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Foolish Bride – A. S. Fenichel

“I was not out yet when the earl was engaged. I only know the rumors.” Elinor wished Sophia would change the subject. She had hoped for a nice quiet walk in the elaborate gardens. Sophia patted her dark hair into place. “And, what was the rumor?” Elinor cringed. How she hated gossip. “Never mind, Elinor. […]

Desperate Bride – A. S. Fenichel

More than an hour reading the Westgrove Estate titles and entailments left Thomas Wheel with an aching neck. If he acquired the property, those two fields neighboring his two family estates would be perfect for the Dutch four-crop rotation method. Increased productivity could mean putting the local children in a schoolroom rather than laboring for […]

A Lady’s Virtue – A. S. Fenichel

Late again, Sylvia Dowder ran down the stairs at the Everton Domestic Society as if her skirts were on fire. It was impossible to read her handwritten pages while moving at such a pace, but she needed to send her article to the Weekly Whisper’s editor before the day was out. She’d been late last […]

A Lady’s Past – A. S. Fenichel

Wet roads, a carriage that needed new springs, a relentless drizzle, and still Jacques Laurent had enjoyed one of the best days he’d had in a long time. Seeing his parents safe in England, after worrying about their fate in France all these years, was a relief beyond measure. If not for an important meeting […]

A Lady’s Honor – A. S. Fenichel

Phoebe breathed in the warm, cherry pipe tobacco that scented the Everton Domestic Society’s offices. Lord Rupert Everton only smoked in his private lounge, but the homey smell wafted through the building. From the moment she’d set foot in the aging townhouse, she’d been more at home than in any of her family’s estates. Fresh […]

A Lady’s Escape – A. S. Fenichel

Everton House was not grand by any standards, but it was formidable. Standing at the bottom of the stoop, Millicent Edgebrook was nervous for the first time in a long time. If Lady Jane rejected her, she’d be right back where she started with no options but to spend the rest of her life being […]

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