Trusting in Fate – Skyler Snow

I LUGGED my toolbox to the truck and dropped it into the back while Tuesday talked my ear off. I loved my little brother, but when he started lecturing, he didn’t stop. “Are you even listening, Jasper?” I waved a hand. “Something, something, spending. Something budget. Something, something, I did something wrong.” Tuesday scowled at me. “You’re too old to be the class clown, you know.” I grinned. “I’m only thirty-five. Why do you act like I’m a grandpa?” “You are,” he huffed as he scrolled through his tablet and entered more info at lightning speed. “Are you going to go over to Kreslin Middle School today? They were expecting you yesterday, but you didn’t go.” “I told you I had to do some work at our dad’s pack, remember?” Tuesday sighed. “I understand that—and it’s important—but come on. This could be a big contract, and we need the money.

” “It’s too early in the morning for you guys to be arguing.” Nikhil, our middle brother, carried out his toolbox too. “What’s the problem now?” “Tell Jasper to go to the school today and talk to the principal. She has some work for him to do.” Nikhil sighed. “Jasper, go to the school. I’m doing repairs at the Patterson’s, so you can take care of Kreslin.” I groaned. “I hate going to schools. There’s always a bunch of people to talk to, little kids bumping into me and shit.” Tuesday rolled his eyes. “Oh yes, the perpetual bachelor. Get over yourself.” He shoved his palms into my back. “Go to work and make more money.

Some of us want to settle down and have pups, you know!” Of course. I wasn’t into having kids or settling down. Nikhil was more into his books than meeting mates right now. But Tuesday? He loved the idea of putting down roots, having pups, starting a real pack and expanding it. That was why he was so great at organizing our business. Nikhil was absent-minded, and I found it boring. Just point me at something, let me go, and I could fix it. Talking to people? Negotiating prices? It wasn’t what I wanted to do, so I happily let Tuesday have all the control he wanted. “We’re going. We’re going!” I grunted as I climbed into the old blue Ford and slammed the door. “Do you want me to pick up dinner on the way home?” Tuesday looked at me like I had kicked him. I grinned, pulling out of the driveway before he could curse me out. “Beside me,” Nik sighed. “Why do you rile him up? We both know he loves cooking for us.” “I know, I know.

He gets under my skin so much that I can’t help but to poke at him sometimes. Besides, he started it.” “Very mature.” Nik turned the page of a thick book in his hands and continued reading. “Don’t forget to pick me up from the library. I’m stopping there after the Patterson’s.” I raised a brow. “That book isn’t even halfway read yet and you’re already going back for more?” “I’ll finish it in a few hours.” Yeah, I didn’t doubt him. Nikhil had the ability to read anything in a short amount of time. I didn’t understand him at all. Most alphas loved all things physical, but Nik only cared about his books. “Well, at least try to pay attention to where you’re walking with that thing!” I called out after he hopped from the truck. “Seriously, Nik. Last time, you almost got hit by a car.

” “Almost.” He looked up from the book and tilted his head at me. “I was at a really good part. I couldn’t just put it down.” Groaning, I laid my head on the steering wheel. Yep, that was my brother. Everyone knew him around town as the bookworm he was and kind of looked out for him, but I worried he would end up hurting his damn self one day. “Don’t forget. The library,” Nikhil said as he stood beside the window with his tool bag in hand. “I don’t want to have to find my own way home again. It’s annoying.” I waved a hand. “I’ll be there. I forget you one little time, and you’re all over my ass about it.” Nikhil narrowed his eyes.

“Library.” “Yeah, yeah!” I shouted. He finally turned away and walked up the drive to the Patterson’s. I huffed. Why do I have two pains in the ass for brothers? Nikhil was a silent, brooding alpha, and Tuesday was a lecturing, drive-me-nuts omega. I’d lucked out in the genetics department as the only normal brother in the house. I headed to the school after stopping off and grabbing a cup of coffee from Sal’s diner. By the time I parked and walked inside, the school was quiet. Kids were sitting behind desks, listening to their teachers drone on. I didn’t miss those days. Nikhil was the learner, Tuesday was the organizer, and I was the doer. If I wasn’t keeping busy with my hands, I wasn’t living, and in a school setting, that usually meant I was getting in trouble. I followed the signs throughout the halls for the principal’s office. When I stepped into the tiny space of the lobby, a man with serious eyes and huge glasses peered at me. “Can I help you?” “Uh yeah.

Is Mrs. Hill in?” “Is she expecting you?” I raised a brow. He did know this was a tiny town in the middle of Nebraska and not a high rise office in New York, right? I nodded, and he sighed, picking up the phone while continuing to stare at me as he spoke into the receiver. When he put it down, he looked me over. “She’ll see you now. Right back there.” “Thanks.” I grinned. “Glad to know I’m good enough to go to my meeting.” The man scowled, but I chuckled. Maybe I liked ruffling folks’ feathers a little, but I couldn’t help it. Some people were too much to handle. I walked back to let myself into Amber’s office. She smiled and waved me inside. “Hey, Jasper.

I was wondering when you would be by.”


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