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Sky in the Deep – Adrienne Young

“They’re coming.” I looked down the row of Aska hunched against each other, ducking behind the muddy hill. The fog sat on the field like a veil, but we could hear it. The blades of swords and axes brushing against armor vests. Quick footsteps in sucking mud. My heart beat almost in rhythm with the […]

Namesake – Adrienne Young

My first dive was followed by my first drink of rye. The sea was filled with the sound of gemstones as I swam after my mother’s silhouette, toward the puddle of light rippling on the surface of the water. My legs burned, kicking against the weight of the dredging belt, but Isolde had insisted I […]

Fable – Adrienne Young

That bastard was leaving me again. Between the trees, I could see Koy and the others kicking up sand as they pushed off the beach. The skiff slid into the water, and I ran faster, my bare feet finding their way over twisted tree roots and buried rock on the path. I came through the […]

The Girl the Sea Gave Back – Adrienne Young

“Give me the child.” Turonn’s hands reached for the girl cradled in his wife’s arms and she looked up, her swollen eyes glistening. “They’re waiting, Svanhild.” She touched her daughter’s face, tracing the curve of her brow with the tip of her finger. “I will carry her,” she whispered. Her black hair fell over her […]

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