Taunting Destiny – Amelia Hutchins

I turned away from the window, and ran like my life depended upon it. Because, right then, I thought it did. Instinctively, I knew I wasn’t supposed to see what I had. Ryder had been torturing Guild Warlocks along with some other men that I think were Fae, but I wasn’t sure what they were— they could just as easily have been human. I knew better than to try and be some kind of army of one just so I could figure it out. I sped up, narrowly avoiding the manicured shrubbery on his extensive lawn, dodging trees as I refused to look back. I wasn’t dumb enough to turn around and peek over my shoulder. I was the type who yelled at the girls in scary movies who did so. I didn’t stop running; even when I heard the hounds let loose a series of horrible sounding howls. They were far enough away that if I made it to the highway, I might live long enough to get away from them. As far as I could tell, none of the Fae inside the house had sifted out, and I was still unable to sift myself. A horn blared as I hit the pavement, and I barely avoided becoming a pancake as I jumped backwards to avoid an eighteen wheeler loaded down with logs. An old green Buick behind it screeched on its brakes and came to a stop about a quarter mile up the road. I exhaled a deep, shaky breath and looked down the highway. No cars were around, besides the one that had stopped.

I looked back up as reverse lights came on and the car started backing up. I turned and looked back at the mansion. I could just make out its lights in the distance. I caught a glimpse of green glowing eyes from the bushes that were surrounding the fence that encompassed the property. A sharp snuffling noise was all the additional incentive I needed to book it toward the car that was still backing up. When I reached the pale green Buick, I slowed. The older female driver reached over and rolled down the window. She had graying hair and thick glasses perched on her nose. Her misting gray eyes were sharp, though. “Are you crazy!?” she shouted as she bobbed her head to get a better look at me.

I was dressed in jeans, wearing flip-flops, and hanging on to my purse for dear life. I tried to speak, but my words were jumbled up in my head after what I had seen. “You look half-scared to death, get in. What are you doing out here?” she asked as I quickly opened the car door, and took my seat beside her. “I need to go to the Spokane Guild. I need to get there as fast as this old car can go, lady,” I said, already grabbing the seatbelt and clicking it. “Are you one of those Fae?” she queried, eyeing me carefully. “No, I’m an Enforcer for the Guild, and this is an emergency!” I shouted and felt bad for all of a second. I had slightly lied. I wasn’t technically an enforcer, anymore, and I hadn’t fully Transitioned to Fae yet—see, only a little white lie, really.

She hit the gas, and the car’s ass-end fishtailed back onto the highway. “Well, why didn’t you say so?” she raised her voice to be heard over the old engine. We pulled up to the Guild about twenty minutes later. I thanked her for the ride and ran up the steps. I was met and surrounded by the Guild’s guards. Ten built Enforcers stood around me, forming a circle to keep me contained. I was getting dirty looks, and most of these guards had been in my class. “Micah, this is serious!” I said to the squad leader. Micah smiled coldly, his hazel eyes showing excitement that made a chill sweep down my spine. “Either tell Alden to get down here, or let me go up!” I shouted, not caring that they had weapons trained on me.

I was not the enemy, and I was a hell of a lot faster than they were. I tapped my foot and glared at them. “Your kind is not welcome here, Synthia,” he smiled coldly. “My kind!? You mean the kind that saved your stupid ass on countless trial assignments? My kind that saved you from being kicked out? That kind, Micah?” I seethed. My kind my ass! “You’re not even one of us! The only reason no one has placed a fucking mark on your pretty little head, is because your ‘uncle’ is refusing to issue—” “Enough! Micah, go inside. Now,” Alden said coming down the concrete stairs swiftly. His eyes scanned me briefly, before he nodded to Tate who gave me an apologetic look before patting me down. “She’s clean,” he said after stepping back. “I’d like to speak to you alone, Alden,” I growled narrowing my eyes. “That won’t happen ever again, Synthia.

The Guild does not associate with the Fae. Not unless you have a job that you needed us to take.” Does not associate with the Fae? “You might change your mind when you hear what I tell you,” I snapped. “Go home,” Alden replied. “No! I won’t go home. You need to hear what I have to say. I just—” “I said go home,” Alden snarled and glared at me. The Enforcers behind him snickered and laughed at me. I fought the urge to give them a solid jolt of my magic, but, with my luck, I’d end up in chains for it. That is, if I could still tap into it.

I hadn’t been able to tap my magic since Larissa had died. “Alden,” I replied coldly. “I need to talk to you.” “Go home, Synthia, I’ll call you later.” Something in his eyes made me hesitate; something was off here. I could feel the hostility from the Enforcers, but I could also feel the urgency in Alden’s voice, and something else I couldn’t place yet. “Fine, but you need to hear what I have to tell you.” “The Guild is no longer helping the Fae. If it pertains to that, you can forget it. You are no longer welcome here Synthia, nor is Adam.

You have been warned,” Alden said as something passed in his eyes. He turned, and left me standing there gawking at his retreating back. I turned the other way, and started down the stairs as the Enforcers closed in and escorted me from the building. I’d come here to report to Alden that people were being hurt—Guild members were being hurt! What the hell had happened in the week that I’d taken off to mourn my best friend? Had the entire world gone crazy? I had expected to get the cold shoulder from the Guild, but not from Alden. Something was up, and it seemed like he just wanted me away from the Guild. Mix that with what had been going down with Ryder and his men, and you had a shit soup being stirred. It wouldn’t be served cold, either. I’d walked home, oblivious to anything around me. I was so lost in thought that I almost missed my house. I shook off the dark images of what I’d witnessed at Ryder’s hands, and walked up the sidewalk that made a path over the dead grass in my yard.

I’d gotten my key into the lock and was pushing the door open when I felt his presence. That tingly electrical feeling like there was a downed power line nearby. I pushed the door all the way open, and stepped over the threshold, hoping the wards would prevent him from entering. “Ryder,” I whispered as the memory of him worshiping my body flashed through my mind. “You ran from me again, Pet,” he growled as he stepped from around a large rose bush. He was still wearing his cloak. His eyes flashed golden fire as they raked down the length of my body. “Yeah, I saw what you were doing and wasn’t sure if I’d be next. The Guild gets a bit upset when their own are abused, so, unless you want to tell me why you were torturing a room full of Guild Warlocks and those other guys, go away.” Sometimes I really needed a filter for my mouth.

“What I was doing inside my property isn’t any of your concern. You’ve been through enough lately.” “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t call the Guild and report this hmm?” I bluffed, crossing my arms and meeting him head on without showing a lick of fear. He strode forward and stopped inches from the door frame. I backed up, far enough that I was pretty sure he couldn’t touch me, or force me from the house. I smiled and cocked my head at him. “I could make you come outside,” he grinned, and tilted his head to mimic mine, which caused his inky black hair to fall gently over his face. He was distracting me, and I wanted to know what he’d been doing in his mansion. “Try,” I growled. “I think you like it when I force your decisions.

” “Think again,” I snapped and narrowed my eyes on him. “How does it feel to have my brand on you, Pet?” I was going to get whiplash one day from his topic changes. His smile was cold, but somehow, still managed to be beautiful. He gave me a smug little look as he folded his arms in front of his chest and leaned his shoulder against the door frame. “I know that’s why you came to the mansion. I could feel it as it was etching itself into your beautiful flesh.” “I told you I couldn’t be owned. You had no right to put it on me in the first place,” I replied coldly. “You are mine, Syn. Make no mistake of thinking otherwise.

I own you until after your Transition.” His lips kicked up into a wicked grin and his eyes slid down my body slowly. His voice was soft, tempting, and beguiling. “I agreed to it, yes, but not a single moment after it.” He snorted, and shook his head. “Who says I want more?” Ouch. I actually flinched at his words. “Is there an actual reason you’re here, Ryder? Or, did you just come to gloat, because you branded your fucking pet?” “I came to tell you that you have two days. I want you close to me when your time comes. I want to be the one that sees you through Transition.

You didn’t argue it in the contract you signed. I’m holding up my end and taking care of Adam while he Transitions. Yours is coming very soon, Syn. I can smell it on you. Soon, every fucking Fae in Spokane will as well. Hence, the reason for the brand. It was designed to show at the first hint of your Transition. I won’t share you with them. Two days, Pet, and then I plan to bury my cock inside of you. Repeatedly.

” “Contract or no, you have no right to order me around, and I plan on getting this damn thing taken off. Do I need to spell it out for you?” I shouted, and retreated as he moved forward. His lips pulled up in the corners as his eyes flashed with anger. “It can’t be removed by anyone but me, Pet.” His eyes scanned the walls and his smile grew darker. “You can’t hide inside this house forever.” I smiled back at him. “What’s the matter, Ryder; afraid to get knocked on your ass again?” He shook his head. “You never learn, do you? There is nowhere in this fucking world, where you can hide from me now. Anywhere you go, I’ll find you.

I’m faster, smarter, and you are mine.” “But you can’t come inside my house.” I smiled in victory. It was childish, but it felt good. “You think I wouldn’t come inside to get you?” he challenged. I swallowed and shook my head. The wards my parents had placed on the walls inside the house had already taken Ryder down once; it was the only time I’d ever seen anything affect him. “No, actually—” Before I could finish my sentence, I was yanked from the house by invisible hands and pressed against the exterior of the house by Ryder’s massive body. “Like I said, you can’t hide from me. Ever.

” His eyes heated with liquid gold. Heat seared between us, instantly. “If you try to hide from me, Pet, I will tie you to my bed, and fuck you until you not only acknowledge my ownership, you will beg me for it.” I licked my lips to reply to his taunt, but his mouth lowered and claimed mine. His kiss was more than just a kiss, though—he was claiming ownership. I brought my hands up against his chest to push him away, but the moment they landed on him, I forgot everything else but Ryder. Once again my mind was his, instantly becoming a tool of my own seduction and caving to his need. It was as if he took control of my mind and my body, with the slightest effort. I moaned against him, feeling his erection press against my stomach as his hands landed against the clapboard siding of the house, trapping me between them. My body flamed with need.

Liquid fire began to race through my veins. He deepened the kiss, and groaned as his hands went down to pick me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist as my arms went around his neck. My hands fisted his hair, holding him against my mouth. When he finally managed to pull away from me, I was shaking with need. I hated that I still responded to him, even after seeing what he had done. My body wept for his touch, demanded it, even. He chuckled, his eyes searching my face as I leaned back against the house. “You’re closer than I thought you were.” His lips drifted down my neck, and stopped on my carotid, his tongue flicking out to taste my heartbeat.

“You smell good, Pet, so fucking sweet. You’re already wet for me.” “Tell me why you were hurting those Warlocks,” I whispered as I ground my body against the massive erection that I could feel through his cloak. Something about Ryder left me helpless to refuse him. It left me confused and upset, which was an unstable combination. “It’s none of your concern, Syn,” he growled. I shook my head with that wake-up call and pushed him away, dropping back to the ground, and righting myself on my feet. “Not my concern? I was part of that Guild until last week.” “You’re not anymore, remember? Right now, you need to keep out of this, because you won’t like what you find.” His voice turned hard and intense, as he drove the meaning home.

“Go away, Ryder, now.” His lips pulled up into a dangerous smile. One I’d seen many times before. I quickly stepped backwards as he stepped towards me. I glared at him. “Soon, very fucking soon, Syn,” he said softly. “Only for Transition, then we are done, Ryder. You’re too much—this is all too much. The contract only stated that I was yours until a time of mutual choosing. I’m choosing now, the minute I’m done with Transition, we are done.


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