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Black Out – A. A. Dark, Alaska Angelini

There were very few memories remaining from my childhood. You would think spending ten years with a family, I’d recall more than a handful of elaborate occasions with my mom and dad. Maybe it was because I didn’t see them often. Maybe due to all the trauma, I had blocked out the only good times […]

27009 – A. A. Dark, Alaska Angelini

Freedom. It was everything I dreamed it would be and more. The sun, the fresh air, the vast open spaces and mountains peaked with snow. The introduction into cultures I’d only read about in my old Master’s books. They opened a door inside me I couldn’t begin to imagine closing. Throughout my months away from […]

27001 – A. A. Dark, Alaska Angelini

We often wonder where our lives would have led if we would’ve made other decisions— taken another path when we came to those dreaded forks in the road. They say everything happened for a reason. Some believe our lives are predestined, and perhaps they were. Maybe, when it threw me loop after loop of tragedy, […]

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