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No Other Highlander – Adrienne Basso

“What is that god-awful smell?” Sir Malcolm McKenna wrinkled his nose and glanced down at his five-year-old daughter, Lileas, who stood at his side in the bailey of McKenna Castle. The child sniffed loudly, then turned toward the faithful hound that was her constant companion. “It must be Prince. I think he needs a bath.” […]

Every Bit a Rogue – Adrienne Basso

English Countryside, 1824 The bride was late. Not modestly late, not traditionally late, not coyly late. Alarmingly late. Scandalously late. Unforgivably late. The slight spring breeze that had earlier drifted through the small, crowded chapel had ceased. The guests, growing warm and impatient, began fidgeting in their seats. Those who had previously turned around to […]

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