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Cut and Run – Allison Brennan

TWO MONTHS AGO Ash Dominguez had worked in the crime lab for thirteen years, quickly moving through the ranks from lab tech to senior analyst to assistant director. He looked a lot younger than thirty-five, but he figured that would help when he hit middle age. He loved his job, even though he got into […]

Too Far Gone – Allison Brennan

Charlie McMahon sat in the corner of Java Antonio where he could see everyone who walked in. He held the cup of tea in front of him, hands shaking, hot liquid spurting out the top. He put the cup down, absently wiped his burned hand on his jacket. The one sip he’d risked made his […]

Nothing to Hide – Allison Brennan

Saturday Morning FBI Agent Lucy Kincaid squatted next to the latest victim of a possible serial killer. The victim had been identified as thirty-four-year-old Julio Garcia, the head chef of a convention hotel in downtown San Antonio. Beaten then shot in the face. Fast, efficient, brutal. It was a gruesome sight, but Lucy was used […]

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