. Uzziah Sabella, your invitation will be back at the dorm house for you to sign with your own medal that has been awarded for your participation in ensuring Team 999 remained safe when outside interference attempted to ruin their chances.” All Uzziah did was nod just slightly, his expression as blank as ever. “Again, I’m sure you are experiencing many emotions right now as well as piling questions. We can only answer them once you’ve agreed to attend the next four years of spy school.

This is implemented to ensure whatever is discussed and revealed is kept safe and does not reach the outside surface. You’re allowed to know that you are among the very few demigods that have reached this moment of time on graduation day, so you all should be proud of yourselves.” Demigods. We’re…demigods? That simple word of power wasn’t even processing in my mind as of now, and I still couldn’t even absorb fully what was being stated. “With that being said, you will have twenty-four hours to make your decision. If you do decide to attend, you may activate your medals to reveal the official invitations and sign them with the magic feather that will appear with your solid intention to attend. Your signature confirms that you will attend the next four years as well as swear to keep this moment between your team and any other demigod students chosen to attend S.S.S. Sky Division.

” He looked around us once more and added, “Just in case you’re wondering, if you do decide to refuse, you’ll be given a compensation package that will ensure the six of you are given decent jobs in society that best fit your strengths. This meeting will be erased from your memories, and you’ll forget that you even attended S.S.S. Academy.” WHAT! Aria nodded and decided to elaborate, “Please also remember that those memories include your interactions with one another. Everything that happened in the last four years will be erased and unless fate decides to unite the six of you once again in your normal supernatural lives, you won’t recall anything that occurred. We’ve sadly been forced to use such drastic measures due to past students who’ve joined other spy academies and used the strategies and experience gained through their years at S.S.S.

against us. We deal with the off chance of being attacked by spies of different schools and districts due to many reasons we can’t disclose at this time.” Again, the room was heavy with silence, and Artemis nodded. “You’ll have twenty-four hours from when you leave this room. I’d suggest unlocking your medals privately, for each one has a message that will project a holographic video and you will be told some secrets never before revealed from the chosen mentor of the invitation. Once you’ve signed and confirmed your enrollment as a team you will begin your summer vacation. We won’t answer your burning questions unless it’s deemed right by the council. All of us who stand here are magically wired and we can reveal what is allowed. We are unable to disclose what should still remain a secret until the time is right. Use your summertime to bond, tie any loose ends or resolve conflicts, and spend some time with your families and friends, if need be.

The night before the start of school, we will ask for three team members to come to this very room so that we can discuss and answer any further questions. The information will be recorded so your teammates who don’t attend will be able to listen to the tape. You’ll then be given a private interaction with one of us to ask anything else.” With another scan of our line, he nodded again. “That is all for now. You have twenty-four hours to make your decision. Before it is said, I know this seems like a very harsh way of celebrating our successful spies, but please remember that we’re doing this for your own good. I hope we’ll see all of you three months from now.” No words could describe how I felt now, and the idea of forgetting everything that occurred was the most frightening thing. I’d forget my loves, the memories we shared, Lia, and even Star.

That last part of my thought made my nerves spike up in a flash, and with a poof, there was a drop on my head. I blinked and could already predict the reaching paw that patted my nose before Star revealed herself. She looked into my eyes, only noticing my prolonged silence before she was on the floor before us and looking at the lined-up council. Stretching her body and spreading out her stance, she hissed. “MEWR!” The sound was loud enough to make all of them flinch, but my eyes widened as a prism magic circle appeared beneath us and the light shooting out from the circular masterpiece engulfed our vision. When the light dimmed, I opened my eyes to see we were back at the dorm house. All six of us quickly exchanged looks before we peered down at Star, who stretched again before looking back at me. “Mewr?!” “She’s…asking if she did good?” Dimitri’s voice was barely audible as he looked at Star. Now my eyes were watery as I slowly nodded. “You did amazing, Star.

Thank you for getting us out of there.” I hoped my shaky voice showed enough of my appreciation as my heart dropped, and I burst into sobs. “Mewr…” Star was off the ground and floating up to snuggle against my cheek in asecond, and the loving action only made me cry harder. Soon arms wrapped around me, aiding in comforting each other as we finally took in what just occurred. There was so much to say. So many things that we now had to do before we made yet another life-changing decision with a time limit looming our heads. What hurt the most was that the last four years led us to a web of secrets, and even after all the sacrifices, challenges, and accomplishments we carried on our shoulders, it felt like we hadn’t achieved a single thing now. If we decided to say ‘fuck it’ we’d lose everything we fought for. If we remained, we now had the next four years to endure even more hardships. We’d have our opportunity to learn the truth, but did we want the truth? Would the truth glitter in shiny gold or would it be a rock of disappointment and broken dreams? We thought today as we walked down that stage and received our diplomas and medals of honor that we’d start our lives as spies.

Instead, we discovered the trials were just the icing on the cake and we wouldn’t know how deadly the next four years would be until we made this important decision. Twenty-four hours. That’s all we had to analyze through this as a team and decide on what path we’d walk on as a unit. It may have been obvious, but I knew without a doubt that we weren’t going to make our decision based off the obvious. The question still remained, even after four years of secrets. Do we still want to become supernatural spies?


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