Tag: Addie Thorley

Night Spinner – Addie Thorley

DARKNESS WAITS LIKE A DEVIL OUTSIDE MY WINDOW—curling its shadowy fingertips beneath the shutters, drawing its inky claws across the latch, raising every hair on my body as temptation trickles down my spine. Enebish, it whispers. Not with words that anyone else can hear; the ghostly plea lives inside my mind, inside my entire being, […]

An Affair of Poisons – Addie Thorley

My laboratory reeks of death. Not of blood and ɻesh and decay, but the garlicky bite of arsenic, the musty essence of hemlock, and the sweet smell of oleander—like rose water and citrus. The lethal perfume tickles my nose as I rush about the hearth, stoking the ɹre and whisking the steaming concoction in my […]

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