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How to Steal a Pirate’s Heart – Alexandra Benedict

London, 1827 Captain William Hawkins stood on the terrace outside his sister’s fashionable townhouse in the heart of Mayfair. The noise and frippery inside the ballroom had triggered another throbbing headache, and he’d escaped the celebration in search of peace. The secluded garden, awash in milky moonlight, offered him tranquility, and he observed the gaiety […]

How to Seduce a Pirate – Alexandra Benedict

As the snowfall thickened, Miss Holly Turner hastened her booted steps, finally reaching the front door at number twenty-seven. She rapped on the wood, glancing from side to side. The street was deserted on Christmas Eve. Still, her fingers trembled. If discovered at the notorious gaming hell, her reputation would be ruined. But she needed […]

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