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Eirik – Alexi Ferreira

I lean my head back against the tombstone and close my eyes. It has been a long couple of months, with constant fighting among the Elementals and the Cape Town gangs. Ever since the death of Sean, the Desperados’ leader, we have had a constant fight on our hands. When Dag killed Sean, we thought […]

Bring It All Down – Alexi Ferreira

“For a true hero isn’t measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.” — Zeus “I want her found!” How can a woman have all the Capella men going around in circles? The anger running through my veins has a headache starting to brew. A week ago, it came […]

Dag – Alexi Ferreira

I can sense danger approaching, and I’m so tired of running. Why can’t they just give up? It has been months now, and still the Desperados are after me. I thought that after slipping Sean’s notes into one of the Elementals Cape Town MC’s Ol’ Ladies’ bags, that they would resolve the issue with the […]

Bring Me Her Heart – Alexi Ferreira

“Love is like a force of nature that penetrates every particle of your being ” — Alexi Ferreira I can feel the blood seeping down my side from where I was shot. It is paining as I continue running, my lungs burning as I try to take in deep breaths. I can still hear someone […]

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