The Vignettes – Vol 1 – D. B. Reynolds

Cyn wandered through the crowded room, smiling at people, aka vampires, she didn’t know, sipping occasionally at the crystal flute of very fine champagne held in one hand. This wasn’t exactly how she’d planned to spend New Year’s Eve—not this year, the very first one she’d be celebrating with Raphael, the at long, last love of her life. Not that he wasn’t here somewhere. She could feel him in her heart, in her mind, the inexplicable connection that was like a slender filament between them, always there, no matter how far or near. It had bothered her at first, made her feel like he was spying on her, like she had no privacy at all. But it wasn’t like that. It was no longer an intrusion, but the very opposite. It gave her strength and security, the knowledge he was always there, her beautiful, powerful vampire lover. Speaking of whom, she scanned the room once again looking for him. He shouldn’t have been that hard to find. He was not, after all, a small man. Unfortunately, neither were most of the attendees at this very private New Year’s Eve party. This was a special gathering, the heads of his various nests, his closest advisers from his Malibu headquarters—all of them were vampires of his own making, his own children, and all of them were here. There were admittedly a few female vampires scattered amongst the hulking males, but the reality was that for centuries most vampires had chosen their children from among the staunchest of warriors, and since vampires lived a very long time, most of those present reflected that selection process. Which meant the room was filled to the brim with vampire muscle.

It also meant there were no humans present, not at this party. After midnight, the vampires gathered here would join the larger party down the hall—there would be plenty of humans at that one, guests of a rather unique sort. But for now, Cyn was the only human in the room. Of course, as Raphael’s mate, she held a rarified position in the Vampire community. Unfortunately, that position didn’t get her any closer to him at this moment. “Good evening, Cynthia.” Cyn glanced up and smiled. “Hey, Duncan,” she acknowledged. “You’re looking lovely as always,” he commented, raising his own drink in a salute. His glass held the same champagne hers did, except with a blood chaser mixed in.

It was almost funny. All those big bad vampires walking around holding flutes of pink bubbly. “You’re looking rather lovely yourself, Duncan. I do love a man in a tux,” she confided as he took up station next to her. “Big party tonight, huh?” Duncan nodded. “The biggest. New Year’s Eve is possibly the most important holiday in the Vampire culture.” “What about Halloween?” He gave her a disgusted look. “A celebration of the dead? Really, Cynthia.” “Sorry,” she muttered, trying not to laugh.

“So why New Year’s?” “Because the climax of the celebration, the raison d’etre of the entire holiday, occurs at midnight, the darkest hour. An occasion tailor-made for vampires, wouldn’t you say?” “When you put it like that, I guess so.” She glanced nervously at the clock, which was fast ticking toward midnight, and gave the room one last scan. Still no sign of Raphael. She sighed and deposited her glass of champagne on a vampire waiter’s passing tray. “I think I’ll get some air. Enjoy the party, Duncan.” She made her way to the patio doors and slipped outside. The air was cold this close to the ocean, and wet. It felt good on her bare arms after the crowded room, although she knew it would soon grow uncomfortable.

She stepped out of her stiletto heels and onto the sand, walking down towards the water and around the huge, battered rocks lining the shore. The lights of the party disappeared, her dress rustling softly in the shadows as the midnight breeze played over the water. It was a lovely dress, in a blue so dark it seemed black . until the moonlight caught the fabric just right and the blue sheen shone through. With a tight, strapless bodice and short, full skirt of lace and tulle, it wasn’t something she’d normally wear. But she’d bought it especially for tonight, for her first New Year’s Eve with Raphael. She sighed again, disgusted to realize she was feeling sorry for herself. After all, this was a party, and from what Duncan had said, an important party. It was as much business as anything else, a reforging of the bond between Vampire Sire and child. Still, it was nearly midnight, and she’d really hoped— “Abandoning me at midnight, my Cyn?” She spun around, feeling her foolish heart kick in her chest at the sight of him standing there, so beautiful, the moonlight dancing lovingly over his high cheekbones and black eyes, his broad shoulders filling out the tuxedo in a way other men could only hope to emulate.

His eyes gleamed silver as he watched her walk toward him, holding out one hand to pull her closer as she stepped up to him barefoot and stood on tip toes to reach his sensuous mouth. She sank into his kiss, a long, slow exploration, hungering for him as if it had been days rather than hours since she last tasted him. “I looked for you,” she said eventually. “I found you.” She smiled against his lips. “Don’t you need to be inside? Your vampires are all waiting for you.” “But you’re out here.” “But it’s nearly midnight and they’re your children, and Duncan said—” He curled one strong arm around her waist, lifting her off her feet and nuzzling his face into her neck. “There is only one of you, my Cyn. And only one place I want to be at the stroke of midnight.

” “Where is that?” she asked breathlessly, threading her fingers through his short hair, feeling the warm brush of his tongue. “With you,” he breathed against her skin. “In you,” he whispered seductively. He backed her against the high rocks and slid a big hand beneath the skirt of her pretty dress, tearing away the lacy panties she’d donned just for him. His fingers found the warm wetness between her thighs and began playing with her, rubbing circles around her clit and gliding away. “Raphael,” she gasped, protesting his teasing. She fumbled between them, lowering his zipper, her fingers finding his hard length, circling him and stroking until it was his turn to gasp and then growl impatiently. He lifted her higher, spreading her legs with his hips, his teeth pressing against the blood rush of her jugular. Inside the house, the big clock chimed midnight and the vampires roared. As if it was a signal, Raphael’s fangs pierced her vein and his cock thrust into her slick heat.

Cyn cried out as she felt the exquisite pain of his fangs sinking into her vein, as his hard length plunged deep between her thighs. She wrapped her arms around him as their bodies took up a rhythm in time with the throb of the ocean, in and out, silk over satin, her legs holding him tightly, releasing him only long enough that he could plunge deeply once again. The first orgasm crashed over her, leaving her shuddering helplessly in his arms, knowing only the thrust of his cock, the pounding of the waves, the warm lap of his tongue on her neck. “Raphael,” she whispered again. His mouth found hers, filled with the salty taste of her blood until his replaced it, a hot, searing rush of ecstasy that trailed down her throat, setting every nerve on fire until she screamed into the night. He thrust deeper, harder, faster as the waves crashed against the rocks, until he roared into the night sky and they tumbled together into ecstasy. Cyn closed her eyes, arms curled securely around Raphael’s neck, afraid to let go, afraid her legs were too weak to hold her. Raphael tightened his grip, but shifted them around until it was his back against the rocks rather than hers. Not that she’d noticed it. She burrowed into his solid strength and laughed happily.

“Happy New Year, Raphael.” “Happy New Year, my Cyn.” THE END VAMPIRE VIGNETTE #2 A VAMPIRE VALENTINE Malibu, California, Valentine’s Day Cyn opened the sliding glass door, standing in front of it for a few minutes despite the cold air and the shiver it sent skittering over her bare skin. It would be warm enough once she got back to her fireplace and, besides, she loved the fresh, salty air, loved the sound of the ocean only yards away from her balcony. Turning back into the warm room, she walked over to the deep chair in front of the fire and settled in, tucking her bare feet beneath her and pulling her computer onto her lap. She flicked a glance at the lower right corner of her screen, checking the time. It was still too early. Just as it had been the last ten times she checked. She was alone here in her condo, had been for two nights. Raphael had gone to New Mexico with a bunch of his vamps to deal with a problem.

A problem caused by that asshole Jabril who’d all but run his territory into the ground before he died. Nobody cared that he was dead—at least nobody Cyn knew–but his territory was a huge mess for the new Vampire Lord, Anthony, to clean up. Some of Raphael’s people were there helping, but every once in a while a few rats crawled out from under their rock and caused trouble. This latest episode was a couple of Jabril’s losers who decided they didn’t like the new management. Einsteins that they were, they’d decided to drop over the line into Raphael’s territory and set up shop, preying on the locals. As if. They were too stupid to live if they thought Raphael would let something like that slide. But then, they wouldn’t have to worry about the whole “living” thing for much longer. In fact, their worries were probably over by now. She shifted in the chair, trying to find a comfortable spot.

Although, after two nights and days without him, Cyn was pretty sure there would be no comfortable spot until the big guy came home. She should have gone with him, she mused. Should have insisted. He’d wanted her all safe and sound, of course. Preferably tucked away in his underground bunker with enough food and water to keep her until he came home. Like that was going to happen. Even if it was more of a luxury suite than a bunker. She’d gone along with the idea of him going without her—and what a colossal mistake THAT had been—but there was no way she was going to hide out like some sort of scared mouse for the duration. As it turned out, she hadn’t remained on the estate at all. The huge estate house had just felt too damn empty with Raphael and most of his guards gone, so she’d spent the time here in her own condo instead.

She sighed and focused on her computer, determined to get some work done instead of sitting around mooning like a lovesick teenager. She had several client searches going, simple things she should be able to do in her sleep. But sleep reminded her of bed which reminded her that hers was empty because a certain vampire — Her thoughts screeched to a halt and she sat up, suddenly alert. She’d docked her i-pod into her sound system which was wired throughout the house and now the song had changed to one of her favorite romantic tunes . and every nerve in her body was zinging. Between one breath and the next, he was there, filling the doorway to her bedroom, little more than a hulking shadow, the hallway behind him darker than it should have been—but that was his talent . one of oh so many. His eyes pinned her as she looked up at him, gleaming silver in the low light. Not even the golden glow of the fire could touch those lambent depths. Lubimaya.

His voice was as dark as the night, a caress of warm honey along her skin. She wanted to run to him, wanted to jump into his arms, drag him to the ground and have her way with him, right there in the hallway. But he was just waiting for that, wasn’t he? Arrogant bastard. She smiled instead, setting aside her computer and stretching slowly as she stood, knowing that her short, tight t-shirt would outline her breasts, that her hip-hugging yoga pants would flash a good bit of flesh for him to admire. He growled low in his throat and took a step toward her. That was all it took. She gave in and ran, after all, meeting him halfway, or more than half, who cared? He swept her up into his arms, his mouth coming down on hers in a hard, claiming kiss, full of pent-up desire. Moaning against his mouth, she shoved his coat off his shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. “Too many clothes,” she fretted, tugging at his sweater, hungry for the feel of his hard flesh against her, for the taste of his skin. Raphael gave a deep, masculine laugh, delighted at her eagerness.

“It’s your clothes that are in the way, sweet Cyn.” With a single tug, he had the t-shirt over her head and off. Picking her up bodily, he cupped her ass in his big hands and curled his thumbs beneath the waistband of her tight jeans, feasting on her breasts as he carried her to the bed, half-throwing her down to strip her pants down her legs. He grinned appreciatively at discovering her naked underneath, straightening long enough to unfasten his own denims, shoving them down his thighs and freeing his beautiful, jutting erection. Cyn leaned back on the bed and let her eyes feast on her gorgeous lover, watching the muscles play over his chest and arms as he pulled his sweater over his head and kicked away his boots. She laughed delightedly as he climbed onto the bed, still half-dressed, spreading her thighs with his hips as he leaned in for another deep, hungry kiss. “I missed you, my Cyn.” His words were a murmur against hot skin as he licked his way down her body, pausing to suck hard on each nipple, leaving them swollen and flushed red with blood. The tiniest nick of his fangs offered that blood to his tongue and she gasped with pleasure, holding his head closer, arching her back in invitation. “You should have taken me with you,” she said breathlessly.

He responded with a sharp bite to one plump nipple and she moaned softly, the delicious mingling of pleasure and pain shuttering her eyes and sending her thoughts scattering. Her eyes flashed open on a gasp of surprise as he used her distraction to slide his full, hard length deep inside her, stretching her achingly wide until he was buried to the hilt, the tight fabric of his jeans rasping against the tender skin of her thighs. Cyn felt tears press against the back of her eyes, an almost overwhelming rush of joy filling her as their bodies were finally joined. Just having him here, his big body crushing her into the soft bed, his mouth gliding over her skin, alternating biting and soothing as he hummed with his own pleasure—it was ecstasy, it was . “I love you, Raphael,” she whispered fervently. “I missed you so much.” He kissed her mouth tenderly and began moving, long, sure strokes of his cock, plunging into her eager heat, the muscles of her silky canal caressing him with every thrust, urging him deeper, releasing him only reluctantly and only to shudder with renewed desire when he drove himself inside her once again until their bodies met with the soft slap of firm flesh. Cyn lifted her legs, wrapping them around his back, opening herself even further, inviting him to slide deeper, harder. Raphael hissed hungrily, his lips finding the soft curve of her neck, his tongue seeking out the plump sweetness of her vein. She felt him jerk with surprise at what his tongue found there and she smiled, but only briefly as her delight in his reaction was washed away in the first clenching of her womb, the climax rolling over her like an electric current, every nerve suddenly shrieking in ecstasy as the orgasm sped through her body, bowing her back and wrenching a scream from her throat.

Raphael sank his fangs into her vein, sending her into a second orgasm before the first had even finished with her, endless ripples of pleasure tumbling her over and over until she was only blearily aware when he threw back his head and roared his own completion, her blood still glistening on his fangs. Cyn closed her eyes, every muscle limp, every nerve exhausted. She felt Raphael tense to roll to one side and tightened her hold, unwilling to release him. “Stay,” she whispered. “You feel good.” She felt his smile against her neck, felt his tongue as he lapped up the trickle of her blood, closing the small wound on her neck. She waited. It didn’t take long. “What is this, my Cyn?” Cyn smiled. “That, my love, is your Valentine’s Day present.

” He didn’t say anything for a long moment. “It tastes of you.” “It is me. I asked Elke about the place she and your other vamps go. I wanted it to taste like me, like us, and I knew the vamps had the artist mix their blood in with the ink in order to keep their bodies from healing over the tattoo.” He froze. “You let someone bleed you?” he growled. Cyn patted his butt. “Down, big guy. He only needed a couple drops.

I pricked my finger and bled myself, and I made sure any leftover ink was burned.” He lifted his head then and examined the small heart tattooed high over her left jugular vein, the center of it a stylized letter R. His eyes met hers, glowing with liquid silver. “I’ve a gift for you, too, lubimaya. It’s in my jacket pocket.” They both looked toward the hallway where his jacket lay discarded on the floor. Cyn smiled and shrugged. Raphael gave her an inscrutable look, one eyebrow cocked arrogantly. And then, using that uncanny speed of his, he leapt up and was gone and back, his cock sliding neatly through the slick folds between her legs and lodging deep within her, before she’d even registered his absence. She noted appreciatively that he’d shucked his jeans on the way and was now fully naked, the sought after jacket lying on the bed next to them.

“Show off.” He kissed her softly. “I missed you.” Cyn didn’t know if he was talking about the last two days or the last two seconds. Either way, she agreed. “Me, too.” He snagged the jacket with one hand, reached into the pocket and pulled out a small aqua blue box. “Happy Valentine’s Day, my Cyn.” She eyed the box quizzically, watching as he lifted off the top and produced a black velvet ring box which he then handed to her. Cyn glanced up at him, took the box and opened it.

Inside was a stunning platinum band with channel set diamonds all the way around. “Raphael,” she breathed. “It’s beautiful, but you already—” “I have noticed . ” Raphael interrupted. He removed the ring and tossed the box over his shoulder, then lifted her hand and slipped her diamond solitaire off her ring finger, sliding it onto his own pinky finger instead. Cyn smiled at the sight of the slender diamond ring stuck above the first knuckle of his much larger hand.


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