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The Highlander Who Loved Me – Allie Palomino

They found her bloodied and beaten. Her tattered and shredded plaid barely covered the violent markings on her skin. Part of her hair had been savagely hacked off. Her lips were bruised and bleeding. Two of her brothers began arguing with their father, while her oldest sank to his knees with fury that made his […]

The Highlander Who Saved Me – Allie Palomino

“Doona do anything rash, Connor,” Lady Miriam said, her hazel eyes shining with pooled tears. She swept back a wisp of gray-dusted, auburn hair. Her hands were ringing themselves dry. The mood in the room was somber and angry. Tension was thick and choking. “Leave us, Miriam,” Malcolm said to his wife. She hesitated, and […]

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