Wrath of The Gods – Leia Stone, Jaymin Eve

Istared at the picture of Cronus and me on my Insta wall, the one shred of proof that he was real—that everything we’d gone through was real. All I had left was this picture with 100K likes … and the necklace around my throat. The necklace that would not be removed, no matter how hard I tried. Clicking on the post again, I shook my head. As I’d always wished for, the post had gone viral and I’d amassed 50K followers. Was it everything I thought it would be? #Nope But since my life was a damned mess, I was trying my best to live normally, and had started putting out daily content. People were asking… #WhereIsTheGreekGod #ShowUsTheFutureBabyDaddy Every single hashtag ripped my heart out and reminded me that I was currently living some fucked-up life on borrowed time. Cronus had taken off three weeks ago, and I’d heard from no one since. I mean, how the hell were they even fighting against the sins without the necklace? Where were they putting them? “Maisey!” Bobby shouted and I snapped out of it. “Order up on table five.” Despite my sixty or so thousand followers, I did not have a single sponsorship, so it was still #CrabShackLife. I grabbed the order and weaved through the tables to set it down at table five. “Can I get you anything else?” “Ranch dressing,” the middle-aged woman requested. Why was it always ranch dressing? Maybe if I’d invented ranch I would be on a yacht somewhere and not here. Screw Cronus for giving me a glimpse of a life beyond mine, for a glimpse of love, and then tearing it from me.

He’d destroyed our bond and left me broken and alone on the floor of a dressing room in Vegas. I’d barely been able to control the darkness that seeped out of me in my despair at the loss of our bond. I felt empty … broken. At least I knew the truth now: the bastard only kept me close because of the bond. If he could just leave me there like that, he didn’t fucking care about me. He’d be back though, or at least one of the Titans would be. I still wore three of the sins around my neck. Knowing they were all out there saving the world without me. #NotFuckingCool “Maisey, you’re cut!” my manager called. With a heavy heart, I deposited the ranch dressing at table five and clocked out.

“You going out tonight?” Shauna asked, sashaying her way past me with a loaded tray. Girl had biceps to die for and I was never surprised she got the big tips. She moved fast and efficiently. “Uh, no. Probably not,” I said with a huff, untying my apron. “Not really feeling it.” She didn’t respond to me immediately; she was busy corralling food into some sort of order as she passed out meals and drinks. Yet somehow she got back in time to stop me from walking out the door. “Come on, Mais,” she said, annoyance creeping into her tone. “You disappear for weeks, you come back looking like death, and you’ve been a zombie ever since.

I’m not taking no for an answer tonight. We’re going back to the beach so you can stare at the spot you met your Greek hottie and remember how awesome it was to be swept around the world on a romantic trip.” I gulped, heat burning in my cheeks and behind my eyes. My throat was sore, and that made my voice extra raspy. “I’m just—” She cut me off: “I’ll be at your place at eight. Be dressed or I’ll dress you myself.” I blinked as she hurried off, knowing she meant what she said. She would drag me out by my hair. Shauna didn’t know the full story of course. I had to tell her a modified version of the truth or she’d have called the psych ward.

She believed the cover story that I met Cronus—AKA Greek God—while climbing the mountains on the beach near our Santa Barbara home. She thought we went on a whirlwind sexcapade before breaking up and going our separate ways. The truth was, there was no sex, but there had been something deeper, a connection I’d never felt with anyone. And I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit to wanting him more than I’d ever wanted any man. Of course, the one man I would fall for turned out to not be a man at all. Cronus was a Titan, one of an ancient godlike race that birthed the Greek gods. Near seven-foot-tall, dark hair, piercing blue and gold eyes, and a body built to perfection … it hadn’t been hard to fall for his looks. His personality on the other hand … that took more time. #HeWasAnAsshole #TruthHurts But fuck, he’d grown on me. His dry, almost sarcastic humor, the way he pushed and cared and claimed me… That he’d left was an event I was still struggling with, and not because I thought I was so amazing that he’d never find anyone better.

Nope, clearly that wasn’t it. It was just that I’d thought we had a connection, one that went beyond the life debt that had initially tied us together. What the fuck had Jessell said to him? And why had she disappeared off the face of the planet so I couldn’t torture her to find out? #IWillCutABitch #IKnowKarate #OrYogaAtLeast I’d been so wrapped up in my thoughts I didn’t even realize I’d reached my apartment door until I was standing on the mat. After letting myself inside, I crashed onto my bed and decided it was a very real possibility that I had some mild depression. “You’d like that, Sickness, wouldn’t you? You fucker,” I told the Sin trapped in my necklace. I almost felt his response; a bout of nausea rolled into me, reminding me that I was the box that contained three of the world’s deadliest sins. Before I knew it, I’d passed out and Shauna was banging on my door. My eyes snapped open. It was 8:00 P.M.

on the dot. “Go away. I’m sick!” I screamed. A key jiggled in the lock and she let herself in. Dammit, I never should have given her my spare. “Get up, bitch. You’ve got fifty-seven thousand followers and you need to take pictures tonight of you having fun or they will unfollow.” #Truth I bolted upright at the mention of losing even one follower. My heart couldn’t handle another loss, and every unfollow felt like another stab in my chest. “Shower! I’ll pick out your outfit,” she barked.

I did as she asked, and thirty minutes later I stared at myself in the mirror. Hair was bangin’. Body squeezed into a tight black dress. But that necklace, it was my constant reminder of what I was … what I’d lost. Fuck. I needed alcohol, stat. After walking six blocks in heels, we arrived at the beach and our shoes got tossed onto the sand. Only at a beach party in Santa Barbara would you wear a short black clubbin’ dress with a hoodie. #CaliLife #Holla “Maisey in the house!” Matt shouted, holding up the spout of a keg. I grinned.

Matt was always down to get you drunk when you wanted to escape life. I shrugged out of my hoodie and handed Shauna my phone. “Get this pic.” Shauna had become my unofficial assistant; she knew what angles looked good and what filters to use. “Matt, keg stand me!” I bounced over to him and he grinned. I popped up into a headstand and Matt’s strong hand landed on my exposed thighs to steady me. Then he brought the nozzle down to my lips and opened the tap. Cold beer rushed in my mouth and I chugged it down, grimacing at the onslaught of fizzy bubbles. I wasn’t a huge fan of beer, but it would make an excellent shot for my Insta wall. #MightAsWellPlayUpThePartyGirlAngle #ApparentlyAllIWasGoodFor “Got it!” Shauna confirmed and I closed the nozzle and jumped down.

“Thanks, Matt.” “Any time.” He winked, looking my body up and down. #NeverGonnaHappenBud #OnceYouGoTitanYouNeverGoBack I added twenty hashtags to my shot and uploaded it. “I feel like you need a little designer dog or something. That would up your daily content,” Shauna said. A pang sliced through my chest at the mention of a dog. Hound. That hellhound had grown on me, and he was out with Cronus and Hyperion saving the world while I was doing keg stands like an idiot. I’d opened my mouth to respond, when a figure flickered into existence right behind Matt.

I nearly choked on my own spit at the sight of Rhea popping onto the beach out of nowhere. Luckily, no one else seemed to notice, most of them too drunk. Rhea glanced around, regal and gorgeous, wearing a long crimson gown with braided straps, her hair perfectly curled over one shoulder. She looked completely out of place at a beach party. #Bitch “Be right back. I see an old friend,” I muttered, and beelined in her direction. Rhea was observing the party like someone would a group of insects. When she saw me, she rolled her eyes. “There you are!” she hissed. When I got closer, I reached out and pulled her gently by the arm.

She didn’t fight me. “Rhea, what the fuck are you doing here? You can’t just pop in like that!” She crossed her arms, dislodging my hand as she leveled a gaze on me that said she would do whatever the hell she wanted. And, to be honest, I was secretly excited to see this bitch; it was the first I’d seen any of the Titans in weeks. #IWasLongPastPathetic #OwningIt “Cronus sent me. Apparently I’m expendable.” At the mention of Cronus, my throat went dry. “He … he did?” My heart was hammering so loud in my chest, I was sure she heard it. She rolled her eyes again. “He saw your Instabook post and wanted me to make sure this guy”—she gestured to Matt—“wasn’t trying to harm you by holding you up in the air like that.” My smile was sad, but there was a flicker of amusement inside of me.

Cronus had a fucking Instagram account? He followed me? The world must be really ending, because that shit was impossible. And was it jealousy or concern pushing his actions? Either way, it spoke of more than a guy that could just bail on me with no explanation. Fucking Jessell. I still wanted to kill that bitch. “Matt’s harmless,” I casually told Rhea. “Is that all you’re here for?” #TakeMeToCronus #ThenConvenientlyDieAndLeaveUsBe She groaned. “Zeus has become a real thorn in our side. I’ve been ordered to stay the night with you and babysit.” Anger crawled up my spine, chasing away my beer buzz. “Cronus sent you to protect me?” Why not him? Why not Hyperion? Hell, anyone but his fucking ex-wife.

She seemed to understand my pissed-off tone. “They’re busy with Jealousy. They’ve been tracking him for weeks and finally got a solid lead.” I stepped forward. “Bring me along and I’ll help you catch him.” She looked down her nose at me. “I am forbidden from doing that, I’m sorry. Not that you would be of much use.” She didn’t sound sorry. Ugh! Before I could retort, she stepped forward and dragged her fingers seductively along Matt’s back, causing him to turn.

“Hello, darling, why don’t you do that thing to me?” She waved at the keg. Matt’s eyebrows hit his hairline, then his gaze fell to her breasts. Fuck, dude. Were all men suckers for a pretty set of tits? #SpoilerAlert #TheAnswerIsYes “A keg stand?” he asked, swallowing hard and sounding both dazed and confused. She waved her fingers at me. “I want to see what Maisey’s little life is like.” The condescension was thick in her voice. With one hand, he coaxed her into a handstand, her dress falling to reveal a black lace thong. The noise seemed to die down at the party, eyes swinging to the Titan who basically had her vagina out there for the world to see. Matt lowered the nozzle to her lips, and leaning in I whispered in his ear, “Fuck her up.

She has a high tolerance.” Rhea shot me daggers from her upside-down position and I just grinned. This night might actually be fun. #ThisBitchWasGettingDrunk #IWasTakingHerAssToTacoBellAfter I decided to go live and document everything on my social media. If Cronus was watching, I wanted him to see I could be the chick who embraced whatever he sent my way. Including his ex-wife. Because surely this was a test. Cronus was nowhere to be seen for weeks and he’d seen a photo of Matt’s hand on my thigh and sent Rhea. #GameOnMotherfucker “W C H A P T E R 2 here’s the bell?” Rhea slurred, looking at the counter as she swayed in the middle of Taco Bell. I snickered, trying not to full-on cackle.

I’d ended up staying sober, because someone had to, and I wanted to remember every single second of this experience. “You!” Rhea pointed to the unsuspecting cashier behind the counter. “Fetch me your finest cuisine.” The chick didn’t look too happy about that, choosing instead to cross her arms and look at me. A nervous laugh left me. “She’s hammered. I’ll order for us both.” “Yes, Maisey will fetch the food. I’ll be over here.” Rhea stumbled to one of the booths and sat down.

I was pretty sure she drank eighty percent of that keg, and apparently that’s how much beer it took to get a Titan drunk. Okay, there were also a ton of shots. Rhea’s tolerance was even higher than I’d expected. After ordering all the goodies on the menu, I grabbed some hot sauce packets in varying degrees of heat and sat with the evil ex. The moment I set the packets down, she picked one up and examined it. “Is this the first course?” I nodded, keeping a straight face. “Yep. Totally.” She peeled open the packet and sucked the contents down in one gulp. “Hmm … tasty yet lacking in texture.

” She grabbed another. I quickly pulled out my phone, propping it in a way so Rhea wouldn’t notice what I was doing, and went live. #BitchIsDowningHotSauce #FirstTimeAtTacoBell I typed out a bunch of funny hashtags and watched as thousands of viewers joined in. I’d been live streaming all night and my followers loved Rhea. ‘This bitch is mood.’ ‘She’s going to breathe fire.’ ‘I hate that I love her.’ The comments started to roll in and I grinned. “Maisey! Fetch the food, this has not sustained me,” Rhea ordered. New comments shot in faster than I could read.

‘Oh hell no.’ ‘She needs to pop this chick in the mouth.’ ‘You talk to me like that, I cut a bitch.’ I nodded. “Sure thing. But first, tell me what this is.” I handed her a straw, without its wrapper. She took it gingerly, turning it over in her fingers, holding it up to her eye to peer through it. “Clearly it’s some kind of modern tiny telescope,” she declared, and my followers lost it. The phone shook with my laughter at the comments.

‘Where the fuck did you find this lady?’ ‘Whatever she’s on I want some.’ ‘Take her outside and make her try to look at stars through it.’ For the first time in weeks, I was smiling a genuine smile. Rhea was such a fucking idiot, but this was entertaining, and I couldn’t even hate her for having Cronus before me. Not when she was giving me so much content. Plus, distracting me like a pro. “So, Rhea,” I said, leaning in closer to her, “tell me about being married.” If that bastard was watching, he could suffer some humiliation like I had when he disappeared without a fucking word. Not to mention, this was his punishment for sending his ex-wife to babysit me. Rhea slammed both hands down on the table.

“Worst fucking thousand years of my life.” ‘Holy fuck, this chick thinks she’s a thousand years old.’ ‘That explained the ugly-ass thong she was wearing.’ ‘We shave our vajayjay in this century, bitch.’ “You were married for that long?” I asked, something dark slithering through my chest. I was regretting this line of conversation. Rhea snorted, slumping forward a little. “In name only. We were never really in love. I loved one man and it wasn’t Cron—” I coughed loudly to cover up his name because my Instagram likers were ferocious and would be googling the fuck out of his name.

I mean, I wasn’t scared any of them would think they were legit Titans reborn, but it could happen. “Who did you love?” Rhea eyed me closely, before shaking her head. “I never say his name.” ‘Hahahaha. That bitch did not just say that. He Who Will Not Be Named!’ ‘She thinks she’s in HP.’ I wondered then if Cronus knew that Rhea had only ever loved another. Was this hurting him? For some reason, that didn’t sit right with me, even though I was hurting pretty badly myself. Cronus generally seemed to be as ambivalent about Rhea as she was about him, but just in case, I decided to cut off that line of questioning. Before I could change the subject, chills ran the length of my arms.

Fuck. In a flash, I ended the live stream and spun around. Zeus stood just behind me, glowering down at our table. This place was dead. It was 4:00 A.M. Even the cashier was in the back, probably still making our order. Hopefully she stayed there, because I really didn’t want anyone to die in the fallout of Zeus and his insanity. “Rhea,” I said urgently, nudging her. I was really regretting getting her so hammered; a little help would be appreciated right about now.

Zeus curled his lip at Rhea. “This look is unbecoming of you, Mother.” The Titaness sneered back. “You dare speak to your mother like that! I birthed you. I protected you.” Icy tendrils leaked from her mouth and her hand came out and clamped down on mine, rooting me to the spot. Zeus grinned. “You think you can protect her from me? I get what I want, Mother. You should know that by now.” He reached out to grab my shoulder, seemingly to zap me away with him, but nothing happened.

Zeus grimaced. “You’re too drunk to take her away yourself, but you can block me.” My eyes flicked to Rhea and I saw alarm there. Fuck. He had been right—she’d tried to zap me away with her and it hadn’t worked … but at least she’d blocked him. Anger rolled through me as I allowed the sins to bubble to the surface. The world was ending, Cronus had ditched me, and now I was having to entertain his ex-wife. I had enough problems on my plate without fucking Zeus getting in the way. “Leave.” My voice was low and deadly.

Strife had taken over; the tips of my fingers started to turn black, and both Rhea and Zeus yanked their hands back. Rhea looked horrified, but when I turned to look at Zeus, I saw something else there. Fascination. Greed. Desire. “Let’s make a deal,” Zeus purred. If I wasn’t busy hating on him I would have taken a moment to admire the man’s beauty. He had nothing on Cronus, but he was definitely pretty. “Don’t listen to him.” Rhea stood, swaying a little.

It dawned on me then. “You want the necklace,” I breathed, clutching the pendant at my throat. He grinned. “With powers like that, who wouldn’t?” The black tips of my fingers were now smoking. Tendrils of inky black wafted toward the ceiling. “What would you use these powers for, Zeus? To destroy the fucking world? I can’t let that happen.” “You know you’ll die, right? Carrying those sins when you’re all but human.” His voice was low and hypnotic. “I have a crone who can transfer the necklace from you to me.” He held out his hand for me to shake or to zap me away—or both.

My chest was tight at the thought that I might die, but at the same time I couldn’t let Sickness, Strife, and Turmoil fall into his hands. He’d use them to hurt people. He’d take the other sins and use them against humanity. “Fuck off.” I thrust my hands out; black tendrils shot from them like whips and lashed at his body. Both Rhea’s hands clamped down on my shoulders and everything went black. We were spinning like in a washing machine, with no end in sight. “Rhea!” I shouted. “I’m trying!” she cried. Holy fuck, we were stuck in some in-between.

She’d fucking drunk-zapped us and now I’d probably be ripped in two. After what felt like forever, my feet slammed down on hardwood floor and I leaned forward and vomited. The room spun as nausea rolled into me like crashing waves. My eyes snapped open and I sighed. I’d just thrown up on my kitchen floor. Great. At least Rhea had taken us to my apartment—and I still had all my limbs. “Clean that mess up and then make me some food,” the drunk bitch ordered, skimming the wall as she walked to my bathroom. #INeededToGoogleHowToKillATitan The black tips of my fingers slowly retreated back to their usual tan coloring, and I was relieved that the sins settled inside of me. Rubbing at my face in desperation, I tried to think.

Zeus wanted my necklace… Tonight had been his way of trying to figure out where I stood, but next time he’d be back with full powers blasting. Where the fuck was Cronus? That bastard left me with his ex-wife while his son wanted to rip my head off so he could procure the necklace. Some almost boyfriend he was. Zeus had said that a crone could take my necklace… My fingers went to my throat as I thought of being free of the sins that I carried. Did Zeus know I was the box and the necklace was just the conduit? Was there an actual chance I could be freed of my burden at some point? Did I trust anyone else to do the right thing? So many questions and so few answers. It was making my head spin. After I cleaned up the mess I’d made, I showered and brushed my teeth. When I came out, Rhea was passed out in my bed with an empty potato chip bag in her lap. I was not sleeping on the floor in my own house! After three attempts to move her ass onto the floor without waking her, I finally gave up and just snuggled in beside her. #FuckIt #ModernFamily As I lay on my back staring at the blue wards that crackled on my ceiling, it reminded me of the man who’d put them there.

I’d never forgive Cronus for leaving me. Even now, sending his ex-wife to deal with me. How fucking dare he? When I finally saw him again, I was going to smack him across the face. That would show him that Maisey Hope Parker was not to be fucked with. And with that, I fell asleep.


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