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The Duke she Left Behind – Aileen Fish

THE DOOR TO Lady Eliza Clayton’s bedchamber slammed against the wall, waking her in shock. She sat up, heart racing, clutching the bedclothes to her chest. There in the doorway stood her father, his face scarlet with anger. “Get dressed and come downstairs.” He stormed away, leaving the door open. Eliza blinked, staring at the […]

The Duke’s Scandalous Kiss – Aileen Fish

WİTH A POWERFUL shiver, Lady Lorna de Wolfe pulled her knitted wool shawl tighter and rose to scoot her chair closer to the fire, while remaining close enough to the table overflowing with hat-making goodies where she and her friends were passing the afternoon. “Will we ever see the sun?” she asked no one in […]

That Miscreant Marquess – Aileen Fish

If there was one thing Lady Matilda Franklin hated more than anything, it was losing a wager. And losing this wager in particular was not to be borne. The game had begun simply enough at the start of the Season last year. She and her dearest friends, Lady Lavinia Gordon, Lady Selena Cornet, and Lady […]

Once Bitten – Aileen Fish

Lurking in the shadows backstage of the Theatre Royal in Haymarket, Lord Adam St. Peters watched unnoticed as the so-called Mr. Tilney performed his lines in the farce, Vicar Pauley’s Petulant Pig. Behind the curtain, stagehands shuffled pieces of furniture and carried painted walls to be moved into place at the end of the act. […]

Earl of Woodcliffe – Aileen Fish

The burning sensation in William, Earl of Woodcliffe’s gut had nothing to do with the amount of liquor he’d imbibed the night before. It wasn’t the result of eating too many petit fours in Lady Billingfield’s card room. No, the sole reason for his distress was the size of the vowels he’d been forced to […]

Earl of Basingstoke – Aileen Fish

May 1815 London Could an of er be in the near future for Lady P.W.? It could, if rumors are to be believed. A particularly scandalous earl was seen calling on her this very morning with a posy in his hands— an obvious sign of his intentions. Lady Phoebe Woodson snapped her diary closed and […]

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