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Zephon – A. M. Griffin

Aubrey Love, please come to the door. Your mate has arrived to retrieve you.” Angie cradled her stomach as nerves bubbled beneath her skin. This was it. All month after waking from stasis, she’d been dreading this moment. The spaceship had finally arrived on the planet Teague and her alien mate was here to collect […]

Ramliel – A. M. Griffin

he Teague Bride Experience (Intergalactic Dating Agency) The Yatur sent a spaceship to Earth with a seemingly simple exchange. They would provide humans with advancements in technology for medical and scientific purposes, and the only thing humans had to give in return were women. When Mia Brown is chosen to travel to Teague to mate […]

Cohn – A. M. Griffin

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Saving The Cyborg – A. M. Griffin

Debts. Scavenger hunt. Goals. As a participant in an intergalactic scavenger hunt with a large prize, Suni knew she needed all her focus to be on winning the purse that would set her family free of their lifelong debts. What she didn’t expect was the tall, dangerous stranger and his friends who requested an emergency […]

Hunted by the Alien Vampire – A. M. Griffin

He refuses to die… The Hunter. When Bounty Hunter Fanian Uldri is contracted to hunt a human female for a wealthy client in a game called The Hunt, he believes it will be the easiest credits he’s ever made. An ordinary human wouldn’t stand a chance against him. Easy, right? Wrong. The human he has […]

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