Three More Wishes – Sean Michael

“I PROLOGUE ’m going to fuck you until you can’t breathe.” The words slithered at him in the darkness and he sat up, trying to figure out where he was, why he was wet and cold. James shook his head, scrambled to try and get up, get away, but he couldn’t. Something was in his back. Something was stopping him. Something was inside him. “I’m going to ruin you and leave you bleeding.” “Leave me alone.” “Never.” He sobbed, sweated, twisted as he tried to run. He heard his name, someone shouting for him, and a loud banging. “James! James!” “Leave me alone. Please. Help me! Somebody! He’s got me down here!” And he didn’t know where ‘down here’ was. The banging continued, got louder, as did the shouting.

Then it all went quiet, and he was shaking, something was shaking him. “Don’t. Don’t. Please. Guard! Damien…” The dream exploded in a pop, and his eyes flew open. “Oh, my God.” Guard was right there, hands hard around his arms, shaking him. “James!” “I. Sorry. Bad dream. Sorry. What are you doing here?” Oh, God. “Are you kidding me? You’ve been screaming for the last fifteen minutes.” Guard pulled him close, wrapping strong arms around him. “I’m sorry.

” Guard. His Guard. “It’s okay. It’s okay, babe.” Guard kissed the top of his head. “You’re safe, you’re all right.” “I didn’t mean to.” He shouldn’t have gone to sleep. “Shh. Shh. I have you.” Guard was warm, his chest bare, some crazy-colored flannel jammy pants soft against him. “You can’t stay here.” But the touches were easing him, gentling him, and he was fading away. “Shh…” Guard laid him back down, still holding him, touching him like he was the most precious thing.

“I’m sorry.” His cheek landed on Guard’s shoulder. “It’s okay, Jamie, I’ve got you. You’re safe now.” “Never going to be safe again.” “I’m not going to let anything happen to you.” Guard could growl when he wanted to. James’ eyes closed. “I’m tired.” “Then sleep. Let me guard your dreams, okay?” “Okay. Just tonight.” Just one night. G CHAPTERONE uard was dreaming. He had to be.

It was only in his dreams that he woke up curled around James’ body, their shared heat filling the air with the scent of them. He moaned happily, rubbing his cock against James’ ass. God, this dream felt so good, so real. “You two look cozy. And I was thinking you missed me…” Damien. Guard was going to kill the fucker. Especially now he knew he wasn’t dreaming. He popped his head up over James’ shoulder and glared. “Anyone ever tell you that you have lousy timing?” “All the time. Talked to Rosa. He had a bad night. Did you give him a Valium?” “No, actually, I didn’t.” No, instead a bit of a miracle had happened—James had let Guard soothe and ease him, had fallen asleep in Guard’s arms. James shifted, frowned, starting to wake up. Guard held on, kissed James’ head.

God damn Damien for coming and waking him up anyway. “I… What’s going on? Why are you in here?” Guard ignored Damien for now and gave James his full attention. “You had a nightmare.” “I… I. You should go. Did I wake you? How did I wake you?” “Don’t you remember?” He’d just stay where he was for now, thank you. His cock had flagged a little, but it was still snug up against James’ body. “I remember you coming. I told you to go, but you’re warm.” “You were screaming like someone was killing you.” He wasn’t going to leave James like that. “I… I’m sorry. It’s been…” Four years. Four years since the incident. Four years since he’d been confined to the chair.

Guard knew. They all knew. “I know, James. I know. I’m here, though. I’m not going anywhere, I promise.” “Sweet.” Damien’s voice was dry as dust. “Dame?” James’ head whipped around. “You’re on the island?” “Apparently.” Guard glared. Damien knew it was a delicate balance to get James to stop pushing them away. “Come on, Wheels. You think I’d miss this anniversary?” James winced, and Guard could see the devastation, the guilt in Damien’s eyes. “All right.

Let’s get some breakfast in us, huh?” Guard said. If James and Damien could just let the past be the past, they could start looking forward. Together. “You two go. Ask Carmen for something. I have to get up.” “We can help you, James.” He was tired of James running him off, pushing him and Damien away. “No.” The words came out cold, without any embellishment. James had never let him in, let him touch. “We’re here now. It’ll be easier.” Come on. Come on.

“No. There’s work to do, isn’t there?” “Of course there is. But we can take five minutes to take care of each other.” James stared at him, breath coming quick. There was a major panic attack, right there at the surface. Guard stroked James’ head. “Come on, J. Just breathe. We can do this. All together. Come on.” “Go away. Go away.” Damien stepped forward, eyes shimmering. Guard nodded and held his hand out to Damien.

“Help me.” “Go away…” Damien came closer. “Jamie…” “We just want to help, Jamie. Don’t keep pushing us away.” “I’m not him anymore. I never will be. Ever. I’m broken.” “Stop that. Stop saying that. I don’t believe it, Damien doesn’t believe it, and somewhere deep inside you don’t believe it, either.” “It’s true. It’s all true.” James sat up, scooted to the edge of the bed. “Go.

Make sure there’s juice. I’ll be out in a little while.


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