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Highland Promise – Alyson McLayne

Gregor MacLeod stared down the long wooden table at the five Highland lairds seated in front of him and resisted the urge to smash his fists through the wood. Blackhearts, every one of them. Drawing a vicious-looking dirk from within his linen sleeve, he leaned back in his chair. His legs stretched out in front […]

Highland Conquest – Alyson McLayne

Fistfuls of hair fell to the bed like streams of molten iron. The growing pile, more orange than gold, resembled a dragon’s nest, and gleamed seductively in the firelight. Amber sighed at the sight. If only it were a real dragon’s nest and a beast could rise and smite all her enemies. One very much […]

Highland Captive – Alyson McLayne

Deirdre MacIntyre leaned back against the tent pole and tried to take ten slow, steady breaths—a trick taught to her by her old nursemaid—but nothing worked to calm the panic and dread welling up inside her. His eyes. She pressed her fist to her lips to stop their trembling and again peeked around the tent […]

Highland Betrayal – Alyson McLayne

Maggie MacDonnell crouched in the dark, cramped tunnel, her candle by her side, and slowly, silently lifted the stone slab above her head until a sliver of light seeped under the edge. She peered into the laird’s solar through the legs of a chair she’d carefully positioned over the tunnel entrance weeks ago. A pair […]

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