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The Last Life of Prince Alastor – Alexandra Bracken

A voice cried out through the darkening snowfall. It was a wisp of a sound, so very pitiful and weak. At first, Alastor had merely been surprised it survived the journey through the mirrors at all. And yet, that whimper had wrapped around his senses. It held on as he sat before his hearth of […]

The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding – Alexandra Bracken

See, here’s the thing. In the big scheme of life and planet Earth, the town of Redhood is a tiny speck. An itty-bitty speck of a speck. Don’t even bother pulling out a map, because the town isn’t on most of them. It never held a witch trial, wasn’t responsible for starting any kind of […]

The Darkest Minds – Alexandra Bracken

WHEN THE WHITE NOISE WENT OFF, we were in the Garden, pulling weeds. I always reacted badly to it. It didn’t matter if I was outside, eating in the Mess Hall, or locked in my cabin. When it came, the shrieking tones blew up like a pipe bomb between my ears. Other girls at Thurmond […]

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